The New Abyss is Something Else... (Genshin Impact) -

The New Abyss is Something Else… (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re playing the new abyss featuring 3x the Maguu Kenki fun + earthquake floors.

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Floor 11 Prep
2:30 Floor 11
7:30 Floor 12 Prep
8:44 Floor 12


  1. Oh, the Maguu Kenkis literally eat through your 30k hp because the ice one's frost field does DoT

  2. at this point you must build fischl,to make your game easier ig

  3. Raise childe you have his bow i will cry moga dont make me do that


  5. If anyone has kazuha use him for the big Samiri’s they’re stunned by him and brought closer together!

  6. Just use aoe damage dealer and a healer with new atrifact can kill 3 kenki

  7. I can't even pass thru to f12- chamber 2 without being live :'D

  8. The dogs are actually weak to their own element, for example, if it's electro, it is weak to electro. I am actually surprised as well when i found this out.

  9. Lmao I remember watching you play monster super league

  10. I like the fact that he uses Kokomi even tho the fandom literally hates her XD

  11. I feel like its funny that the fissure is his biggest problem, cause hes so used to zhongli, im suprised he didnt build 4 star zhongli tbh

  12. Actually as a f2p I one tapped 12-2. Hu tao with homa is just too good even without zhongli.

    12-3 was more annoying but I was able to 36* within an hour of the whole abyss.

  13. I am very much bothered you didn't use raiden with eula >:((

  14. 9:42 they do have resistance initially but i read somewhere that they enter a rage mode when damaged by their own respective element and they take more damage in that mode

  15. I'm a pretty light spender (welkin and bp only) and I 9 starred everything but floor 12 it was so bad for me 😭. I think In total I had 4 stars on it and I didn't triple star any chamber. I was able to complete it though with extensive effort 😭😭

  16. Maguu Kenki were the easiest part of 12 for me. I went 2-2-0. 😭 I was 4 seconds short of the 2-3-0 because of the rifthounds.

  17. Btw Bennett kinda sucks with Hu Tao, especially with homa

  18. well ur not wrong i barely get 6 stars on floor 9 lol

  19. playing at 17 ms what a dream u are living moga

  20. I’ve never felt rage playing Genshin in the past. Floor 12 of this abyss made me feel it for the first time.

  21. Damn this is what a sudo dolphin can do

    I 36 stared with qiqi beidou raiden sucrose
    Melt ganyu

  22. You should kill the blue Maguu Kenki 1st cause it creates the icy floor which causes you to continuously take dmg :DDDD

  23. me who couldnt three star chamber 2 of floor 8 as a ar 55 and only did it yesterday: cool cool as if i would ever get to that level but cool

  24. I can only 4 stars the current abyss because of the super annoying wolves. Note that I am using their corresponding elements to activate rage mode but they're af.

  25. Im missing last star for 3rd floor, time is killing me, I even perfected team for ei to make it easier and nope, missing like 30s

  26. Me after getting 4 stars in floor 12: "yup thats it no more I wasted 2 hours on this I need to touch grass"

  27. I used childe xiangling bennet and diona on second half floor 12…it can overheal the damage

  28. 9:41 when you hit them with their element, they get resistance shred to their element.
    Like electro wolves die fast to electro, and Geo wolves to Geo

  29. Me seeing moga use kokomi burst he changing character after burst cut scence me wahtda fa

  30. even whales cant do the abyss anymore, mihoyo why u gotta make the abyss so hard

  31. I managed to 3star floor12-2 but was not able to 3star the chamber 1 🥲🥲🥲

  32. 36 Starring this Abyss has definitely been harder than the last. I don't even have Geo units built and clearing 12-3-1 took 3 Ayaka Bursts on BOTH dogs at the same time in order to not go over.
    The dogs retreating before lunging but leaving the hitbox on the ground didn't help, those fights felt like the buggiest things introduced in the game in a long time.

  33. everything hydro is now apparently called "water dude" according to moga

  34. ngl i would brought zhongli for the kenkis, but i dont have him so instead i use diona and hope that works

  35. im only struggling on the third chamber of floor 12 cuz my first team cant do as much dmg as my second team so I use up all 3 mins on the first half

  36. I really like how you used new teams now!! Its sweet to see a variety

  37. You know you are a whale when you forgot mechanics like start off with Raiden E

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