The New and Improved Escape From Tarkov!? | The Cycle: Frontier -

The New and Improved Escape From Tarkov!? | The Cycle: Frontier

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I check out The Cycle: Frontier which is a game very similar to Escape from Tarkov but… in space! I prefer a lot of things in The Cycle over EFT like the time it takes to get into a game, less time at the menus etc. This is my first time playing the game so I hope you enjoy this gameplay!

The Cycle is a 2019 first-person shooter video game developed and published by Yager Development. Yager dubs this game as a “competitive quest shooter” and label it with the cross-genre “PvEvP”, a combination of player versus environment and player versus player.

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  1. Ah yes, th beta was a pain, god damn it's been a good while since I've played this

  2. It’s lookin a bit better than the last time I tried it

  3. If Falling skies and Escape from Tarkov had a baby. IK Falling skies is a TV but It a good show XD

  4. Been playing this pretty much since the last time you did a video on it

  5. I'm sorry i wasn't watching the video, i was watching the dog.

  6. dont really know why but the second i saw the dog at the beginning of the video i smiled and knew this was going to be a good video. I wasn't disappointed

  7. seems like everyone is forgetting about thanksgiving lol

  8. Fuck before a milli, I've been here before Rust

  9. To your video editor: There are way too many cut zooms that distract and add nothing of value. Put a thumbtack on that button to teach yourself to stop using it so much; like 90% less. No joke; it's bad.

  10. Wait I remember that it was a battle royal, when they changed it???

  11. I downloaded this game like a week ago and now I'm addicted too, no cap

  12. PLEASE just let us watch the game. STOP zooming in on your face like you just said something mind bending. You said "you can run around the world for 6 hours" and zoomed in on your face like you just blew everyone's mind. Please just leave the screen alone. The volume of your voice is not relative to the size of your face. We can hear you no matter what. Thanks. lol

  13. doubt you even listen to mac miller lol. oh also your hair lookin a little dry. stop washing it every day and stripping your oils.

  14. I’m loving the new editing. Keep at it brotha

  15. This game just reminds me of another game called the cycle

  16. No jump packs and fall damage gotta watch were you're going EPIC it is!!!!

  17. how can i add views to this vid so he would post it again

  18. Don't like this hard and bad editing with face-cam every 4th second all over the screen! I want to see the gameplay!

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