The Cycle Solo 10 -

The Cycle Solo 10

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Solo 10, Last video for this game but I’ll upload more videos in the future, just got to wait on the rework for this game to be done and still cant record in test play. I know I have post other videos with different or same gear set up but in this video, its the best and most fun gear set up for me and sure its not the best of the best but I just want to play it my way win or lose lol.

I want to point out, I don’t have the best computer so my videos will be like medium to low setting in game.

Suit: Boxer Warsuit
Mods: Charge Damage, Damage Increase on Kill, Stronger Shield, Faster Ability Cooldown

Revolver: K-28
Mods: Hollow-point rounds, High Caliber chamber

Ability’s: Precision Strike (Q) Orbital Bombardment (E)

Battle Rifle: KBR Longshot
Mods: Hollow-Point Rounds, 1.5x Scope, High Caliber Chamber, Heavy Stock

Heavy Weapon: Haze
Mods: Solid matter Reactor, Light Weight Stock

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