The "F2P BTW" Mentality | Genshin Impact -

The “F2P BTW” Mentality | Genshin Impact

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  1. The way i see it if you haven't bought out the primos bonus on all cards your f2pbtw. Such a insanely tiny minority of the community is actually 100% f2p these days given the value of things like Welkin and your rolls are so RNG it just doesn't matter, i have no interest pandering to peoples neuroticism about how someone spends their money, there are a few basic catagories f2p/budget, whales, and gigawhales, that is the only real distinction.

  2. No matter how lucky you are, no matter if you have 1C6 character besides traveler, no matter if you possess a 5* weapon, as long as you don’t spend a penny you are F2P, and there also the argument about the weakly moon that Mtashed have (which I understand his reaction but I still low key didn’t appreciate his reaction about it) since it was A GIFT not something he spent himself. I even gifted some summons to my girlfriend on Christmas, aside than that she doesn’t spend one penny. If you dare complain that despise that they aren’t f2p anymore, you’re just salty and jealous that all. My 2 cent as a unlucky dolphin.

  3. I AGREE IM ONE OF THEM IVE BIN SAVING SINCE THE GAME WAS OUT NOW AYAKA IS MY ONLY C6 5* character and will be my only c6 5* character because she is broken af spiral 🌀 abyss bow is a joke to me Ayaka nukes everything The only characters I build was national team and Ayaka freeze team consisting of AYAYA DIONA MONA SUCROSE Its Geeeg

  4. Yep, so sick of hearing "as a F2P"…and then they go on to boast their luck on summons or artifacts or use that as card before blaming why everything and everyone is unfair because they don't have the best characters and weapons…they are just a bunch of jealous free riders really

  5. I had a person spam whale at me once cuz I had jade spear on xiao they don't believe in the jade spear in standard banner I guess

  6. F2P – didn't spent a single dime on the game.

    F2P btw – small group who casually brags when they reach a high number of damage or get an early 5 star lol. They shit on those who spent money on the game but a portion of them can't still clear the abyss.

    The way i see it is that it is like a badge of honor for them. Next time someone says to you that they are "f2p btw" just say no one is asking lol. 😆

  7. I have 16 5stars and im F2p

    Forced(not) to pay

  8. I still don't understand why would people buy fates instead of blackcliff weapons as a f2p. Like bro you're basically getting free stats as a 5 star weapon

  9. Honestly my friends and tease me that im not a f2p anymore and call me whale when I only spent a welkin on the game, sure im not f2p but thats not whaling and just because i get a few early pities and got raiden's weapon doesn't mean im a whale.

  10. $0 spent equals f2p, doesn't matter who or what you have, gifts and luck might make your account less f2p relatable but the person themselves is still f2p if $0 spent. Also it is not a badge of honor btw.

  11. valk my guy you forgot something , ehem its the abyss its way more rewarding for f2ps and way easier for ppl with mulah

  12. Some f2P players wear that title like a special badge. Especially Enviosity fanboys. Can someone please tell them no one cares. If you spend money great, and if you don’t thats great too.

  13. This whole f2p btw exists because the in game rewards are shite and takes months of hard grinding to get a single 5 star character. (I'm talking about hard pity after losing 50-50 in hard pity, that's 180 pulls)

    I've never seen a community so divided, and I play a lot of other gacha games and only genshin players use this phrase f2p btw

  14. Thanks for these words. In guides when it comes to teamcomps I always found it wierd that the video creator often picked only 4 star units. As if you don't have access to 5 stars as a f2p. Never understanded that, because its totally not true. But maybe its because of this mentality. Also I find it very toxic calling someone not f2p when they get lucky in pulls. Don't understand.

  15. Why does it matters if you are f2p or spent a thousand dollars.
    It only matters if you are having fun.

  16. Oh reminds me of that person I saw in discord having multiple five star/cons (don't remember which) and brags being F2P BTW before getting shot down because they forgot to change Jean's skin. Kinda funny.

  17. There is 2 type of players
    1st F2P and 2nd is "F2P BTW" player

  18. i'm in the PTE category: Play-To-Enjoy. immerse yourself in the lore, explore every twist and turn of scenery, relish the combat, and last but not least: have fun.

  19. I think they project their idea of F2P on others due to their bad luck. 🙁

  20. F2p simply means they didnt spend money.

    Dolphins spent but only on welkin and battlepass and low amounts of primos.

    Whales are people who bought a lot of primos.

    As for what characters can have, they can have or showcase whatever they own, even if they have absurd luck, but if you do a guide for f2p characters, maybe you recommend 4* craftables or free weapons rather than 5* r5 signature weapons.

  21. f2p It simply means not to buy anything with real money in-game
    Nothing less nothing more
    It doesn't matter if you have every 5* in the game at C6 and every 5*
    weapon at R5 you will stay f2p its (gatsha)game in the end
    If y a Stupid enough to not understand that I'm not sorry

  22. god i remember when people say enviosity isnt f2p because he has a shitton of resources and people keep gifting him genesis crystals. at this point its not even f2p vs p2w anymore, its casual vs hardcore gamers. envi plays games for a living, so it makes sense why his f2p account differs greatly from the casual players. also he has yet to use money from HIS OWN bank account on the game, so even if people gift him crystals, HE"S STILL F2P (not to mention he never touched a single genesis crystal that was given to him)

  23. F2P means not spending money in the game! IDK why the community doesn't get that… I'm a dolphin and I'm only using my primogems for wish my artifacts and weapons are still a f2p tier damage

  24. Mtashed is just dumb. He is unable to process the fact that his account is THAT broken and THAT unrelatable. Literally the cringiest man other than MJMG.

  25. Lol that means I'm not f2p anymore I have access to whale tire damage all of my character are well build have lots of c6 four star and have c1 of most of my five star

  26. For me F2P means not spending any money FOR PROGRESS SPEED UP, which means spending money to get primo or BP/welkin, I mean if you purchase genesis crystal only for cosmetics, that's still F2P

    The progress is important, F2P can have whale damage if they played long enough because Genshin really lacks of end game content, If they keeping this up, F2P in the future can have multiple C6 5star if they played long enough, why? Because we will lose 50-50 sometimes and those standard 5star will be C6 one day

    And of course if you saved long enough for a character, even F2P can get C6 limited character, they won't get as many C6 character as whales, but they can dish out damages comparable to whales
    I don't know about R5 weapons, I don't think it's necessary because Genshin really lacks of end game content

    I'm sorry I don't really know much about content creator, this is just my view as a pure F2P player

  27. I agree, I would even as to go say, that rolling on the weapon banner could be considered f2p, for example, for me, I am f2p, and I was able to get Mispitter and I was able to get lucky and get 3 five star weapons within 120 pulls. The way I did this was by just saving my primos so that I can pull for characters/weapons I want.

  28. to me, it doesn't matter if you have c6 chars or r5 weaps as long as you haven't spent a dime on this game then you're f2p

  29. Horrible mentality to have, f2p is what it is if you dont spend money on the game you fall into that catagory. I think some of these people are just genuinly jelouse cause the gacha isnt on there side, i can sympothize with that but that dosnt mean someome who is lucky isnt f2p, like seriously? XD

  30. It sounds like a bunch of butt hurt bad f2p players that cant build units to save their lives

  31. This reminds me of a gacha game I played, where you can co-op grind for premium currency like primogmes, I did that with a group of Taiwanese, so much I get about 200 of it per month(equivalent to 20pulls), played it for years and have almost all limited characters in the game, and yes I didn't even top up one penny, when my friends saw my account, they be like either my luck is crazy good or I topped up(which I didn't), but the devs makes it harder to grind now so not much people do it currently.

    Really sad to see how people interpret free to play…it's getting annoying, like we grind hard for what we want just to be called a spender….Hats up for valk for addressing this topic, keep it up man🙌

  32. With the risk of sounding like an ass… people with that mentality are probably bitter and resentful of what they have going on in real life. Just a sad group of people with a Karen mentality that stems from jealousy and incompetence.

    I bet most of these people are either new players or players that just suck at the game in general whether it’s mechanical skill, building teams, or just resource allocation and then they blame their shortcomings on the whole “FTP BTW” bs or because they can’t whale.

    One example is people that can’t beat abyss while being ar 55+ and complain that it’s because it’s about spending money???? I remember back when 1.1 first came out, that’s when most people finally started beating abyss, even f2p players myself included where my only 5* character at the time was childe (and beidou because she’ll always be the first 5* electro in my heart).

    I’m not sure whether it’s the new wave of players that are the majority of complaints or maybe it’s just people being frustrated at Mihoyo from their whole year of bs but I don’t remember the issue your video brought up being too common in the past, or at least as many people weren’t being vocal about it.

    Idk maybe I misunderstand some things, but yes that’s what I think in the whole issue.

  33. to me f2p means, well, free to play. thats just as simple as that, as long as that person doesnt spend any money on the game theyre free to play and yea mtashed is still f2p cuz he hasnt spent anything on the game on his f2pgod account

  34. Why is it such a big deal if someone is F2P or not?
    It's a stupid topic. You play the game how you like and others will play how they like it.

  35. IMO, F2P is F2P. If you never spent any real money in the game, no matter how you actually manage and spend the free resources that's available in the game as well as their results, they're F2P. People who have been saving their primo since the dawn of time for their C6 waifu and even their signature weapon with refine one year later without actually spending any real money are still F2P. People who just got lucky and got a lot of good characters, good weapons and good artifacts without spending any money, also F2P. People who have been grinding on chests, abyss, events, never missing a single one since launch and pull for 5-stars maybe every 3 banners or so without spending a single penny in the game and want to use the 5 stars they have in abyss, still F2P.

    I also never understand why some F2P people feel that they're so privileged and special just because they never financially support the game so much they feel like they have the rights to call someone as no longer being F2P if they're luckier with gacha/rng or just a lot more patient than them, like it's some VIP exclusive club or something. Some even look down on people who spend evey the slightest amount in the game like they're superior to them. If they didn't spend, it doesn't matter how they want to use their hard-earned primogems or how lucky they are, they're all F2P, and there's nothing special about it IMO. If anything, you probably end up wasting a lot of times in the game trying to get something similar to people who just rather spend the money buying anyway, like with the catch vs any other gacha polearms or even deathmatch and blackcliff, or the amount of time you need to get that specific billet from weekly bosses so you can finally craft that weapon that might just be similar in term of strength to other gacha variants, for example.

  36. THEY ARE NOT F2P, THEY ARE FNG SALTY BS!!! I have an AR 30 account no welkin no pb and has 3 5 star characters including yoimiya (5 If we count traveler and aloy). And i havent done the liue achon quest yet. WHO THE HELL MADE THE RULE THAT F2P DONT HAVE 5 STAR OR MULTIPLE 5 STARS? Have they seen envi's account?

  37. F2P stands for free to play, from the name one can conclude that it means not swiping your card. Every other factor like luck, C6ing a single 5star character, getting weapons from star shop (which is achievable without swiping your card) don't matter.
    However, when talking about Mtashed I understand why people don't trust him. I find his luck to be suspicious (not in sense him swiping his card) (though I watch his vedios for entertainment purposes so honestly don't care) but maybe Mihoyo tweaked his account alittle bit as a Marketable move(as a bait) wouldn't really put it past them, or something along these lines.
    But that's another story that I personally don't care but it seems like alot of people do XD

  38. I honestly don't know why people getting a god tier artifact/s is considered a whale only thing? is it because they can refill the resin everyday wirh primogems? it doesn't connect at all since it is all RNG and the frequency is just changed like whale can get artfacts worth 2 months of resin in almost just half of it.

  39. i feel bad for f2p try-hards because welkin moon is already a decent cheap option and could be an assurance of getting a character or item that they wanted but they choose to attack other people's enjoyment of the game wether you spend money on it or not. the thing is spend and pull responsibly. the state of the game now is just an endless cycle of collecting your favorite characters or weapons anyway.

  40. at the end of the day its gatcha rng game so yeah doesnt matter u can get lucky and end up having c2 raiden in 20 pulls
    but yeah still content creator gets rewards from mihoyo so yeah

  41. "I got C7 ganyu in one ten pull and my ganyu does 69 k charged attack "
    I DoNt kNOw If sHe iS gOoD ftP BtW

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