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The Husbando State | Genshin Impact.exe

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Long ago, my bank account lived in harmony, but everything changed when the banners attacked. Only the primogems, master of all banners, could pull them, but when the world needed them most, they vanished. 100 transactions later, my wallet and I discovered the new primogems, the currency named genesis crystals. And although the gacha rates are still low, I believe… I can pull these characters.

This is my biggest project yet, consisting of a team with Childe, Venti, Diluc, and Zhongli. Each one represents an element from the Avatar the Last Airbender series, consisting of water, air, fire, and earth. I wasn’t able to include as many avatar memes as I would like to have, since it is a big series it makes sense that a lot of its content would be copyrighted. I worked really hard on making these characters transition into each other and I hope you enjoy the montage I put together. Thank you for all the support!

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Some questions people have asked me about the theme:
Why did I not use Kaeya?
The main elements of Avatar, the theme I was going for, only has the elements water, earth, fire, and air. Since each spot was taken and Venti is the only male (yes he is male) anemo character at the moment since I chose Lumine as my traveler, I chose Venti to take the air/anemo slot.
Why did I not use Xiao?
At the time of recording this video, I have not yet been able to play with Xiao’s character kit, so I am very unfamiliar with how he works. However, I will (try to) pull for Xiao (pls RNG) and do have further plans for him separately.
I hope you can come to an understanding on why I chose Venti, I really like him :D.

Thank you to these people for providing Genshin Impact clips:
Sideways falling Venti:
Drunk Venti:
Thicc Zhongli:
Zhongli Specialist Green Screen:

Music used:
Avatar: The Last Airbender Theme | EPIC VERSION (Samuel Kim Music):
JJBA Part 2 – Awaken DnB (Simpsonill Remix):
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Awaken(Pillar Men Theme):
Slam of the Northstar – Quad City DJs vs Crystal Kings:
Corneria – Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
Main Theme – Super Smash Bros: Brawl:
Ganyu Theme Music EXTENDED – Radiant Dreams (tnbee mix):

Attack On Titan S4 (Final Season) – Trailer Theme (Epic Cover by PokéMixr92):
deadman 死人 – Omae Wa Mou (Tiny Little Adiantum Remix):


  1. this dude is like the deoxide of Kenshin, i like

  2. During the end of the video I was like, "Movie trailers? Nah. Whatever this is? Now that's the stuff."

  3. The montage at the last it’s amazinggggggg⚡️

  4. All I need is that little music boi and I'm bout to slay hella bosses 👹

  5. My sises almost have all of them

  6. Zhong Li used Earthquake
    It's super effective???

  7. hoping venti can get another rerun, i want him so much, he didnt come home in rerun… instead keqing.. my team is 3/4 from above

  8. Zhongli's "I will have order" timed perfectly with the pillar men's theme is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard this month

  9. Please the news article killed me. I cant breath HAHA

  10. me who thought kaeya would be on here

  11. I'm starting to think that maybe energy recharge isn't useless and I should stop ignoring it…

  12. This must be one of best .exe videos I ever saw in my life 👌🏻✨💐

  13. the editing was so hilarious yet so cool at the same time.

  14. I watch this way too much just for the Husbandos

  15. When 4husbando are needed whereas Noelle alone is enough issou for real, that's a nice video^^


  17. This video Is fucking artt!!! You got a new subscriber

  18. Lol this is so funny ,,, great editt n vid ,,, I ALSO LOVE AVATAR !!!!

  19. I saw the title and immediately knew atla was inspired this😂

  20. this has to be one of my favorite videos ive seen theres just so much going on😭😭

  21. never been so proud to have diluc and my bestie as a childe main

  22. the way the video was edited and the music makes it a masterpiece in my eyes

  23. fun fact: the dinosaurus killer is actualy starving couse meteorite make plant died, then herbivore dinosaurus died one by one, and karnivore dinosaurus food is herbivore dinosaurus

  24. I don't have diluc…cause i don't like him…but he look fvcking badass here…oooh nevermind just got hu tao yahoooo

  25. Zhongli has committed Childe abuse by making him his wallet

  26. Hey everyone I hoped you enjoyed the memes and montage!
    Be sure to subscribe for future videos, and follow my twitch channel!:
    So some people requested builds and here is what I have so far:
    Childe Build here:
    Mini Diluc guide here (
    With the new feature you can search up my UID and see the characters that I use. They may or may not have the correct artifact sets/weapons though since I do switch things around for abyss, but the talent levels remain the same.

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