The Good Idea (风尘苦旅) - GENSHIN IMPACT -

The Good Idea (风尘苦旅) – GENSHIN IMPACT

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* This video is made as a part of 【原神生日会】

Hey guys, KKOMDA again!
I’m sure there are people who already know, I participated in 【原神生日会】, the Chinese ver of HoYoFair,
and this is YT version of 风尘苦旅, my vid in it. The text and voice have changed, so check it out!

In order to show you a new side of my works, I challenged the ACTION SCENES
with my best partner and professional animator Frank Lee!

Thank you so much to the fans who waited for a long time and to everyone who worked hard for 【原神生日会】!
I was very happy to participate in it with great ppl.
Hope you guys enjoy it XD


Frank Lee (Layout for action scenes)

猪儿姐, 祥祥 (Special Thanks)

Original link of 【原神生日会】

My twitter :
Have fun in my Discord server! :


  1. I thought I know that Hillichur and Kazuha standoff from somewhere lol

  2. Wow, estuvo más completa y muy genial. Me encantó…

  3. Damn that hilichurl must be having a happy good life now:)

  4. Lumine's soul seems to be detached from her body lol

  5. 2 minutes of high quality animation video, I hope miHoYo didn't pay you with 100 primogems…

  6. the people who disliked this is a true villain

  7. The fact that the Cryo hilichurl was also sweating when they picked them up meant that they too suffered in the heat. This was in everyone’s best interests.

  8. One of the best videos you’ve ever made. Good job!

  9. cant wait for refrigerator kazuha build to debut

  10. the fact that you use Kaguya's voice for paimon is so cultured lol

  11. Maybe Mihoyo should add hilicurl on Beidou ship as crewmates ehehehe

  12. Theresa is leaking into other MiHoYo's games.

    Now there is Kazuderp (1:12)

  13. Now that I watched this I think a
    Mini boat challenge while going to Inazuma would be quite fun

  14. A story where Kazuha went from a fan to an aircon

  15. POV: you searched "when was the air conditioner invented"

  16. I always wonder where the voices of the characters you draw come from? did you ask the voice actor or the sound in the game?

  17. Imagine his ult picked Lumine's heat again and set the ship on fire

  18. Where did you get that idea..?
    So beautiful! ✨ And that hilichurl..
    I hope he‘ll have a great summer time with them!

  19. WOW. It's been a while since i've seen such a hilarious yet amazing fan animation, Really good i am looking forward to see more of your content. Earned a sub!

  20. Kazuha: So, how it feel?

    Beidou, Hilichurl, Paimon, Lumine: it’s pretty cool

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