The Good, Bad and UGLY about Genshin Impact 2.3! -

The Good, Bad and UGLY about Genshin Impact 2.3!

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Genshin Impact 2.3 will be a lot of repeat events, with some new characters and changes coming to the wish banners. No major glaring issues here, just more Genshin content! Also: they nerfed Arataki Itto biceps and I am crying.
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  1. I'm pulling for Eula, since i missed her on her first banner.

  2. Good content a bit disappointed we didn’t talk about ittos biceps a bit more

  3. As a Kokomi main, i've been waiting for these artifacts oml

  4. Thanks for the video. I also enjoyed the Livestream, although it was my first, but, given the feedback in your video i might have been a blessing ahaha

  5. I hope to get Itto cause i have wanted to main a geo character for a very long time cause I just find geo characters too, and Itto is that character I have been waiting for, even though zhongli is my first husbando, he is more support and swap out to main dps types. Itto is the character I can main. And if by any chance I do get gorou, then I can put them gorou with Itto cause of the resonance, I'm not looking towards a gorou, but if I do get him, then I will use him as a battery and support.

  6. Biggest news and update to the game: cursed fucking pAimOn gets new va yess jesus christ lord finalllyyy i won't spam skip button when she talks. Thank God that's the biggest feature, finnaly after 1 year they realized how cancer her voice is no matter the lang

  7. I like a lots of players want to be stronger. Even tho they can just one shot kill all bosses.

  8. What??? Itto is not like Razor, stop comparing them. I'm so embarrassed by that.

  9. Why not putting the logo right over your face. Yes you need money but shoving that right in our face like this is not the way to go dude….

  10. Itto is a Kijin oni, hence why he's not a beefy boi

  11. I am turning on YT notifications so that I will be alerted when there is a guide on how to get Paimon in my Serenitea Pot.

  12. gorou is just like geo bennett but for geo only

  13. Its obvious genshin is developed by miHoYo`s B-Team since Xiao because of Star rail
    and they invest alot into stuff like Live Music Performances to hide it

  14. Hes gonna eat hes words because in future the enemys will be elemental resistance

  15. I can see hybrid dps/healer potential in the new set

  16. I have level 90 Albedo and Zhongli already, I’m excited to try with Itto and Gorou

  17. They bettwr not making zhongli rerun at the same time with venti.

  18. AHAHAHA just give me gorou, he is cute 😂😂😂

  19. Each of the new inazuman 4* characters are trash tbh, there's no point in investing on them

  20. Yeah I feel the same about geo. I mean, me personally I think it's just a Chad flex element. But it is true that they need to do 50% or 2x more damage than other units to rival others damage, which is whatever not all elements are created equally. That's kinda why I'm excited for the Albedo buff. Albedo already does quite a bit of damage off field, so for him to do more? Maybe 30ish thousand dmg every 2 seconds off field? Sounds good to me. I'll have to see though because I really want to see what Shenhe is all about. I got the Homa off the weapon banner and have nobody to put it on so I wanna see if she's a worthy carrier.

  21. yeah not meta bc everyone you use is meta. gtfo dude its not even fun anymore if u keep getting strong characters. yeah boring? you havent even tried him. im so disappointed mtashed

  22. Geo Amber+Razor or Geo Ganyu+Xiao? E taunt and explode, burst boost normal atks.

  23. Imagine the more you level itto up the more muscular he gets

  24. Albedo is shit man they nerfd Albedo's Hair man i don't know what's Mihoyo's problem

  25. I cant tell if hes being sarcastic about the paimon endgame hype. Like one part of me wants to believe that mr stashed is invested in lore or he's just given up lmao

  26. Itto is the most awesome character ever <3 I love him so much and can't wait to get him. Imma have 160 wishes for him saved <3 And gorou is so perfect for him and my zhongli I'm getting them both!

  27. I was dying from laughter when we pointed out how important teapot Paimon is

  28. I don't know man, Mihoyo started releasing specific character support

    First sara her cons is really good for electrobuff, second is goro

    Or Thoma is really good for hutao ,I haven't seen thoma's big impact on other teams besides the Hutao team……..Even his cons like c6 is really good for hutao too

    If the leak true, yunjin is anemo, I bet her role will be anemo buffer for xiao

    Since anemo Don't have buff anemo dmg…….. there is a debuff resist for it, but most of it is hidden in the cons like Jean c4, venti c2(?) & c6, it's really expensive for f2p

    I still don't know what Mihoyo means to release specific support?

  29. Godrou is so cute but I don’t want albedo and itto…

  30. I agree about the livestream being the most genuine one. But thats kinda because Khoi Dao carried lmao

  31. I really thought they finally made a new body type for male characters … but nope.
    It is not possible to unsee those skinny arms of Itto whenever he moves around. xD

  32. According to leaks, 4stars are shared across both banners.

  33. Liked the calm you brought to the video along with the honesty

  34. funny how besides niches, both kokomi and gorou are trash

  35. I am a beginner nd I don't have much characters to beat the bosses.
    So I planned to build a team by collecting good characters that I liked nd f2p friendly.
    FIRST, I need zhongli as support/sheilder (very important for me .
    I don't know when he will get his rerun so plz help me.
    Should I pull for albedo or wait for Zhongli ?

  36. Mihoyo: Itto Is Coming Out!!
    Mihoyo: Paimon Can Now Move Into Teapot!!
    Mtashed: This Is Insanity!!


  38. 'Husk of Opulent Dreams'
    wow that sounds so majestic

    'Ocean-Hued Clam'
    what the fuck

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