The Infamous Mihoyo Elon Musk Tweet [ Elon Musk Responds to Genshin Impact on Twitter ] -

The Infamous Mihoyo Elon Musk Tweet [ Elon Musk Responds to Genshin Impact on Twitter ]

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In today’s Genshin Impact news we’re quickly talking about the infamous Mihoyo Elon Musk Tweet that was recently posted then deleted from the official Genshin Impact Twitter. Elon Musk even responded to Mihoyo after the tweet was deleted. And of course as always there is Genshin Impact twitter drama because of it. Most fans are simply confused about the whole ordeal so lets talk about what happend. Will people be willing to follow the Ella Musk twitter account because of this?



  1. Memehoyo at this point is a meme company so they want they meme sempai to notice them.

  2. 2nd Anni reward 5* Elon Musk, probably as useless as Alloy.

  3. Who in their right mind brought up this idea at the meeting table? It worries me that the rest of the table thought it was a good idea.

  4. You know… the more I see these kind of things… the more it really do feels like miHoYo' is trying to sabotage miHoYo…

  5. They have the balls to even do this right at the wrong times thinking many player will forget the shit storm they have and will be remember till this game end of service. I feels like Mihoyo suffer in term of they forgot how to make great product due to amounts of revenue they already have and yes I'm already skeptical with Star Rail.

  6. WE WANT PRIMOS! Get with the program mihoyo… this sounds like a wishlist for them not the community lol

  7. It's so weird that they didnt know (or care?) that Elon Musk is a pretty…polarizing figure. He may have diehard fanboys but a LOT of people either hate him or think he's a clown. he's cool to an EXTREMELY specific group of people, and I just don't think that they're a big part of the fanbase here in the west.

  8. They are smoking top quality weed when they go to work lol

  9. imagine thinking this tweet is anything but a joke. am I the only one who thought it was funny..

  10. Oh, MHY DEFINITELY deserved it. It's like, read the room, guys. They thought that by saying "we're working on…. anniversary…. stufff…." would calm the community from the Anniversary rewards fiasco, but all it did was make everyone hold their breath.

    The social media team should have known that the next tweet needed to either be neutral or epic (like "here's all the free stuff you kind of wanted!" epic). Another "work for us for no return" event is just so blindly egotistical. All it did was strengthen the confirmation bias that Mihoyo just didn't understand why people were upset in the first place, rightfully or not.

    Word is they got a new PR team for Global? Idk how to confirm that.

  11. I think the biggest reason why things got so out of hand was the timing of this post. People are STILL frustrated at the absolute disaster that was Genshin's first anniversary so this announcement just came at the worst possible time.

    Like think about it; 1 multi for anniversary (which for 99% of people would be 9 debate clubs and a Barbara), an anniversary even which you could only play for maximum one hour every three days, and Kokomi as the featured anniversary unit (the most divisive unit in Genshin so far) is a pretty solid reason for people to be angry at the company, and to doubt the future of the game going forward.

    so the tweet just reeks of "yeah we don't care, we all know you'll still support the game regardless" at a time when the playerbase/company relationship between the genshin community and Mihoyo are rocky to say the least.

  12. LOL how incredibly weird, seems like they seriously overestimated how much people care about Elon Musk, whoops

  13. Regardless of how weird this is, being out of touch in this kind of way is something I consider entirely in line with Genshin's twitter account.

  14. Ahhhh I think… it was stupid. At the same time the Western Genshin community will cry like a bunch of lil b*tches any chance they get.
    They should have just done the stuff they talked about with Elon anyways.
    Then give free primos to people who have spent money in the game and send pictures of dirt to f2p. Oh… maybe Ela Musk handing them the dirt.

  15. …i saw the tweet of elon saying "Cant wait to be in GI" i was like….oooookay? funny but…okay?
    But now i understand why 💀

  16. Genshin is in his silly 😜 goofy 🤪 mood

  17. Damn, whatever they're smoking right now must be really good

  18. Using ppl as free advertisement as usual. Gj MHY

  19. Mihoyo shut all communication with the playerbase for about a month. And now they want us to cater to their shenanigans?
    Nah uh, not happening MHY

  20. I just wanna know what the hiring process is like to join mihoyo's pr and/or social media team because it seems like either the bar is pretty low or everyone they hired completely lied about their qualifications.

  21. The fact that Elon himself subtly mocked Mihoyo with that tweet makes the situation much more hilarious than the retweets. Seriously, what is these Mihoyo executives smoking?

  22. Feels like they are trolling us. Oh Mihoyo being mihoyo

  23. Sometimes I wonder who the fuck is running their twitter account. They really need to get an adviser before posting anything. They are so disconnected with their community. Candy brand interns are handling better their twitter own respective account.

  24. Ela Musk can communicate with Hilichurls but Mihoyo cant do it with its community. Lmao

  25. Ella Musk is definitely not a coincidental name.

  26. Reading the tweet after getting banned because "toxicity" on geshin impact official discord server after complaining about how they do their job and ignore the character that needs bug fix or a buff and shitty web event for anniversary

    Dint suprise me

  27. This is like the Anniversary shitshow yet somehow even worse

  28. Hi bro I'm the one who is always asking out subject questions if you remember me😅
    I'm a f2p God I tried my luck in child and I've got him+ 2 ningguangs
    Is ningguang a good dps? I really like her
    And still hesitating to build her

  29. The typical "一步错步步错" situation. They make the wrong move for doing this kind of thing just after the frustrated anniversary feeling they gave to the community. The genshin impacts community already experienced the feeling of being scam in the community anniversary events, the anniversary rewards, the attitude of the company. I dont think miHoYO can ever gain back the trust/support from the community for this kind of event ever since the anniversary event. And yeah, if they do the opposite in the first place or they do some more epic/rewarding events before releasing this post, maybe most of the players would be supporting this event by now. Ellon musk seems excited too lol.

  30. The weed at mi-hoe-yo has to be immaculate

  31. Remember the rewards we got in the mail when we first played Genshin back in 2020? Yeah… I wonder where that went and why! It’s very blatant how they want to force f2ps to stop being f2ps even though the whales are already enough.

  32. Heh yeah this giving us nothing shit lol Is so why decided to stop giving them money. The anniversary saw to tht

  33. Tbh I think MHY is just messing around💀💀💀 with the game

  34. There's a high chance the post was meant to be a joke, but to be honest, it wasn't a very funny one.

    I think if it was posted by anyone else BUT Mihoyo, people would have found it amusing. However, when posted by MHY themselves, being a wacky community event with basically 0 rewards, it just feels like MHY is laughing at the fans for being treated like shit. Not to mention, so closely after the anniversary drama and growing discontent

  35. i have no idea how the pr team managed to progress BACKWARDS as the game grew. stuff like the teyvat times, 4-komas, announcing maintenance hours…hell do they still post about known issues once they surface or?? little things that made it feel like the teams had character and paid attention to the community, have completely disappeared in favour of… what? shameless begging for free clout?? how in the WORLD did they become THIS disconnected???

  36. 你们这些西方人是不是太自以为是了?仅仅只是一个幽默搞笑的新闻,就让你们再次愤怒并且集体高潮了?我们中国的游戏公司乞求你们来玩了?你们永远都在抱怨,永远都在嫌弃免费礼品太少。那么好吧,离开我们中国的游戏,去找别的游戏,找那些可以送你们一堆礼品,又能够以民主投票方式听取你们所有建议的游戏公司。可讽刺的是你们这些垃圾国家又拿不出一个竞品。记住,只要中国人,日本人,东南亚人喜欢genshin 就足够了。你们西方人的游戏公司再花10年时间都超越不了mihoyo ,这个世界只尊重实力,而不是你们的选票🤗😜

  37. This is a really bizarre PR stunt. I don't know what they are thinking with this sort of tweet, especially with the anniversary fiasco still fresh in everyone's minds.

    There are so many other things they could have tweeted, but this stunt is just being oblivious and slapping themselves on the back for naming a character Ella Musk in game to have this forced reference.

  38. everyday theres controversy on genshin to the point its now normal miss the old genshin community

  39. I agree that they should have gave us something in return, but it would've been cool to see Elon musk stream genshin lol

  40. I think Pc Gamerz made a post about this “MHY smoking some kind of weed”

  41. I don't have a problem with Elon Musk but what they did was so f**** stupid

  42. Genshin impact is about to be destroyed
    Mark my word

  43. Btw, remember that laugh emoji at the end by Elon Musk? I've noticed he barely ever uses laugh emojis and made a tweet calling emojis as a pollution.

    Almost as if he's saying, ''Good luck trying to make a promise you can't keep.''

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