The long wait is almost over... | Genshin Impact -

The long wait is almost over… | Genshin Impact

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Kamisato Ayaka was the only character from Closed Beta Test 1 which was not released into Genshin Impact. At the start of Inazuma, Ayaka will have first banner and could possibly be the most profitable in terms of sales for any single banner. Hopefully in the future we will see more information about her brother Ayato.

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  1. Envi farming COPIUM on the chat when he noticed her burst dmg kek

  2. 100% pulling Ayaka, skipping Yoimiyayayaya

  3. This kinda monkaTOS but Ayaka's dash is faster than Mona and doesnt get stuck in animation according to "rumors"

  4. Ariana Grande finally coming to Genshin Impact.

  5. For this specific character I have always wanted her, when I first saw her she looked so elegant and shy then I found out her Japanese VA. Shinobu is my favorite anime character of all time, something about her really resonates with me. They’re both elegant and so friendly. Her voice soothes me, it truly does. The voice fits so fucking well for Ayaka it’s insane. I’m so so excited to get her.

  6. I think Ayaka is more, stable(?) then mona. Since mona is a catalyst, she feels chunky because of the feeling of not hitting the enemy. Just my guess C:

  7. The famous anime:《im saving primogem for ayaka》has come to an end FeelsStrongMan


  9. it says there "sustained damage dealer" so if y'all complained she can't do 200 fucking million damage in attack it's cuz sustained not high burst..

  10. ayakas sprint is different from monas. its extremely fast. i think it has like no recovery after coming out of the ground

  11. I'm rolling for both Ayaka and Yoimiya (and Sayu). I collect the characters in this game like they're dolls Truth be told, though, who I really want is Mona.

  12. Envi: Anbu BlackOps

    Me: I see, another man of culture.

  13. I've literally got 180 rolls prepared for her, I swear to god if she ain't an OP dps I'm gonna bust a blood vessel

  14. Where is the guy that comments Ratio in every comments?

  15. I love how every twitch chat is brain dead

  16. I'm going to pull for Ayaka, that's it. Long awaited character since CBT 1. I have 70 pulls worth of primogems and a 20 built pity since I lost a 50/50 from zhongli rerun banner.

    I don't mind the sprint as I can kinda control it since I have mona and I can actually speedrun the stairs from Katheryne to the blacksmith in Liyue. I guess some of players want the easy way but I think it's cool to have this kind if sprint that is kinda janky to control especially on tight turns on the map.

  17. 3 people in this world.
    people who roll for VA
    people who roll for character ability and look cool
    and the last one totally not me!

  18. My Xiangling will be happy xD melt team here we gooooooo xD

  19. its skip for me, she will only be good in freeze comps, and that sprint is rly bad adding out of combat frames.

  20. I can see ayaka's storyline would absolutely bring tears on my fckin eys again

  21. Imagine Childe does some combo to a group enemies then ayaka come in with her Q, everything frozen and dmg pop up like crazy….then Hutao release her Q ghost. Dam!!!
    CHilde Hutao Ayaka Albedo, my super team incoming!!!


  23. trying not to roll because im keqing main

  24. Man people on twitch are so toxic RN. It wasn't like this few months ago what happened?

  25. Me f2p person with 42 wishes in inventory waiting and hoping she will come early… And even if so will happen, there is still 50/50…. PRAYING!!!

  26. I can only hears sachi in her jp dub (not yet watching demon slayer)

  27. Will Envi get lucky again or its another case of Unlimited Bell Works? Time will tell.

  28. They don't make extra suprising scene like eula coz they know no matter what people will pull her anyway…xD

  29. Should reinvent himself as Emosity. Dude, please get better and be more mature. You two with Tectone just looked dumb during those conflicts.

  30. Must resists
    Booba sword lady is waiting for me

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