The REAL Dendro Archon and Sumeru's LIE | Genshin Impact Theory -

The REAL Dendro Archon and Sumeru’s LIE | Genshin Impact Theory

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This Genshin Impact Theory video will explain the identities of the REAL Dendro Archon and the secrets hidden behind the region of Sumeru. Explaining that details involving the Lesser Lord Kusanali and connecting the dots from all the sources used to foreshadow the events in Sumeru Region. Covering real life legendary stories of the Lady of the Lake and backgrounds revolving the characters in Genshin Impact and even Honkai Impact 3rd.

What are the secrets hidden behind the current Dendro Archon of Sumeru and how is Fatui involved in everything? We will try to uncover the hidden breadcrumbs left by miHoYo in the game of Genshin Impact to help us get a better idea of what’s to come in the future of the story. This video is, in part, related to my previous Genshin Impact Theory video, related to the 8th element and their Gnosis identities relating to the shape of individual pieces.

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Special Thanks to Unreal Dreamer for helping me with the video, and everyone and anyone who helped me formulate my thoughts, as well as translations. Too many to name. Much love.

0:00 Real Dendro Archon
0:32 Tears of Themis
1:50 Lesser Lord Kusanali
2:39 Jataka Tales
3:25 Kusanali Gender
4:08 Viridescent Venerer
5:58 God of the Woods
6:55 Calamity vs Cataclysm
7:59 The Blind Boy
9:10 Dendro Slime
10:22 Baizhu
12:37 Su – HI3
15:13 Fatui
17:34 COPIUM
18:39 Just a Theory

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  1. wow its got me chilling from ur theory! like the "blind youth under the three where she often napped" with "after a period of time, the poeple of the continent lost track of the past" and how the VV theory of "uncrowned queen of hunter" since i found that The crimson witch is look like Signora or she litterly is.

  2. Please explain from where comes the name Genshin

  3. Man i just want the Dendro archon to be male lmao

  4. Mihoyo watching this: write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!!!!

  5. Devi also means goddess in Sanskrit and an other few languages in India like hindi Malayalam and othere

  6. A lot of people are very pissed since lesser lord kusanali is a she not a he. Since well a lot of people to be balanced in terms of gender. Now they suddenly translation is change on the spot?

    Yeah I call bullshit. I support the theory that lesser lord kusanali is just a ruse to the people. Since I recall a story from muslims that their was an instance where people are worshipping a false prophet.

    I just want another male archon okay? Since the hydro and Pyro archon is a she. Theirs also the Tsaritsa…that bitch.
    Anyway, but I digress. I just hope the Sumeru archon quest is compelling story since the last chapter of the Inazuma Archon quest was kinda weak in its execution.

  7. Hi… hindi speaker here..sooo….devi means god…soo….ya just saying 🙂

  8. my COPIUM is strong for this theory, idk y tho lol

  9. If dendro archon will have a kid model then I will be skipping.

  10. wait mihoyo sponsered this video to leak their story? Thats some weired moves

  11. So the next continent will be India based?

  12. Yea, In Our India, we have a ocassion festive called Bhai juntia, in this ocassion our sister (either she may be elder or younger) will use the Kusa "the scented grass" and some flower to worship their brother, to keep them safe and protected by god of flowers. And this festive or ocassion will pass onto generations and generations.
    – Devi means A goddess in my place.

  13. Devi means female god in indian languages. It's not queen.

  14. "Devi" actual meaning is goddess but yeah it might be also considered as queen in some ways.

  15. I think that dendro characters might be able to "use" (infusions) different elements just like how whopperflowers (plant enemy) use different elements.

  16. Im indian so hindi is my native language (tho i like english more) and the word devi is in hindi and it actually means godess not queen instead rani means queen but still godess is also fit in the theory cuz she is proly a god

  17. Doesn't matter who you are, Baizhu. If, in any way, you decide to harm Qiqi, it will not be good for you.

  18. I wouldnt be surprised if he ends up being a god since all gods so far have long hair in some sense, venti having mostly short hair besides the braids but to be fair that isnt his actual form. Seems mihoyo depict very old people with long hair.

  19. honestly, Baizhu capable of making Qiqi into a zombie that can speak and understand words is already highly suggesting he's got some godly hidden from everyone else.

  20. Bruh ok i will pull for her 🙂 she so cute dude 🙂

  21. Devi literally means Goddess
    Or a Female Deity NOT Queen
    Rani/Maharani/Ragyi are some words that may translate to queen

  22. holy shit su does connect.. i hope they are the archon tho lmao but thats just me inhaling copium

  23. I like your video ,but I hope baizhu is not a god or archon.

  24. Fatui *watch this video: "Now this is research"

  25. the translators are probably more confused than any of us

  26. I swear ill save primos skipping everything for the dendro archon. IF she is really a girl.

  27. I feel like Zhongli only pretended that he didn't know Baizhu though. I mean, he was pretending to be normal mortal, so he can't call Baizhu out as that will too blow up his cover, and Baizhu also would have to play along too since, even if he's really the dendro archon by your theory, he is also in disguise and obviously would try not to blow his own cover as well, especially with Chide and other fatui around. Who knows, he might've even made contract with Zhongli before to keep his identity hidden…

    And thanks for pointing out Baizhu. I was waiting for him and now that you mentioned it, yeah, he did have that archon highlight, so…if your theory turns out to be true, THANKS GOD! THE DENDRO ARCHON IS MALE AFTER ALL!!

  28. Wow, feels like I've finished the Sumeru's Main Quest…
    This theory is so good tho

  29. The granting of visions reflects the Archons state/will. Just like Ei, for a long time, we didnt have any new electro vision holders. I wonder what's the case of Dendro…

  30. i don’t think baizhu is the god, but i think you’re exactly right about his and changsheng’s relationship. this was a really interesting watch!!

  31. I actut had a dream yesterday that i can explore all of the nation and see all of the quest and characters literally so fun why did i wake up 😔

    By the way this video is so cool literally how did u do that it's hard lol

  32. Even if we do get a face reveal we may never know until we get far enough in the actual story.
    (Opinion and rest a video below)

    (Spoilers ahead)

    Maby…….all the arcons we have meet so far are hideing in some way being a wonder, faked death, and hideing in own mind. Would not be supised

  33. After reviewing the cutscenes that Baizhu has been in, you can see that his hair is lighter at the top and gets darker towards the ends. It's actually a bit hard to see this at first because it's all green and we're just dealing with shades here. Not only that but braids as well. Things are lining up too well.

  34. Idk if this is a true information- B U T there could be a reason why baizhu body was really weak(I'm not sure if his body was weak or not) just like the video said, "baizhu can't live without his gnosis or else he'll die lol"(jk) so if fatui took the gnosis, baizhu will be more weaker than venti, again, I'm not sure some of the information that I said in this comment were true or not, so don't misunderstood my comment yeah?

  35. I smell another venti from a faraway land 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Devi is a Sanskrit word and it's real meaning is not queen…Devi means goddess..

  37. Maybe gender confusion was what initially planned by Mihoyo but I don't think they'll be able to stick to the plan as Male characters being portrayed more feminine is banned by China political party to decrease the influence of Japan

  38. O😱😱😱😱😀😀😃😀😃😀😀😀

  39. Mihoyo be sponsoring island to leak future content, big brain move

  40. I think the other thing related to slime theory and archon is, Dendro slime can sprout smaller dendro slime, which is small = lesser, so lesser god kusanali is just being called/sprout by the real archon currently hiding to serve as a substitute.

  41. Enjoy!
    Still having a hard time pronouncing some of these words xd

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