The Genshin Impact Anniversary Was a Disaster... -

The Genshin Impact Anniversary Was a Disaster…

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Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! Genshin Impact launched a year ago and since then every time it’s been updated I could never stop hearing about it. On the day of it’s birthday how could Mihoyo mess it up this hard? Let’s find out! Thanks for watching!
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  1. I'm still trying to comprehend how this game is popular. I seen more complaining then enjoying the game, are people masochists or something because man they love to get shit on by the developers!?

  2. "Set your expectations low so that your never dissapointed". Man… I've been saying this for YEEARS.

  3. The problem with genshin is it's 180 to 300$ unit

  4. "The playerbase is pretty solid for a lot of these titles".

    Solid as in dense and dense as in fucking stupid.

  5. Some genshin fans are so toxic they started to give other games 1s just because they are salty at genshin…. games like arknights , COC and epic 7 which is real shitty of them

  6. “waiting for new characters to u n l o c k”

    I wish it were that simple

  7. I still remember the quote “this game is PVE but have PVP irl” cause bruh I can’t even bare to read the fight between the players. I fucking hate the one who just lash out theirs anger on another games that have nothing to do with Mihoyo. Because shit like this make others serious complaint get erased and overlooked with all the spamming shit.

  8. Tfw you ARE the whale spending money on gatcha games.

    Duel links to be specific.

  9. 5:15 after all of liyue reruns they 4sure will make first year banner with all characters

  10. the gameplay isn't half bad but the community has weird and some braindead people

  11. 5:34 woow and r6 every time gives you r6 silver coins not those piss yellow coins right ?

  12. Man it's granblue fantasy all over again. Guys like Muta said set your expectations low.

  13. I'm getting Genshin ads on this video. Fitting.

  14. its kinda crazy to know there r review booming in honkai and in nova desktop.

    do they know these games or apps are operate by different teams in mihoyo? wait, they also attacked genshin va? neverminded.

  15. What's a good offline BOTW clone without gambling mechanics?

  16. I got out of that rabbit hole sooner than i thought. I ain't going back.

  17. Remember when Brigitte's voice actress was harassed because brig was OP in game? She was a new voice actor too, people are fxxking dumb and despicable

  18. Genshin player: "We want more rewards!'

    FGO players: " Heh" *sips tea

  19. Stop playing this game for a month or so. How quickly everything went to shid lol

  20. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is how it's affecting other games. Like Arknights, Clash of Clans, and Gray Raven. While minor, they're getting some one stars because of this whole problem

  21. Whenever this community is angry for some reason they start targeting voice actors, look developers are developing the game not voice actors

  22. DELET IT SAVE 6 GIGS FRM UR STORAGE lol tht was so intimidating 🤣

  23. As a f2p player I grind to get primogems so I can get new characters, but having a 5* is kinda difficult for me so mihoyo being generous to those like me would keep us motivated to keep playing. I sometimes feel tired having to spend +6 hours a day just to get currency to spend on spins just to not get anything good out of it. Like pls, I just wanna have good characters and not depend on the same 5/6 that I always use.

  24. Apperently to make Genshin Impact to it's good review is to use the CCP's good ol' trump card Censorship to all the bad reviews even those important bug and glitches that are happening in the game.

  25. The devs are shit at handling the situation.
    The community is randomly review bombing other games.

  26. The Genshin Impact community's a special kind of breed.


  28. Never played genshinimpact , just appreciated the fan arts.
    I continue too wait for the release of Forza Horizon 5 🙂

  29. this is so pathetic i can't even laugh at this i am used to worse shit by bandai thank you so much

  30. not saying all of yall but for those who are review bombing honkai and clash of clans for some reason are yall just embarrassing asf.

  31. The lengths people will go to say the dumbest stuff, just sad.

  32. about the harassment on the voice actors, It's clearly Mihoyo's fault for instructing them to talk like the audience are just 6-10 years old and pretty much everyone would find cringe. All of this could have been avoided if only Mihoyo made the voice actors talk to the audience like a normal person.

  33. Imagine not liking a character in a game so much that you harass the voice actor.
    That's just bullshit

  34. [Laughs in superior GBF anniversary ]

  35. i should be so lucky this game hasn't arrived to xbox

  36. I mean the 10 dollar character is Aloy after all…

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