The Labyrinth Warriors event is now finished - Genshin Impact -

The Labyrinth Warriors event is now finished – Genshin Impact

Venti’s new butler skin (not so The Odore)
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The aftermath of Labyrinth Warriors Event.


  1. I think some old players are forgetting that some new players who don't have the correct build are the ones struggling with this event, not the end game players like us. I clapped the event with my cracked fully build team, but not everyone has their team build. Which is why this is definitely a tough event for people like those.

  2. ……i dident even finish 2nd chamber.. IT WAS SO HARD

  3. everyone already done the quest while i still stuck at first chapter-
    idk my build not good enough ig

  4. I'm too impatient to search through every room in every trial so I just got as many aged tokens as I needed and bought out the entire shop and all the primo rewards of course

  5. For something that claimed to choose enemies at random, I kept getting Specters on the first level of every bloody trial.

  6. ive finished the 4th trill and didn't get my full reward ?

  7. i would like to know if the players who havent done the event would need to wait for the 2nd part to arrive the next day or is it automatically unlocked now that all parts are complete

  8. This kind of event is cool and all but I swear mihoyo always forgot to add a "retry" button when doing events that has domains, bruh

  9. When is the event end ? And how many days i need to finish it ? I was busy with work the last week unfortunately

  10. I'm gonna cry I can't do it I CANT FINISH 2

  11. how do u do the mission where it says complete without heals or whatever? should not use any healers?🤔 im confused pls help TT

  12. now after this is finished what's next? I thought there would be some sort of music festival

  13. I cannot even finish the first floor of the last trial. Fighting multiple level 95 elite enemies all at once is so hard. I gave up after dying from fighting two Geovishap.

  14. Glad part 4 and 5 have no lore cause part 5 looks painful af

  15. Everyone likes this event except me it's too hard im crying

  16. I was struggling at first, but it gets easier when I try to be more careful and avoid the cursed seals. My team survived on the fourth chamber with 80%+ hp.

    My f2p team: kaeya, xingqiu, xiangling, noelle (childe and sayu on standby mode) . But for the 2nd floor, I had to bring yanfei instead of xingqiu.

  17. I must be the only one who had a severely hard time in this event mainly because of:

    "The following characters cannot be healed nor revived: literally all my characters "

  18. Way to easy… Just struggled in 2 because i still had Zhongli, Kazuha, Xingqui and Raiden with me and didn't notice it was against Electro.

  19. I can't fucking play it yet bc I have my exams in 2 days 😩Once they're over imma speedrun this event in a day

  20. I would join the event but it said I had to complete a quest called “wishes” but I didn’t have it..

  21. the 5th chamber is actually really fun, cause it's actually hard, maybe even harder than floor 12 cause my zhongli shields keep getting shredded, plus the corrosion wolf is a pain

  22. It make no sense why this video gets more than 150K views it’s just someone who just finished the event nothing special…just fascinating how YouTube and viewership works.

  23. Aha 😭 😂
    I gave up on this I’m still on the boss room at trial 1

  24. Map 5 is a fun place to benchmark your teamcomps

  25. Im having a big trouble doing the second stage, somehow I managed to get many talismans and I was able to buy the primogems so thats cool, no free xinyan for me ig but it's fine maybe If im lucky enough I will get her on a banner

  26. I got to the 2nd floor of the 2nd last trial.. I died to a fat fatui.. I had a healer and a healing whatyoucallit.. still died, thus that's the game telling me to stay AR45 forever. 🤣

  27. I don’t even bother to finish the last two stages. Event was boring

  28. at this point if you fail misarebly just lower ur wrorld lvl, thats what i did and it still was hard

  29. I love how so many things in Genshin just send you flying if you're unshielded or not in a "poise" state (to use Dark Souls terms) such as Eula's or Raiden's skills/bursts, and yet these massive freakin falling spike wall traps just drop straight down on your head and do absolutely nothing (aside from dealing damage) like you're freaking Saitama from OPM getting hit in the head!

  30. Now make this also coop and it would be the perfect spiral abyss alternative

  31. Man the trials with Oceanids minions.. that’s when I decided to give up 💀

  32. died to a exploding barrel at the last trial in 3rd domain, dont wanna touch that event again. i got all the important rewards anyway(except the quest rewards)

  33. Wait I havent completed it yet sice i was out for 4 days is it still unlockable

  34. this event is fun..i clear every stage with only 4 star dps(fischl),xingqiu,half build Zhongli,Ei and lvl 60 jean(for corrosion wolf thingy) already buy everything in the shop,get free xinyan and cleared all primogems quest

  35. Am I the only one that could not get the hang of it? I don't know, I get you just need to fight. Maybe it's the 'selections' before hand that throw me off. I tried it a few times, just can't get pass.

  36. The last one is impossible to finish to f2p like us

  37. I feel like the lastoneis actually so much harder than the previous one. Is it just me or it actually is?

  38. I was so surprised when I suddendly heard
    "I wiLL dOuBle mY eFfOrTs, SeNpAi"

  39. I don't wanna do the last one cuz sucks

  40. Qiqi and Xinyan came in so clutch for me in this event, I'm very jazzed to have a C1 Xinyan now. Hope they keep something like the Labyrinth around as endgame content

  41. i had so much fun doing the last floor, however i thought there would be rewards so i picked all dire for the challenges and spent a lotttt of time to complete this floor, still fun though!

  42. you almost forgot u get a new traveling buddy :>

  43. Ty mihoyo for giving us around 20 dollar worth of premo gems

  44. Bro im stuck to the cryo boss haha I can't destroy the shield

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