THE ONE AND ONI GEO KING! Full Itto Guide [Best Teams, Artifacts, and Weapons Compared] - Genshin -

THE ONE AND ONI GEO KING! Full Itto Guide [Best Teams, Artifacts, and Weapons Compared] – Genshin

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The one and oni is here and he’s VERY strong. If you just pulled Itto, here’s how you use and build him for optimal DPS. Let me know what you think of Itto in the comments below, and make sure to join the Discord to stay up to date on everything Genshin!

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Kit Overview (Detailed)
3:08 Best Artifacts (How Much ER?)
5:17 Best Weapons with Comparisons
7:48 Best Teams Explained
10:45 Bonus Tips
12:45 Constellations + C1 vs Redhorn
14:33 Concluding Thoughts

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  1. Did anyone else lose the 50/50 to a keqing constellation? :<

  2. Still saving up for Murata, probably in 5+ years from now. Still staying strong 💪

  3. Itto performance is exactly what i expected him to be. The only surprise for me is USHI. This cute little guy hit like a TRUCK!.

  4. I was not planning on pulling for Itto whatsoever but after playing his trial I absolutely love his play style! I’m trying to figure out a way to get Jean on a team with him because I have a well build Jean (my main) and want to team them up. Any suggestions are very much appreciated!! Please!

  5. People a month ago “He’s gonna be fucking awhile” bruh he hits like a fucking train

  6. I didn't expect to win another 50/50 after getting Hu Tao AND Staff of Homa but oh well, the one and oni decided to come home! <3 Looking to run him with Gorou+Zhongli+Raiden. Time to get on the artifacts grind (..again..) though.

  7. I have him with shogun, Zhongli, and klee, they do insane damage together

  8. I was not expecting skyward pride to be 2nd best. Now i can use it on someone

  9. As I see it, Itto was maid sub dps like you wait for his Q, then get him out to bonk enemies. As Ning main I loved to have him, because I don't have Albedo and Granddaddy, but I think Noel is trash.

  10. after playing itto, zhongli, gorou and albedo all special effects placed. if there is fire on the grass…damn fps drops crazy in burst mode. after a long boss fight because i haven't fully leveled him up. damn PC gets hot in medium settings lol. im trying to get crit rate circlet but that is my off piece for albedo and itto….the husk domain i found 4 geo cups and 0 crit rate circlet so annoying. i did found crit damage and defense circlet but not crit rate

  11. is luxurious sea lord a good weapon for itto?

  12. Does 2 pieces of Noblesse Oblige boosts his Elemental Burst Damage?

  13. So if I plan to use Itto, Geo MC, Gorou and Bennet it Serpent Spine or Whiteblind better? Cause I have no shields so its gonna be hard stacking Serpent right?

  14. When you have wolf gravestone but it’s not good with itto 🥲

  15. Is Itto good as a sub dps for Hu Tao ? Bcause I have the Hu Tao – Xingqiu – Albedo team but I don't wanna pull on Zhongli's banner

  16. I got him in my first 10 pull I'm soo happy!!!

  17. yunjin doesnt really work with itto bc her ult doesn't buff charged attacks

  18. i did a ten pull once on the banner and got him twice

  19. 6:08 Skyward Pride doesn't give crit though. Maybe you mixed it up with the spear?

  20. I love Itto, I'll probably have to farm 2 whole months for his artefacts, evolution and talent materials, but the result will be amazing. The problem with Itto and Xiao imo is that they are very umcomfortable to use everywhere except the Abyss. Unless there are lots of enemies, their burts uptimes is kinda low when doing commissions, quests etc

  21. Regarding that crit rate…… I have a c2 Raiden shogun. Is should I still prioritise the ER or?

  22. Good guide, but it will be nice to see math behind DEF sands

  23. I would really appreciate if you rated the F2P weapons as well. An average player will probably never have a 5* weapon because weapon banners are such a bad deal and Acquaint fates (for standard banner) are surprisingly hard to come by.
    And getting a claymore prototype is about as rare as getting a 5* weapon, especially if you're a long time player and already built a claymore character (other than Noelle) in the past.

    Good video, though!

  24. Help… i use redhorn lvl 80 on him and crit rate is around 73% while the dmg is 175%, his talent is 7 8 8 and is c0 but I'm still dealing normal dmg around 10k or stuff, i'm confused at which I'm lacking also his def is 2,1k

  25. Would an itto/gorou/lumine/bennett team work? Or itto/gorou/bennett/raiden?

  26. When I see his 3 R5 prototypes archaic, I felt that

  27. I don't get it, so what attacks combo is optimal?

  28. Itto 90 T889 Redhorn 80, Zhongli, Mona, Bennet

    Burst+Ushi = 100K damage

  29. My current team consist of Itto, Raiden, Bennet,Beidou,. Is this good, or should I switch Beidou out with Noelle?

  30. Am I the only one who let him fix his hair after his charge attack?

    I love seeing everything explode and him just "fix" his hair. (Pyro slimes exploding)

  31. Other elements: (use benny ult, sucrose buff, mona ult plus r5 TTDS buff) hits 200-300k Itto: (gets bonus def and Geo dmg from Gorou..taps Q) unleashes 60k per bonk


  33. I'm only at 0:39 but I'm liking this just for that intro of Itto

  34. I tripled crowned him already (prefarmed so hard) and damn he packs a punch

  35. mind to share ur itto main team artifacts? all i got from ur vid is :
    Itto : oppulent (4 set)
    albedo : unknown
    gorou : exile (4set)
    Diona : unknown

    thanks in advance

  36. How can I substitute Albedo?? I don't have him and Zhongli but I have the rest (Itto, Gorou, Diona, etc)

  37. Ive been really close to getting the geo goblet. I got a hydro dmg that would have had the perfect sub stats and then I got electro dmg. Only thing I have been struggling with 😔

  38. Hey! Had a couple slip-ups when recording. There's edits and extra info below!
    Pulling for Itto when he's live on NA!
    Join the community:

    Stay updated!

    Whiteblind is better than unforged.

    I forgot this but when Ushi does damage you get a stack. Also mixed up Spine and Pride, Pride does not give crit rate

    Some stats do not snapshot in Itto burst. For example, the geo crit damage from c6 gorou will not snapshot. I apologize for not specifying in the bonus tips section, though you will still want to use most of your buffs before itto goes on field anyways just to max his damage.

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