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  1. bruh anyone who say Mobius is a loli has to get their eyes check, might as well check if everythings alright inside that skull

  2. Yo where's um…. what the title says is in the video

    I mean the word itto wasn't even used once in the video

  3. i got qiqi instead of hu tao, meanwhile my sister got two of her then a friend got the only permanant character i wanted, damn you tectone i see noe this was all your fault

  4. Some people just know how to clown and nothing else.

  5. La Signora will be mine! I agree 100%. She will be back.

  6. I thought the Honkai waifus > genshin waifus was a funny meme it’s true too LMAO

  7. Tectone: Post something on Twitter

    Also Tectone: AHHHH! Sh*t, Here we go again!!

  8. Holy shit Noble in a Tectone video what do you know

    Sad it has to be because he's arguing how Tectone isn't bad for saying the word waifu and not under better circumstances. What the fuck is Twitter man

  9. I personally don't like your vids too much but ill never hate you for it, that's just a waste of time.
    But you are very angry in your vids, even calling someone ugly, which is quit rude as they did nothing to you, not even themselves posting it.
    I feel akwarde when you begin yelling or at least raising your voice at a now normal everyday hate comment, which shouldn't be a thing but sadly is. Its horrible that this is normal now but hate will always spread more hate, it seems genshin isn't good, maybe make fewer vids on it?

    its all just a suggestion, you do you

  10. I cant even do the second half for spiral abyss cuz u don’t have a zhongli 😭

  11. If all the fans of this guy are cult members, then I just have one thing to say. All hail Tectone the big egg, let’s go! I swear people get way to hot and bothered in this day and age it’s pretty funny.

  12. People really forget there's a furry scale to determine if someone is a furry or not

  13. Yes, I'm the one who draw Eggy-chan and created the holy Teccy Dumpy x New Jersey. No need to thank me.

  14. Other than Azdaha, i don't use Zhongli that often
    Trying to get 16 characters to friendship lvl 10 ain't that easy

  15. I may be a keqing main, but even I’m not that dumb to cancel anyone for anything

  16. “That’s not even that big of dama-“
    -Famous last words

  17. I just use Noelle. Everyone thinking Zhongli is a must. Pfffft.

  18. It's not a cult? Guess I'm gonna have to take off the robe beanie and put away the Eggy shrine then.

  19. Many funny meme and beautiful picture in this video

  20. We need Tygo to interact with the videos more 😭😂

  21. I love this. This is hilarious! Another good vid
    Edit: amazing memes as well

  22. Imagine Being a decent human being
    could not be twitter

  23. Honestly some people are retarded. Japanese otaku have been using waifu* and hazu** for a long time. Way longer than the terms have been used by westerners. What makes them think these are western-made terms in the first place? A little research will tell you that these terms have been used in anime and manga by japanese people and that the term waifu* originally came to the west in 2002 (supposedly).

    *waifu is a japanese adaptation of the english word wife. When I say waifu in this context, I am referring specifically to the way otaku use it. The term wife (and thus waifu) came to Japan in the 80s.

    **hazu is the short version of hazubando (husbando to westerners). Everything that applies to waifu, applies to hazu as well.

  24. Tectone: there's no way they killed a character so hot like that
    Himeko: first time?

  25. XD as soon as I saw freem do that pose with teccy looking all sad I knew it was gonna get memed at least once

  26. Teccy got traumatized so much.. he's now afraid to say the word "Loli".

  27. Twittards says Itto is gay and Sara is lesbian.
    Since when exactly?

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