The Genshin Community Needs to Chill (Spoilers) | Genshin Impact -

The Genshin Community Needs to Chill (Spoilers) | Genshin Impact

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  1. I'm still thirsting for Baizhu….but we have nothing for him atm….other then 2 quests that he makes a appearance in & Voice lines. Mihoyo gimme my husband already. i could care less about Inazuma characters

  2. You're not even sure if they are NPCs or playable characters and they already have a mains discord lmao.

  3. People are getting thirsty because there are way too many leaked waifus compared to male characters that leaked male characters is just getting a following immediately. Hopefully, this prompts mihoyo to release more male characters. I ain't spending for no waifu.

  4. The funny thing is we just know the name. We don't even know how they look like, how their personality like, their ability and people just straight up getting thirsty about them lol

  5. People get hyped over a character name but when they character out they will hype to another new name. Its pointless for you to save because they will always make new character until the story end. Skip this and pull that and repeat. If you already play other gacha game before genshin you will know the fact that they will make new character. And in the end they name is meningless since the kit is the one that make people pull or not

  6. THIS SITUATION IS SO RIDICULOUS ISTG– Trust me, when another new waifu (most likely Baal) comes after Yoimiya, almost everyone will forget about her.

    My friend has done this as well, she literally said she's saving for Ganyu now she's going for Kazuha. Now that Ayaka's coming, she's going for her instead–

  7. I feel like genshin community can't appreciate what appears in front of them. They speedrun every new patch like in two days or three days. Then asking where's new content like everytime. -_-

    I'm not a fan of mihoyo but thinking about how dev team working on new ideas every six weeks. I wonder how they need to crunch (work overtime in game dev) in every weeks. (._.") guys chill and appreciate every content to the fullest.

  8. Ngl, I didnt care much about yoimiya before. Not until Genshin released her image for the first time. There was a sudden pump of infatuation in me that never did I feel from any other characters that came before her. WITH THAT BEING SAID, simping over a character with just a name is plain weird and irrational.

  9. PREACH ! Ever since Hu Tao was leaked I’ve been feeling like that, it’s tiring to see 😩

  10. The only character I'm hyped at so far is Zhongli, because we got his banner after we interact with him for so long. Even when a character looks kinda cool, I have no context of what they are. Hope for more character will drop after we get to know them in the story instead.

  11. "ayaka forever!!!" – a yoimiya main probably, 2020

  12. And here I am still digesting seeing Kaeya, Diluc and Albedo in one frame

  13. I'm actually happy to see the community getting hype
    for me this is something that will keep them playing the game
    it's nice to see the community still is very active

  14. There are many leaked and confirm character going around yet here I am still loyal to my boy Kazuha

  15. I NEVER heard of these names xD!! But, it's funny to watch!! 😂😂🤣🤣

  16. Maybe those folks need to stop being obsessed over 3d models and try to get a date/lay/partner.

    Myself, I WANT Yoimiya. Why? I want a pyro archer and Amber plays like shit. She's cute and all but I'm not going to play her. Unless something insane happens, she's gonna stay at lvl 20 til I stop playing this game

  17. I’m just sick of being spoiled story elements on my YouTube feed. I was spoiled the ‘we will be reunited’ quest and also the new current story quest stuff for the archipelago island. It makes me think I should just switch accounts whenever new story stuff drops. I know it’s not really their fault cause of how NA and other servers are updated, it just really sucks sometimes. I wish they would stop putting spoilers in the thumbnails at least.

  18. When are we getting buffed husbandos, Valk? I want my Varka!!

  19. My only problem with this is that those people will most likely complain that their character isn't the absolute best in everything, and thus speed up the inevitable power creep.

    Right now it isn't very noticeable and all characters are really good, my Diluc is still amazing but if we keep at this pace, shit is going downhill.
    Just look at Ayaka's leaked multipliers, they are insane.
    And then miHoYo will have to make Raiden superior or equal to her.

  20. Didn't know about all the places I can go to check them out, thanks!

  21. what… i can't tell if those people are starved or just trying to chase clout ;;;

  22. The character main discords/reddits also serve as leak repositories and theorycrafting hubs. The EulaMains was crunching data on her ever since the bare minimum trickle of information and figured out a lot of her data and build info weeks before her actual release; so it's not a bad idea to get the communities set up early so that the data crunching can be disseminated as soon as possible to anyone who may be interested in trying them out.

    We do also have designs for these characters, which also means fanart. And the character mains are also a repository for those. Nothing wrong with getting started early in that case, so people can show off their drawings of their waifus/husbandos.

  23. dang I knew the genshin community was thirsty but I didn't expect for it to be like THIS

  24. True tho,, just chill.. i enjoy this game so much just by walking around with only the characters I like,, pulling who i like, take it slow, enjoy it and chill

  25. Raiden mains was also made when her name got released, but it was inactive until we got new info, it’s the same with these Reddits

  26. Tbh, I think this thirst is a double edged sword…
    Its good because it shows that the community is lively, expecting and actually care and are excited about new content
    But its bad, because it pressures developers, it can be kinda toxic, gives people slightly twisted expectations and more
    So ye, imo its really a personal choice on whether you want to partake in this part of the community

  27. Im so fed up with leaks I became immume when I see one i dont even watch matt anymore coz of the annoying ads and some leaks he called news are inaccurate 🙁

  28. Zhongli could have a line mentioning character name ketchup and everyone is already searching for its brand and makers 😆

  29. wait people already want to main them?? i saw the leaks and thought “oooh new characters we haven’t heard of, wonder what role they will have in the story” but i didn’t decide to pull for someone based on a name 😭😭

  30. I personally don't think it's bad.
    Based on the concept art we can alr see their personalities.

    I don't find it funny since there's literally nothing wrong with releasing a discord Mains, and subreddit for an upcoming character. Because that community can share their love for a character based on leaks. Plus Leakers eventually release a bit of their lore and their voicelines. There's absolutely nothing wrong with hyping a character. But expecting them to be strong is wrong.

    Overhyping is a big issue, and that MiHoYo should prolly know at this point. People being disappointed when they roll Xiao after skipping Ganyu only care for the numbers.

    But some of those who are in the Discord Servers and Sub reddits actually roll for the characters based on their appearance.

    Saying we need to calm tf down is true. But shouldn't be taken lightly. But remember that We tend to like a character based on their looks and personality comes second. If Mihoyo releases a concept art with an ugly ogre with mud dripping all over would you roll for them? What if they're kinder than Amber or Paimon?

    There's nothing wrong with hyping a character based on their names, concept arts, models, or general leaks. Since some of us find them interesting.
    But over hyping them and expecting them to be a dps who breaks the game and complain after them not reaching your expectations are the worst.

    Personally I take my time with the events but I don't save them for when content is scarce. I speedrun them sure but I still take my time not skipping dialouge. Afterwards I just play another game instead of complaining about no content.

  31. Nah my valk you see mihoyo needs to sweat cmon let’s get it already is it a game or a mobile pos what’s it gonna be it’s just pay for characters man be real 😂

  32. me watching this video after joining the kujou sara mains @_@

  33. yeah broo just chill… and get some life

  34. No matter how much you tell them to chill, they won't. They. Fucking. Won't.
    I should know, cuz I got 2 friends who joined those servers. Now they won't shut up about them.
    Like, guys relax lol

  35. I mean the genshin community holds so much variety. One part of the community is thirsty as shit, some are cringey, others can be fckin annoying and toxic, Meta slaves and elitists are prevalent in the community and some are degenerates (the cultured and and uncultured ones). We also have the theorycrafters which are the best. lore lovers and leakers are also here. And also whales, dolphins and F2P's are here. Oh dont forget the chaotic memelords, am I right? Oh I shouldnt forget about some members in the community (especially contemt creators) that like to start unecessary drama bullshit. To summarize it, Genshin impact's playerbase is so random to the point that the community can be both welcoming and unwelcoming (toxic) at the same time.

  36. Play whatever you like I just want loli so

  37. its the same thing over and over eula gets leaked everyone wants eula kazuha gets leaked only some players want eula others now want kazuha yoimiya and ayaka gets leaked ayaka is forgotten most people want yoimiya only some want kazuha

  38. Whens my Dusky Ming Mains Reddit and Discord amirite?

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