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Here’s what’s currently happening with Raiden Shogun in Genshin community.
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There’s a lot of discussion currently surrounding Raiden Shogun (in the past called Baal and now Ei) and some of them involve things like the infamous Beidou and Raiden Shogun interaction (or lack, thereof). There’s also important things like Raiden Shogun best budget build and Raiden Shogun team building as well as the real truth of Raiden Shogun in terms of damage and what it actually means to specialize energy restoration and Electro element.

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  1. Please let alone the fact that so many of us not have Beidou or not build her yet, so that's alone not gonna fix the issue. The problem is that our "Almighty Shogun" needs a fully build c6 supports just to deal a decent damage on her DPS window. They have to increase her "Q's" normal/charged attacks scaling and she should be okay. So no one else needs this insane investment, not just her constellations that are non reachable for so many of us ,but to build a team around her which eventually deals more damage and they doesn't even need the energy that Raiden regenerates to them.
    I haven't built Raiden because I'm still fishing, but I love her so I'll re-build my whole team, just for her Excellency.

  2. sidenote: watatsumi island soundtrack is so peaceful

  3. I summon solely based on character's design, before this people said that ganyu sucks before she came out but i dont mind and it turns out that she is one of the most op in the game, for ei, it is the same for me, i only summon for her because of her design but if this drama turns out to be like big dong zhong drama, its a win for me cus ei will be a very good character

  4. I still think electro as an element needs buff, hopefully they will listen to us

  5. just wanna put this out there. for all you yoimiya mains, raiden is really good with her. the coordinated attack although does no damage does do good overload damage; mine does like 10k. it also triggers yoimiya’ ult since it lasts for so long. another problem with yoimiya is the lack of burst damage that of course raiden fixes excellently. 7s musou no hitachi perfectly compliments 8s of yoimiya e downtime. unlike beidou she can’t fix the lack of aoe, but I’d argue if you use her right, she’s better than beidou for a yoimiya support

  6. Her support capabilities , both her E and her energy regeneration are lackluster , if they are buffed along with her interaction with beidou, they can get away without increasing her dmg or reworking/buffing electro

  7. Mihoyo will never fix anything about raiden or electro. Because japanese archon must be 10 times weaker than chinese archon. Accept it or not, wont change the truth.

  8. Honestly i only understand 2 complains. That one with beidou and that Elektro doesnt have something like vaporize.
    Her dmg is awesome.

    I have c0 with skyward pride which is slightly worse than the catch which is f2p but i still manage to do 159k with the first hit at Talent level 8 and char level 80/80 . So where do you have to complain about the dmg, besides she is considered as a burst support ! But its everytime the same. People dont want powercreep but scream for it when a char doesnt make as much dmg as ganyu with amos bow or hu tao with homa

  9. Besides the reason of waifu, I pulled raiden for the ult voiceline "kokoyoni" let me think of Pain from naruto.

    I get her at last of 50/50

  10. i have not seen a single person saying they lost 50/50 or didn`t get her, feels like EVERYBODY got her on day 1 and she almost feels like a free character that everybody got and she`s too weak, while i got const keqing, the only legendary char i have

  11. Easy fix to electro I have said for a while. Add defense reduction to all electro kits, make electro resonance drop enemy defense by 20%. Done fixed. I am gonna regret skipping her cuz she's gonna get a massive buff. Also people are really complaining about the skill damage? Albedo hasn't been able to proc on shields for ever…. That just happens with some characters.

  12. The true electro archon was the uncrowned king of the sea herself. Beidou carried electro to be able to keep up with the other elements in abyss.

  13. I just think it'd be unfair if the two previously released archons feel godly up until now while the current released archon just feels "pretty good"

  14. I may like the idea of Electro being the energy support, but to be honest, Energy Recharge isn't a problem at all.
    They should make Electro a damage oriented element like Pyro and Cryo.
    While Pyro likes to deal tons of elemental DMG with Vap or Melt, you have Cryo who likes bursts of DMG with high crits, idk how Electro could work

  15. i have an idea if they buff Baal, i think they should do this
    *after using her Q
    *she has permanent sword stance ( bc god of eternity duh)- cant gain energy during her sword stance
    *her E change into a new skill that doing a slash animation like those ronin monsters.
    *hold E or tap E 's damage will depend on the buff of her gained stacks.
    *after using her 'E' she is back to normal stance and do it all again
    This make her way more unique as an archon

  16. Still waiting for Yoimiya buff lol

  17. honestly they should've just made raiden a DPS with sub-dps/support capabilities and not the other way around.

  18. I have Baal and can definitely say her attacks look beautiful but the electro Archon is weak as fuck compared to other characters. Maxed she does less burst dmg than Kequing.

  19. I am actually in love with Raiden. She’s such a fun character to use man. I use her with Kazuha, benny and xingqiu.. and this team helped me clear the abyss easily. Idk why people want every character to be as strong as ganyu or Xiao.

  20. Nah idt electro needs buff. Rather, they need to rework electro reso cos it's absolute garbo. The fact that many folks think raiden is weak indicates that they never really invest into their electro units. Thus they find it hard to appreciate a lot of small numbers from electro reactions, compared to huge sized numbers of amp reactions. Yes, electro reactions can't crit but in exchange of that, electro has solid personal dmg.

  21. Xingqiu ult can be used with Raiden though, although it is worded as the same as Beidou. "Rainbow Bladework: Your active character's Normal Attacks will trigger consecutive sword rain attacks, dealing Hydro DMG."

  22. We should all just write either, buff electro or fix shogun and Beidou the next time they have a survey. And for their stupid paimon statue anniversary event as well, (if it’s not fixed by then)

  23. Ah yes…. Because she isn't an op character

  24. wait… so beidou burst cannot proc, while xingqiu burst can proc? how?

  25. How ridiculous! The Electro God not compatible with Electro Characters!?? Of course everyone is complaining about incompatibility with Beidou and her not doing damage to shields! Electro Damage should always, ALWAYS do damage to all shields except for Electro one! Just like any other Electro character. I need this to change else I don't think I will ever spend a dime on wishes again. This is absolute scam. Release a character and don't tell us about the most important things and after taking our money, few hours later they release a statement saying that there are all these things not working with her. This is an Archon? This is a God? NO! She is a trash 5 star that only works with ONE comp and not even that well!

  26. Why does a character need to work with a specific character to be good? Thats just bs. Raiden is good as it is. She serves her function as a battery and a sub dps. People just need something to complain about.

  27. I hope this turns out like what happen with Zhongli, the buff on the element and rework of the character itself. I still don't get it why they're soo scared of making an Archon extra powerful when they already made a Ganyu, Eula, Hutao, etc. Even if they want her to be support why can't she be extra good at it? Look at Venti and Zhongli now.

  28. People thing Raiden and Beidou gonna work because it was in beta even when she's in her Q. The fact that mihoyo chose not to let that combo work when coming to live shows that they can but they just don't wanna make it work, which enraged the comunity.

  29. – dont raise beidou, dont care
    – i save months of primogems just to get an archon (dont have zhongli and venti)
    – pull her just because her design is amazing, dont care about dps. I pulled ayaka for cryo dps potential
    – i dont know why, but its like all youtuber assume everyone have kazuha and zhongli. "oh man this character damage is crazy (kazuha and zhongli in the team)"

  30. Raiden Isn't The Arcon Ei Is
    And Raiden Is Bad – Her Energy Regeneration Is Bad & Her Damage Is Worst & Not Everyone Can Have God Level Artifact
    In Short – Don't Pull Her

  31. I've been telling them every survey for the past year to buff/rework electro reactions. Sucks as Kequing was my first 5 star and I still use her as my second DPS.

  32. I thought its intense because so many people theory crafting Raiden would be support/sub-dps

  33. why are they so afraid of buffing electro when pyro/cryo characters are literally broken??? not even trying to begin how venti and zhongli’s elements are broken too. this buff is a win/win for them literally in the community and sales why are they even afraid???

  34. one thing you missed is that her whole thing is ulti-spamming, then her ulti will recharge others and repeat.
    i don't really like that. i prefer longer CD on ults and one staying out a while.

  35. Everyone: "Electro is by far the weakest element in he game"
    Me a Physical user: "There where elements?"

  36. Her C0 is really a bit too weak. I got her C2 and she feels sooooo much better. But I had to use my „double primos“.

    All in all I think Mihoyo has to rework electro. To give a boost to all electro characters. Yae Miko looks like a great character, but if she is again super useless, I don’t see me trying my luck this time.

  37. I just pulled for her because hes ho… An interesting character.
    I also pulled for Sara but mihoyo decided that 3 Xianglings and a Beidou are better apparently.

  38. So, talking about characters is cool an all… But how about talking about the absolutely dumpster fire the main questline for Inazuma was? Are we gonna just let that shit slice?

    I'm thinking of dropping the game altogether just because of how horribly they dealt with the storytelling element of this archon quest.

  39. Raiden Shogun is one of the most popular characters because.. just look at the screen plastered infront of you… on that character banner.. its so obvious 😛 Her pulling out a sword from her own chest… um… DUH!! ROFL!

  40. Look, even if she’s bad now (which she is not) she might get the zhongli treatment

  41. I only wish that her coordinate attacks would work on abyss mage's shields! 🙁

  42. This would be zhongli situation all over again, I'm already sure about this since the CN players are also complaining, mhy can't just do nothing now

  43. Always pull for what you want to play, mechanics or waifu. Never pull for meta. That is a quick way to either kill the game or kill your enjoyment.

  44. I'm sad for mihoyo when they will release the dendro archon they might get another shitstorm 🙁 either people won't like the elemental reaction with dendro/ archon too broken/ archon not broken enough/ etc… it's probably hard on them every time they have to design an archon

  45. Mihoyo should also think about Yae sales. Her design is awesome, but she is also electro and I worry about her usefulness for the game.

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