The most popular Genshin Impact characters -

The most popular Genshin Impact characters

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Interesting to see all these analytics about Genshin Impact characters and their revenue, pick rate, and more… Things will definitely change in another year.

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  1. Maybe you could do this video similar again, just by looking at the bottom instead like you did relatively at the end of the video…
    And really, some characters just deserve so much more love 💗

  2. My Raiden, Aloy, Mona, Sucrose comp crying at these stats 😭💀

  3. Hahah I use aloy and qiqi

    Btw I use the maiden Artifacts sue me

  4. Mona and Fischl were popular in the beginning due to the Unreconciled Stars event in 1.1

  5. goes to website to check what he blurred out
    Ah yes, a graph for the cultured ones…

  6. I have a feeling I know why Mona is that high up… heh

  7. That 1% Lisa in spiral abyss was definitely bwaap

  8. we know what the blurred stats are thanks to paikon 🙏🏼

  9. I why razor is up there is bc ppl were buying razors 😦😦 (pls don’t get mad me me razor mains)

  10. The 1% Aloy in the abyss were the youtubers presenting the character

  11. i don’t know if i am comfortable with the way you say raiden xd

  12. noelle and keqing having the same amount of def is so absurd to me


  14. Seeing Kaeya that low physically pains me he's fricking awesome I always use him for abyss!!! -a very stubborn Kaeya-main

  15. I can’t wait to see beidou, sucrose, and Kazuha reach the top for the next many many more years:))

  16. Ok kaeya tho 😟. Raider scared me too 😂

  17. I was rolling for eula hoping I can get her and I got qi qi now I know how you feel. At least I can use her for spiral abyss right? Copium

  18. the statistics that surprise me the most weren't on stream, as they had to be avoided. venti on the bikini chart.

  19. To the people who main mona thinking their different. We all literally have her even if we never wished for her.

  20. EULA MAINS UNITE and kazuha mains, i main them both!

  21. Proud to be one of the 1.1% of Razor users in abyss… Razor enjoyers rise ^_^

  22. razor hanging on for dear life on the leaderboard managing to somehow keep the top 20: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  23. i was watching stream when this happened- i was scared to chat so i didnt aha.

  24. I was just proud to see Rosaria in the top 3 for some time

  25. i checked the other list and, why is klee so high in the list?

  26. stop giving me stock ads and crypto currency ads says:

    I went on the website to see why he didn't wanna scroll down, and I see why now………. ALSO KLEE, QIQI, DIONA, AND SAYU WAS ON THAT LIST

  27. i had no idea paikon and tuonto knew eachother

  28. Always proud to see lil xingqiu up in the abyss ranks huehue

  29. Jake probably mentioned his major in school before during stream but I probably forgot. But his interest in graphs tells me he's a business major? But even if he isn't, it would make sense that graph data would be interesting considering creators need to analyze graphs to determine how their videos/streams do depending on what they show for that day/time.

  30. The fact that at one point I was using both aloy and razor in the abyss actually makes me question my life choices

  31. hey tuonto your qiqi curse has passed on to me 😭😭. I JUST WANTED KEQING OMG

  32. I love how venti is always in the top list… It's like everyone really love him for being a cute lovely archon

  33. And I'm the 1% who use Razor&Xinyan for spiral abbys😂

  34. 𝒿𝑒𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑔𝒽𝓊𝓃𝑜𝑜 says:

    I feel bad for kaeya, he my legit main

  35. I know people will disagree but i really like traveler i know hes not the best but i am personally attached to him

  36. I hope one day Xinyan gets either a hangout event or just gets involved in the story for some more recognition :]

  37. I’m sorry jake if your jean didn’t came up 😏

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