THE CYCLE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (FULL GAME) -

THE CYCLE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

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The Cycle Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 inlcludes a Review, Character Creation and Campaign Mission 1 of the Full Game. My 2020 The Cycle Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Review, First Multiplayer Match, Weapons, Upgrades, Story Missions, Campaign Chapters, Single Player, OST, Soundtrack, Cinematics, Cut Scenes, Seasons and more!


The Cycle is a first-person shooter. Set in a universe where interstellar travel is possible. A group of humans live on a space station called the Prospect Station. Players take on the role of prospectors, mercenaries tasked with the job of completing contracts on a dangerous planet called Fortuna III. Players have to complete these contracts to earn points and the players with the most points wins if they escape. Players get 20 minutes to complete contracts and fight with 19 other players within 1 match. Three major factions, the Independent Civilian Advisory (ICA), Osiris, and Korolev, offer contracts they want the player to complete. These reward the player with faction reputation. These contracts range from “Go from point A to Point B” to “King of the hill” gameplay and there are guaranteed four contracts each match with additional events during the match. Within the environment, there are monsters and other hostile creatures that will try to kill the player as well as rival players. Each match is set to have a total of 20 players in either solo, duos, or squads, these team compositions cannot be mixed.


  1. i thought this was a mobile game because of the menu

  2. Brad stays dropping bombshells on us, BRAD ITS OK TO TELL US THINGS

  3. I'm surprised I haven't seen a comment like this "CEO of helping his mom out!!!!" 😂😂😂

  4. @theRadBrand do you think you would stream this game at all (if you've got the time that is)

  5. I'd Love to see more The cycle gameplay please.

  6. has anyone noticed that osirus map and fortnite map look almost the same

  7. How is this going to be the smoothest game you played in a while When you say every game is the smoothest you every played?

  8. Brad its a battle royale why are you saying full game

  9. The gameplay looks great. Totally getting the game and trying it out

  10. You should go back to Fallout 76, especially now that they've had a HUGE update with npcs and factions and a bunch of new fun stuff

  11. Awesome video. Your voice reminds me of Keegan-Michael Key

  12. I played this game in it's first beta, it's really cool once you get the hang of it

    Edit: You need to get to the evac, it's always in the centre of the map
    Also you can come back once after you die on your spawn pod

  13. This game will be free to play for everyone

  14. 1. As long as you survive until the end, you won't be last
    2. This channel is cool I'm subscribing

  15. Is this the first time Brad played with a mouse and keyboard

  16. I've not watched for so long. Watching this video reminded me why I used to watch full play throughs from you.

  17. hey la verdad amazing video lo disfrute bastante necesito el siguiente video me voy les mando cariños muchas gracias

  18. I feel sorry for the other gu yhs=aving to oplay with brad who g=has no idea what he Is doing

  19. Your dad has cancer well I hope he gets better soon

  20. hola!!! la verdad re lindo video me encanto espero el proximo video los dejo les dejo besis agradecido

  21. That hub area reminds me of that one game Eve or Evo I can’t remember exactly what it was called but it was similar to planet side 2

  22. This game gives me FireFall Vibes.
    What a heck of a Game. So sad to see it die in 2017.
    Hopefully Em8er will revive what's left of it.

  23. Soundtrack reminds me of Farcry 5 ..a little?!?
    Why u think its crazy that we wanna look at you playing?? ..that just means ..that we dont have to ..and we can relax n enjoy the ride, while being introduced to a new game, we dont know yet – it also means, that we dont have to throw good money after a bad games! ..and their by, only use our hard earned $ on games that really matters to us?!
    So.. Thank you!

  24. didnt think i'd see brad doing one of these games
    fits him well to do it once in a while

  25. If you are doing it for your mom then I will subscribe it👍👍

  26. Appreciate any and all support you show this video! I had a lot of fun playing this and hope it shows. Also thanks for helping me get in a position to be able to have opportunities like this to help the ones I love.

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