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It’s not as simple as it seems when looking at the newest Childe’s banner…
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In this video, GG reviews all the burning questions a lot of the Genshin viewers keep asking, things like the newest revealed Geo characters Gorou and Arataki Itto and the 2.2 Childe re-run banner. This video also delves into the more focused topic of possible future comps with Ningguang seeing how Gorou and Arataki Itto are both from the same element and could possibly mean there is going to be a viable alternative to Zhongli. The newest Childe re-run banner is going to be the first one in Genshin Impact 2.2 update while it’s speculated that 2.3 Genshin Impact will feature the new Gorou and Arataki Itto characters.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. Since mihoyo is stinky with their primogems, im gonna be stinky about it and save for only a few characters only.

  2. look idc if it shows farewell of snezhnaya in the banner, im still calling it the heron's court

  3. i think we need to encourage reruns. lots of newer players are punished just for being… well, new. 2.2 feels like mihoyo finally reaching back and tugging newer players back to where the older ones sit at, and as someone who missed both windblume and both childe reruns due to school, getting another chance on a character i thought id ever get in my whole genshin career (alongside some gadgets) is something im very grateful for.

    ofc this isnt an excuse for mihoyo and all the wasted hopium, but hey it's a step in the right direction and gives those who don't need childe some room to save.

  4. I have all the four stars on Childe's banner and their best constellations ,so I am going to save for Arataki

  5. U can get 40% cause riden has 90 energy cost

  6. I got C6 Ningguang, C1 Chongyun, and C3 Yanfei off of Ayaka's banner. I wanted to wish on childe's banner, but not with this same stupid lineup. I don't need any more Ningguangs, and that's the only one I would consider using. >.>

  7. Seems like you're intentionally misrepresenting the Akuoumaru Claymore by saying it's impossible to reach max boost and use a party of mostly 60 Energy bursts to "prove" it. As of the time you recorded this video there is 16 characters who have Bursts with a cost of 80 Energy and Raiden Shogun has a cost of 90 Energy for her Burst. 330 Energy x 0.12 = 39.6% But that's content creators for you, so predictable.

  8. This is extremely anecdotal, but I couldn't pull on Ayaka banner because I had guaranteed and I was saving for Baal, so I wasn't able to pick up any constellations on any of these four stars. I also wasn't able to get Childe on his second rerun and now I have guarmeteed again, and get to pull for beautiful conts and childe 😀

  9. Me: I'm pulling for Hu Tao
    Mhy: We might rerun Ganyu at 2.2
    Me: Still pulli-
    Mhy: Now here's Gorou and Itto…
    Me: Nah he might not be that goo-
    Mhy: He's a geo/claymore user and an oni…

  10. I need new geo dps , my first geo dps is the MC. And Itto will be my 2nd geo dps

  11. correct me if im wrong, what i know is Aloy will be given on 2.3 update. "it said after 2.2 version ends"

  12. Me: gonna pull for childe
    Also me last night: itto?…………. sorry and thanks for the primos childe im going to save more now

  13. Where's a Bennett featured 4 star rerun 🙁

  14. i've been collecting primogems for itto since baal banner.. but now i feel like i want to pull childe too-

  15. I really hope I get Ningguang this time and not just Childe. I spent all my primos on Ayaka banner and never got a Ningguang, only an Ayaka. :((

  16. Honestly anyone else feel like the game would benefit from having more banners at once like 1 new character 1 rerun character 1 wepomn banner (maybe 2) and the standard

  17. I've been playing since the 2nd month of genshin. I never liked childe, didn't pull for his rerun. But having the very unfortunate luck of pulling 2 5-star bows (skyward harp and amos), i am desperate for someone to use these weapons. Ganyu didn't come home, skipped yoimiya because raiden. And now, when i thought ganyu would have her rerun, they choose childe. Damn

  18. What if the Childe banner was meant to compliment the free Aloy instead…? Just a thought.

  19. And maybe its related to the main story that's why Tartaglia re run was made, we have to consider that plus we don't make decisions about that

  20. OMG as if he predicted, one of my friends pulled for 150 wishes and got only 1 kujou sara

  21. So water 💦 and ice 🧊 no longer have synergy? Too bad Yanfe couldn’t help with vaporise…oops! She can!

  22. Nah Albedo is probably stuck in the golden archipelago

  23. The thing is that childe is perhaps one of the funnest character to play in game but he has had bad marketing. 1st banner : no heart of depth set
    2nd banner: very next banner is zhongli
    3rd banner: non synergistic 4 stars

  24. I hope they release the skill description of the new character before hu tao banner ends so I can decide 😥

  25. Knowing and accumulating materials makes no difference if you’re going to roll and get trash 4-star weapons and possibly a 5-star that’s not even on the banner.

  26. Me sees ganyu destroying bosses at the day I joined genshin coop in 1.5 I need her

    Waiting for the long awaited, saving since the glory of ayaka to the reign of baal still saving the enlightment of the hopes and the wishes and then the evil demon drops a bomb THE Childe 2nd rerun and hu tao.Made my mind still waiting to the see the moonlight in night of ganyu's return and then evil demon stepped up the game people begging for mercy for their wishes of albedo,xiao and ganyu but he didn't stopped killing the hopes of living, shocking everyone by releasing the glimpses of his minions ITTO AND Gorou. Now there remains no hope for the ones who once loved tevyat for the glory of ganyu, Xiao and albedo

  27. I don't have childe, but he & his weapon is an easy skip for me (already got 2 five star hydro character) hu tao also an easy skip (already have diluc). Will pull for Itto!

  28. Childe banner is a filler banner tbh cause mihoyo needs some time to design itto completely..

  29. I think they should just stop the rerun entirely and just make a fourth and fifth banner just for older character already.

  30. I guess i am the only person who is still gonna pull for childe and wait for xiao🙂💔

  31. I love genshin but I quit already hahahaha

  32. I just want my childe team up with my beidou, and to top it up I can get constellation of my boy chongyun and yanfei so its either giod for me .

  33. All of childe's banners had a new 4* this time there no new 4* with his banner. I think mihoyo want to see how much childe banner will sell with no major help. So in other words yah his banner is a test


  35. This time I really thought I was going to pull on Childe's banner. Then Mihoyo showed us Itto.
    That's really unfair for Childe…

  36. I got yoimiya before sayu lmao, btw, never got sayu

  37. hope they dont forget to give aloy like our kfc glider

  38. When will Ningugan banner come….Give me My C6 Fast Mihoyo 😭

  39. Nice video but the number of your original resin make me hurt

  40. Only problem with the vid is GG down playing chongyun’s C2.

    Lower cd helps regardless of character

  41. There is no information about Mobile user get aloy in update ?

  42. Childe: Sekkaku no chansu da-
    Mihoyo: releases itto abs
    Childe: 👁👄👁

  43. LET'S GOOOOOO!!!! Am One Of The 150 wishes spent trying to get Ninguang when release and Rosaria when release.
    We've been Heard!!!!!!

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