The NEW boss is SUFFERING | First experience with patch 2.3 | Genshin Impact -

The NEW boss is SUFFERING | First experience with patch 2.3 | Genshin Impact

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Enviosity shares his first time experience within the new 2.3 update for Genshin Impact where he encounters the new world boss – Golden Wolflord. He’s also farming the new DEF artifact set for Albedo.

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  1. trust me even yoimiya has trouble with that thing

  2. Atk% on that def set will only be good for albedo and maybe itto. Gorou and yujin completely scales of def. Def% replaces atk% in this set.

  3. Envi at the beginning was literally me with the electro cube in the first ascension quest

  4. Im so glad they added a teleportation thing to the crux ship

  5. This guy had the most fun running from point A to point B. 8:22 🤣

  6. If Envi is begging for Ganyu you know all hope is lost

  7. The problem is that corrosion inflict all members of the party all at once

  8. I love the new boss. Been too long somthing in the open world has nearly team wiped me

  9. I'm a hu tao main and I can do it with ease, do ppl really struggle with this one?

  10. Did anyone else absolutely love the editing style of this video?! The sound effect from pokémon when the party was low health was too good XD

  11. honestly that new boss is easy you just goofed it :/

  12. wtf, with raiden, noelle, barbara and ningguang the boss was pretty easy(max world lvl) and they arent even build well. Why is everyone struggeling

  13. im so thankful that i have yoimiya and venti… hahaha

  14. welp regreted pulling for albedo and build him with full def and new weap…. he's good in spyral abyss but in weekly bosses he's just an elevator

  15. So a boss based on awful garbage enemies is awful garbage? Shocking. Looking forward to the spectre boss that attacks you from orbit.

  16. Yup..Ganyu is my MVP on this too when it comes to taking it down…The 2. MVP is Qiqi for healing through corrosion xD

  17. This is one of the reasons why I quit Genshin for now. So many aerial bosses but so little aerial combat that it’s so insufferable.

  18. The Wolflord is surprisingly easy. I went in there armed to the teeth with 100+ Universal Peace and Konda Cuisine, thinking I was gonna die twenty times before even defeating it—and then ended up not using any of the revival food. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Like I actually prefer the Wolflord to fighting the Rifthounds. Those things suck. And I just found out earlier that the Wolflord actually applies corrosion when my friend told me. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    Just used my darling main Ningguang. Then Raiden, Ayaka and Bennett.

  19. It seems that the bosses get more stupid with every new version. And I have less and less will to roll for the new characters. I thought that I'll be farming this boss in advance to build Itto as fast as possible, but now I have zero rss and building Ningguang for the sake of killing that stupid creation of sick dev's fantasy

  20. i've beaten this boss with just kokomi and albedo xd too many times , it was really fun

  21. This boss wants us to learn how to dodge and deal with iframes.

    Managed to do several runs using a Zhongli-Xinqiu-Raiden-Hu Tao comp (yup, no healer haha), but it is very, very challenging.

  22. Wtf the corrosion stacks ?!?!😭😭😭

  23. You know a patch is DOA when your looking at idle animation the first day

  24. Ningguang: Pathetic.

    She just makes this boss fight look like child's play

  25. Mihoyo drops new Wolflord boss
    Ninnguang mains: my time has come

  26. if the boss needs to be killed for itto then im alr considering not pullin for him

  27. I who played a lot of other games and all the bosses of the genshin impact are easier for me than mobs in some games. passed the first time, still waiting for the boss who will really give me a challenge lol

  28. This boss is quite easy to defeat using ningguang..

  29. i fight this boss without taking any damage in my first try 🙂

  30. I ran rift hound easily with Xiao, Zhongli, Ningguang and Barbara… Just get rid of second phase geo hounds with Ning, use zhongli shield, and start going crazy with Xiao. Works everytime, Barb is just there for damage control ^ ^

  31. It’s super easy with ningguang breaking his shield and Eula smashing him.

  32. I had no problems wioth this fight even at the first time. Yes I have Yoimiya and use her as main dps atm but I don't use her charged shot that much.
    This fight is knowing the attacks and how to doge. The whirlwind for example: run out of the arena and back in when he goes away. Repeat that and after the second time he stops in the middle and lays there a few seconds so u can attack him.

    Just a simple know and dodge. Thats all. I even managed 2 fights without getting hit once. I was very proud of myself XD

  33. Yoimiya is surprisingly good against this boss, what I do is I stand on Zhongli Steele, do my set up and fire away, it's always a guarantee to take down the boss as fast as possible

  34. Never before has a boss demanded so many gacha characters.

    At the very least your ass better have a built Barbara and Ningguang.

  35. The worst part about this boss is that unlike the Electro Oceanid, it doesn’t even get properly countered by ranged characters.

    Sometimes it just kinda becomes immune to everything and nothing will lock on.

  36. I saw rintaichou video of this boss and found the absolute rock shield that really help fighting it, though it's kinda need bow user

  37. Bro all u need is Kokomi xingqiu. dmg + heals. catalyst, so all the autos hit. EZ clap

  38. Just kill him in the first fase? This boss is extremely easy

  39. I tried the boss fight on my alt with no zhongli and a very weak ningguang and…still no big issues with this boss. i thought my party would die if I went there but nope. my party was ningguang, bennett, thoma and kokomi. ningguang is lvl 80 and the rest were like 50 or 60. the new domain though…was immense pain ngl. I had to do it in co-op and still had trouble.

  40. I found this boss easy, used Ningguang (level 50) to break the shield and it was like a walk in the park

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