The Cycle Season 3: Stormchasers - Launch Trailer -

The Cycle Season 3: Stormchasers – Launch Trailer

The Cycle Game
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Season 3 is now available! Join Primetime and the Ronin as they walk around Prospect Station and drop onto Fortuna III for some close call encounters.

Tons of new gear and content await you with the launch of season 3, including the new space hub Prospect Station, the Maglev Train contract, 2 new prospector types, a lot of cosmetics (including Sprays and Weapon Charms) and a lot of fixes and gameplay improvements.

What are you waiting for? Hop into that drop pod and start building your path to glory!

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  1. AH! This is so cool! My PC is broken, but I get it back tommorow. I was ONE level away from the Korolev Paladin when my PC broke, so now I'm also sad

  2. You should add specific bosses for each biome that can be missions 🙂

  3. I have a few questions:

    Will there be a new map?
    Will there be more factions/levels on existing factions? I have max level on all factions and more levels would be nice
    Also are you planning more misc. items to the shop? Having an entire category for 1 vehicles feels pointless
    Will the game be on steam? A lot of people don’t have epic games launcher

    Loving the game so far, it has changed a lot from s1 🙂 looking forward to more updates, maybe with new contracts.
    Great update!

  4. About everything I've tested in the last few days:


    Health Boost = Item core, needs to be weakened

    Orbital Barrage = Too weak

    Orbital Bombardment = Too weak

    Precision Strike = Too weak

    Snare Trap = Useless. It was much better when taking players

    Warp Bomb = Too weak



    k-28 = Worse than Bulldog over short / medium distances. Worse than Hammer over medium / long distances. That is, it is weak

    200 weapons cost:

    Only the B9, Lancerator and S-576 PDW are usable.

    The KM-9 Scrapper is fine, but the S-576 is better and leaves the KM-9 useless

    The Kor-47 is relatively good, but the Lancerator is better and leaves the KOR-47 useless

    The other weapons are too weak, nobody will ever choose any of them in a serious and competitive game

    Cost weapons 500

    Sniper = Kinect Arbiter

    Melee = Shattergun

    Middle Distance = Voltaic Brute or Phasic Lancer

    The other weapons of cost 500 are replaceable, need to be improved

    Cost Weapons 800

    They are relatively balanced for their respective prices


    Aani 600 hit points = Too weak. It needs more life or some offensive ability .. or even an immunity to damage during the slide (No, that passive is not enough)

    Augment 800 hit points = Too weak. The only advantage is to buy the cooldown reductions, but it's still not worth it. They took away the movement speed he gained, damaged the kit

    Boxer 1000 hit points = Too strong. Jump high, run faster than the dragonfly … do damage and still have the longest life in the game. Totally unbalanced. Boxer + health boost became mandatory combos … terrible

    Dragonfly 800 hit points = Ok. It's balanced

  5. Hope this game doesnt flop like gigantic, it has so musch potential and I love it. (Hope my money doesnt go to waste, which I think it wont)

  6. Absolutely empty and boring game, the shooting system is a complete failure, pve is extremely boring, pvp is not felt, the system of fractions and equipment improvements is also weak. I do not recommend. Deleted after two days of the game.

  7. i got th free rouge starter pack, but how do I equip my knife?

  8. All of this looks sick, I hope there is new blueprints

  9. el trailer les quedo tan bueno que vine a darle hasta like xd

  10. I wish this game would have been more like Firefall…sadly it's not.

  11. hola me encanta su juego me no me sale en mi computadora desiaria me ayuden porfa asi podre jugar su juego

  12. Man, this game is better than any trailer of it that i can find so far. A friend recommended it to me, but after watching YT videos i hesitated for quite some time. It is faster, action packed, lots of decision making on the fly, yet none of this is shown in the trailers or gameplay videos. Now it is my turn to recommend it and i can't deliver anything besides my own word on it. 😀

  13. this is my favorite br, sad its only on epic games launcher.

  14. This game is so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (everione instal this game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  15. Parrillo Hernández Nicholas Nathanael says:

    coming to ps4 ps5 or

  16. I love the games humor and how you guys aren't taking yourselves too seriously. This game has so much potential…loving it so far!

  17. The whole getting shot by high skilll player tryna pact with sums up the PvP aspect of the game. AWESOME GAME THOUGH.

  18. SONG INFO:
    Artist: "Heartbreak Kid"
    Song: "Warning"

  19. the music is catchy anyone has any links to the song of this video?

  20. – I want to play Hanzo!!
    – But we have Hanzo at home
    Hanzo at home:

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