The future of the Cycle! The New Cycle! -

The future of the Cycle! The New Cycle!

Lord Argo
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This video is about the future of our favourite game, The Cycle! I believe it will rise again!
Remember footage in the video is from dev-streams showing early stages of the new vision.
If after watching this video, you still feel like you have questions please check the Q&A video with Feralus and Daze:

Also a big thanks Silarious for saving Devs streams!
Thank you to all of our community who are interested in The Cycle and its historyfuture!
Don’t forget to check the Devs’ Blog Post about the New Cycle:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Game site:
All video and music belongs to Yager:


  1. They should have kicked the OP features. Quite a few people told me about overpowered suits and gear. Boxer suit is dashing far AND jumping too high…the warp makes sure you survive almost anything. A beginner gets you down to 1% and poof you are gone. What other game does that??? They should have thought about that. Nobody will play that for too long that way.Oh you are one of them……..of course.

  2. Арго, привет! Это такая игра будет?

  3. A lot of people dislike the escape from fortuna thing but honestly I love it!!

  4. В общем то не плохо, но ОЧЕНЬ расстроило то, что на локации спавнится оружие, данная механика угнетает чувство собственности по отношению к своему набору, печально что они решились на такой шаг. Так же не понравилась новая система эвакуации и лимит патронов, как по мне такое решение не пойдет на пользу фановой составляющей и значительно "замедлит" игру.

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