The Cycle - Updated Gameplay and Impressions -

The Cycle – Updated Gameplay and Impressions

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The Cycle had a BIG update recently, let’s take a look at everything new and available! Check out the game here for free – Video Sponsored by ‘The Cycle’ Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. It's got quite a lot of polish for a knock off of other games, not that it's devoid of its own ideas… i just wonder why so many talented developers are just chasing after popular multiplayer shooters, maybe they're just adding to their resume.

  2. I actually really enjoy this game. I think it has that BR kind of feeling without being a full on BR but also a nice break from the other BRs lol

  3. Why is my game stutter sometimes with Medium settings even if i have the recommended specs???

  4. I think this game would get a lot more traction if it would release on steam instead of EGS.

  5. Still a good game if you are bored and don't feel like playing any of your favorite games

  6. so this game has some grinding in it
    im sold im downloading it

  7. It looks like that one game Blizzard tried to release a few years ago that completely flopped.

  8. Great game concept nice graphics sick guns terribley high ttk

  9. It's too laggy idk why while other games r perfectly fine running

  10. hmmmmm…. i want to instal it but its dowloding a little hard its ok for my laptop pls respond

  11. Only thing I dont like based on first impressions is the fact that there is bullet sponge for pvp. Obv dont mind for pve but pvp? like cmon thats silly.

  12. And with Battle Royal it lost my interest – something like a Battlefield / – front or a Planetside 2 like game would be cool for once :/ (a game that actually is good of course)

  13. Really had fun playing this game since it dropped. I stopped playing it coz it's riddled with so many cheaters. I know you can't really avoid cheaters on online games. But practically 70% of the time I got matched with players that would just shoot you from the other side of the map and kill you instantly or be teamed up with players that don't get into the evac ship coz they'd much rather gate keep only to end up dying and have the team lose the match.

  14. How big or small is the Playerbase of this game?

  15. I just downloaded it and am gonna give the game a shot because it looks like it has alot of potential. I play lol so I love games that have objectives in the middle of a game. Played lol for years and always wanted to find a br that has objectives so I hope this is what I've been searching for. Thanks for this video it has helped me get more intrigued to play it and maybe I'll run into you on it. Who knows. If I do gl hf may the best player win. (May the odds ever be in your favor) lol

  16. The guys that made spec ops the line made this???

    I wish they would make better games…

  17. I was interested until i heard that it is a BR game 🙁

  18. That "drilling for minerals" thing is straight out of Firefall. I miss that game.

  19. Watching this, all i see is Outerworlds and Borderland

  20. The game is awsome but my graphics are shut

  21. 2020 is the year of the train…..
    what world do you live in.i'd like to visit without a mash on!!!!

  22. The MASSIVE problem with this game…the community, one of the mist nitpicky and toxic communities i've ever seen. Constant complaints that this game is not a AAA massive battle royale.

  23. Looks like the time to kill is far to long for me. Otherwise, I would probably try this game.

  24. Anyone that has a laptop pc and cant get it just go to geforce now its also free there

  25. 【y̷a̷h̷i̷a̷_̷a̷m̷v̷s̷ 】 says:

    the game pffline ؟

  26. This game is what a game should be .. a damn fun game and not something hyper realistic like Warzone and whatever else, The Cycle is the successor of Firefall , so many elements taken from that long dead but awesome game

  27. Lots of idiots saying it’s destiny when they haven’t even played it lol

  28. I have an absolute blast with this game and I’m not a fan of most battle royales.

  29. This game looks amazing definitely playing it on my yt

  30. only 30 seconds in and im already loving how the game physics acts like

  31. HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago says:

    is it just me or does every game nowaday has the same graphic style?

  32. Me: mom, can we get aim?
    Mom: no son, we've already got aim at home
    Aim at home: 2:50

  33. wait the cycle is not out yet or your in the future? is it better there? or they give you access or did you help made it?

  34. i used to play this game a lot but stopped cuz of the optimization issues, idk if its just for me but it stutters quite a bit and seems to be running inconsistent fps despite my specs being better than the recommended requirements. I might come back to this game in the future tho.

  35. its a great game the only problem is not many people play it. it can take anywhere from an hour and a half to a few seconds to get in a game.

  36. i left the game because the game always is in a crash loop i hope they fixed it in this season

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