The Cycle - Season One - The Lost Prospector - Launch Trailer -

The Cycle – Season One – The Lost Prospector – Launch Trailer

The Cycle Game
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The Cycle – Season One – The Lost Prospector is here and it brings the Fortuna Pass:
Say hello to 100 levels full of challenges, new outfits, weapon skins and so much more.

Check out this brand new Trailer to find out all you need to know!

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  1. dope, cant wait to grind this thing out. i hope it wont be too hard to complete though

  2. IT HAS BEEN SO LONG!! Can't wait for this to pop off in popularity

  3. Poses, emotes, skins, season passes… So long

  4. First time ever, ever, I hear about this game

  5. Amazing job! I am, so excited about how far the game has gone!

  6. Here you have a game with great potential. But yet you focus your resources and efforts in skins and cosmetics.
    I think that is pretty sad.

  7. Who does the voice over? I wanna buy him several kegs of beer

  8. give official HillBilly yeehaw gunslinger yell of approval

  9. personality at the end is on point
    i luv it


  11. Станислав Матвиенко says:

    Only EGS?! OK. Thank you. I ignore this game. Good luck.

  12. Wah! Still no console release… I'll be waiting 😉

  13. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  14. New shiet for kids? Well, good luck… You're gonna need it.

  15. негр блондин. ахах, вы совсем там мозгами двинулись

  16. Super Great Game. If you got any questions they hit me up or join the discord. They have great friendly staff. I'll be streaming the game on twitch and making youtube videos in the coming days.

  17. Im asking now bc ik the game will be popular in prob a few days then i prob wouldent even have a chance to start a channel or somthing bc people would watch the og's or sum i appreciate yall if yall do reply/help me thx soo much

  18. Tried this game and I have to admit, it's a roller coaster.
    Match starts of breezy, exploration and starts to get intense once other players show up and the timer ticks down.
    I just have a problem with the menus and UI, nothing major but the design can be improved.
    Anyhow, looking forward to many hours with the game.

  19. Great game.
    Hate those kids that kos 2 minutes in with pistols.
    What's the point? There is no kdr.

  20. The gameplay looks like a protection Thumper in Firefall. And it seems that many ability migrated from there.

  21. can this game play on i3 2100 and 4gb ram and 1gb grafihics plz answer! 😉

  22. Loved this game, have been playing it since the very beggining but left because of few players playing it. What's the situation now? Is it better?

  23. I really liked this game. But I would like more teams for duo and squads.

  24. Really fun game but is it low player count? Takes a bit of time to get into a solo

  25. I love they made this game on first person shooter hh

  26. Solo mode should be solo mode. Without pooling players.

  27. fake game by a fake company.. this is basically project genom which they abondened

  28. Скачал, поиграл, довольно интересная игрушка, спасибо разрабам

  29. Очередной бессмысленный и беспощадный рояль ((((

  30. Я то думал возродили Firefall ….. а тут такой зашквар от "эффективных менеджеров " (((((

  31. From Thailand. I like this game, but too many ping in Thailand. thx

  32. You got me at, Free to Play – Player vs Environment vs Player – First Person Competitive Quest Shooter Royale

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