The Cycle Solo 7 -

The Cycle Solo 7

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Made someone rage quit again and again they had it coming.

KBR Longshot, This was my first weapon I bought when I started out in this game but back then the weapon was not good, now they buff it and I can use it all the time. Also the ending of the match to see score board was cut out because something went wrong with the recording but I got 4th place so no big deal.

Suit: Boxer Warsuit
Mods: Charge Damage, Damage Increase on Kill, Stronger Shield, Faster Ability Cooldown

Revolver: Hammer
Mods: Hollow point rounds, Improved Holo-dot, power chamber

Ability’s: Precision Strike (Q) Orbital Bombardment (E)

Battle Rifle: KBR Longshot
Mods: Hollow-Point Rounds, 1.5x Scope, High Caliber Chamber, Heavy Stock

Heavy Weapon: Haze
Mods: Solid matter Reactor, Light Weight Stock

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  1. It is sad that I am super bad at p v p but great at p v e

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