The Cycle OST (Yager) - Battle Theme -

The Cycle OST (Yager) – Battle Theme

Blood Wiing
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I do not own the song. I just posted this so I could share it ^^.

This video is 2 months old. Only now got around to post it.

I recorded the footage when there was no option to hide the HUD, so I had to use a jank setup to record in higher resolution (which somewhat worked, but failed) then later zooming in the footage, and used the scanner tool (while it was still a separate tool) to “scope in” to the center of the map.

“Scope in” in quotes because, well.. uhh.. the scanner doesn’t have a scope and you could force that by running then scoping. Or quickly switching to the scanner while holding down or spamming the scope button.


  1. 0:32 – "Okay, lets start that last mining station"1:22 – "Good, I finished it" +30 Contract Points1:37 – "Maybe I find a fast contract?"1:40 – "Doesn't sound good, maybe I should start run?" [Evac zone in 455 meters distance]2:04 – "F*** the contract, need to go!"2:26 – "You will not stop me!" – engaging another Prospector2:31 – "He ran away – Oh hell, I should do the same!"2:44 – "God damm', god damm!"2:57 – "Too many monsters in the way!" [falling dowm a cliff]3:05 – "F***!" receiving damage, using warp and adrenalin]3:10 – "Last 10 meters!"3:17 – "Good to have you with us, Prospector"

  2. Thank you it’s awesome. (Also pretty cool cinematic thing you got going on mate)

  3. when this song start up. i know shits gonna get real.

  4. i'm trying to make a tab of this and play it, perfect for beginner in guitar i think

  5. This song always gives me "Get out or die" vibe, like, you clearly know everything gonna go to shit soon so you gotta get out as quick as possible. I love it.

  6. Imagine instead of hearing this you hear skin in our teeth from l4d2

  7. may be … you will try… do live wallpaper xDDD???

  8. Right about 1:40 is when I tell myself that I have to get off this damn rock.

  9. Idk if you would but would you ever make an extended version of this ? 15 minutes would be fine, no need for the moving background it looked like it was hard to edit.

  10. This reminds me of a clutch moment I had. I was about to die but made it to the ship just in time

  11. When i hear this song, i finish What i was doing and get to the evac

  12. He even did the freaking logo animation! I think if yager will use ur animation they will have problems with copyright XD

  13. Super high quality video! I love the sync that you did with the music/animations… Must've taken you a while 😉

  14. This is the best music ever. It fits so good with the game too. Especially with this feeling of “I got to get to the evac ship now!” Throughout the song. This game is my favorite game of the year.

  15. Обожаю этот саундтрек. Хочю слушать его вечно.

  16. just got off the cycle a few mins ago. 1 of the most underrated games out right now but a few players made me upset when i was trying to squad up with them in game and they lit me up haha

  17. 0:32 – "Bien, comencemos con la última estación minera"

    1:22 – "Bien, lo terminé" +30 puntos de contrato

    1:37 – "¿Quizás encuentre un contrato rápido?"

    1:40 – "No suena bien, ¿quizás debería empezar a correr?" [Zona de evacuación a 455 metros de distancia]

    2:04 – "¡Al diablo con el contrato, tengo que ir!"

    2:26 – "¡No me detendrás!" – contratar a otro prospector

    2:31 – "Se escapó – ¡Oh, demonios, yo debería hacer lo mismo!"

    2:44 – "¡Maldita sea, maldita sea!"

    2:57 – "¡Demasiados monstruos en el camino!" [cayendo de un acantilado]

    3:05 – "¡Mierda!" recibiendo daño, usando warp y adrenalina]

    3:10 – "¡Últimos 10 metros!"

    3:17 – "Es bueno tenerte con nosotros, Prospector"

  18. Yer' cuttin' it close, Prospector! Get to the ship!

  19. I hate the fact that this game and hunt: showdown both have some of the best soundtracks in gaming, but way too few players. Each of the two an creative masterpiece and by far my favorite multiplayer PvP shooters.

  20. This Song got us through 2020, Lets hope it will carry through for longer…

  21. какая знакомая музыка….

  22. I always look forward for the evacuation easily my favorite part especially with a ride and it's far ooo boi gets ur heart pumping

  23. Does anybody else think the cosmetics are fire

  24. i keep coming back to this video because the song makes me feel something that doesnt exist

  25. once again here i am back to this video
    i love this song to much
    the ending of the song for some reason gives me a feeling of "No man left behind"
    As you desperately try to make it to the evac along with 3 other players
    no one shooting each no violence, its just everyone making a desperate dash to the ship
    and then a scream of victory from every player when they make it on the ship

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