The Cycle will surprise you... It's such a great FREE game -

The Cycle will surprise you… It’s such a great FREE game

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The Cycle Gameplay

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  1. The beta in steam sucks. They took so many features out of the alpha. Now it’s a Tarkov clone. Shame. Alpha was so good.

  2. Its crap. You get rushed while PVE doing contracts, if you get the asshole 2 min later, he warps out like a bitch. Game made for cowards. Gonna drown on steam. For sure.

  3. Loved the energy in this one… left me wondering about the load outs and tools you were using.

  4. Been playing this off and on for about a year now. Solid game.

  5. Really great game if you keep in mind it was made by a like 20 people (last number i know) german developer team. Took a break from playing but i will start playing again in season 4

  6. Thanks for reviewing this game, it's very underrated, also the game will release to steam Q3 or 2021 because right now it is going though a major rework (it's basically becoming a new game)

  7. Very underrated. Wish the game community opened their eyes and realized there's more out there other than apex and Fortnite. Streamers have sucked them into playing them and I blame twitch.

  8. Mix of Hunt Showdown with Valorant…
    Showcase the abilities that you can purchase, they're like killstreaks on CoD that are always available with cool down time. It's actually looking more like Valorant if I think about it

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