The REAL Reason Mihoyo Leaked Ayaka Sayu & Yoimiya | Genshin Impact Anniversary THEORY -

The REAL Reason Mihoyo Leaked Ayaka Sayu & Yoimiya | Genshin Impact Anniversary THEORY

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  1. I just want there to be a paid guaranteed gacha I will spend on it for sure unless its just for standard banner characters.

  2. Me who don’t have a thing for ayaka and already have one pyro dps : interesting.

  3. Getting Klee because she is cuteness personified. Skipping all other characters. Especially SimpMistress Onion-Bangs.
    Your move mihoyo.

  4. Some nice information. Not gonna stop me from selling my organs for Ayaka though.

  5. Their anniversary gift may just be inazuma

  6. Maybe they will make a banner with all heroes and weapons for the last year 🤔

  7. Could also see a paid guaranteed 5 star character and weapon summon. Happens in lots of games

  8. Yoimiya rate-up banner for 1st anniversary

  9. Do I think like him, or he thinks like me? lololol

  10. Can't wait how Mihoyo can outstingy themselves on the anniversary.

  11. Im getting Kazuha and then saving for the next husbando :3

  12. You've revealed their secret. Watch out my friend :D!

  13. I dont care, i would spent my visa card until i get Sayu.

  14. Imagine if they make discount for the wish
    Like 100 primo instead of 160…
    A man can dream

  15. I was going to wish for kazuha, now I'm thinking about skipping all inazuma characters and wait for rerun so I know everyone and decide who I want

  16. please no more barbara—i’d be happier getting 20 crystalflies…

  17. saving for ayaka and inazuma 5* sword which is insanely strong

  18. Nah i dont think they will ever release a month with new 5 stars again now that re-runs are a thing

  19. My primos are Ganyu's wedding gift, I am not giving them to any generic moe blob, no matter how cute.

  20. im only gonna pull for yoimiya and after that im waiting for scara/ganyu so im safe

  21. Why you gotta tease me with bunny girl Fu Hua…. a man can dream.. a man can dream…

  22. good point.. hahahaha… they never said anything about ball tho hmmmmm

  23. Maye they could but a 50% discount on banners, kinda like how the starter Noelle banner has a 20% discount. That way people get to pull more and they get money as well

  24. Im pretty sure that this will not happen but i would love to see a rate up where its possible to choose your favorite 5 Star as a rate up

  25. I think i should save my primos then cause I have no interest in the upcoming characters 🤔

  26. simply said,, seka telling us to not spend in-game currency till we drop in upcoming patch,,next big things is incoming,,thx for the reminder

  27. Im pretty sure none of the theories from any genshin youtuber has come true. Because mihoyo says fuck genshin players

  28. I'm not surprised if Mihoyo would surprise us with a La Signora banner during its anniversary after draining our primos pulling for Yoimiya and Ayaka. For them to release Signora with Baal is just too good to pass on especially when driven by getting more money.

  29. At 50/50 pity 51 pulls in with 3200+ primos. I was aiming for Yoimiya. But now, I will think I will wait till her banner has only 2 hours left. So that I can check out the leaks and decide if I want to go ham on her banner or not.

  30. I’m saving for ayaka but when she comes I’ll wait for the 1.8 livestream to see if I should summon

  31. Good point, I’m going to get my Ayaka and then peace out. Back to saving.

  32. 1.7 Yoimiya + Ayaka to drain your gems . 2.0 Tsaritsa and every one of u whale 200$ for her

  33. i don't even want most of these 5 stars.
    except for kazuha since he is a support, but I could live without him since I don't have xiao.

  34. Hey Poko! I’m building a electro charge team for my dps Mona but I can’t decide whether I’m going for a Thundering Fury 4 pc or a Tenacity of the Millelith 4pc on my Fischle, the team comp will be like Mona, Beidou, Fischle and Diona, plz help!!!

  35. Darn Seka knew I was looking at him and not the banner…

  36. Electro Archon unannounced so far… Could be the next powerspike given the poosible ttimeframe

  37. Didn't think about this.. Thanks for the heads up Sekapoko!

  38. Yo… so… uh… were might i find a "ninja claymore user"

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