The Sad Truth About Childe's Re Rerun Banner - Genshin Impact -

The Sad Truth About Childe’s Re Rerun Banner – Genshin Impact

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In this video, we take a look at tons of reasons to skip or to consider Childe’s banner. I also explain why I dislike Childe so much.


  1. this is literally one of the funniest genshin vids ive ever seen great job

  2. I actually felt (feel?) the same about him storywise, and even after just his Archon quest I hated his guts. Sadly, I really enjoyed him in the trials, and ended up making him my first 5-star character. Over time his gameplay warmed me up to him enough that I overlook him being a massive piece of shit as a character. And on one hand I also can appreciate that not all of the characters that join our party are solely good people who simp for Traveler for some reason, so yeah.

    Does putting him on the same team as Raiden make me some sort of hipster in the Abyss data though?

  3. He was the 11th harbinger. He was released on November 11 on patch 1.1. Got a rerun on the 11th limited-time event banner. He got a re-rerun on 2.2, exactly +1.1 patch later.

  4. Me tried to get Rosaria , got Childe instead so ya kind of understand . Also i find Ei working better with Xingqiu than with Childe in electro charge teams in overall dmg against higher hp opponents .

  5. The sad truth about childe is that i triple crowned him but still my Hu Tao beats him in damage.

  6. i rly wanted to pull for childe.. guess I shouldn't?

  7. Childe has a great play style, Hutao definitely has a better dps and even nuke but her play style is monotonous

  8. As childish as i am i do need childe to support my childishness

  9. Honestly more reruns = more time to save for new characters

  10. I see we’ve come to hate this man for almost the same reason, I respect that.

  11. He hate Childe so much he forgot the Passives LOL

  12. This opportunity isn't really hard to come by at all

  13. IWinToLose hate childe so much that he let childe die for 38th times in the first 5 mins of the video. 🤣

  14. Guys tell me why you are/aren’t getting Childe:

    I’m getting him because I have Yoimiya (so for single target floors I’ll use her) and have Xiangling + Beidou + Fischl built, and I ‘can’t’ use Hu Tao as a 2nd team because I have Ayaka, and they both have the same team (Xingqiu, Sucrose, Diona).

    Also I love him

  15. mixed messages i feel your undecided and viewers will be highly confused weather to waste money or not, i dont like this approach and for confusion clarity i say skip

  16. Mihoyo love childe,
    Mihoyo release playable childe electro delusion ver

    Mihoyo love childe
    Mihoyo release playable childe foul legacy form

    Yeah Mihoyo love childe

  17. Lets call a spade a spade, Childe was not "buffed". New characters and weapons is not a buff to an existing character, it just helps improve their viability in specific circumstances. Not a single stat on Childe was changed since his release.
    Fortunately, his kit isn't broken due to bugs, questionable decisions, or improper balancing like many of the new Inazuma characters; so pulling for him is at least a safe bet.

  18. IWTL's puns and soothing voice always makes my day 💯💯💯

  19. I skipped this man once, and then twice, now it'll be thrice

  20. I don't know about you guys, but I don't think this guy likes Childe…

  21. I think IWTL might not really like Childe, maybe.

  22. So manny childe hater just don't pull. Bullshit content!

  23. apparently there was a mistranslation with Childe's dialogue, if you want to look into that. Ofc his actions were bad but his intentions seemed to be more cruel than intended.

  24. At least now I have time to save up primogems for Hu Tao

  25. Hasnt even been a minute in the video, childe proceeds to die repeatedly LOL…

  26. cons: "childe's name is child"

    (maybe?)spoiler ahead

    actually his name is Ajax

  27. Isnt childe/kazuha/bennett/xiangling called International now? It's called that because of some wordplay with Childe and Kazuha's CN names.


  29. For some reason Mihoyo really wants everyone to have Childe to the point i'm almost guessing his pull rates are secretly higher then other character banners. I attempted to pull on his first rerun banner to try and get Rosaria, and instead got Childe twice in 40 pulls and no Rosaria.

  30. Glad to see you are getting better at Dad jokes

  31. Ah yes, the medical national team, the most dangerous team in the abyss.

  32. How come Klee be the least used featured 5*? She's cute and strong

  33. I honestly thought I was alone on hating childe. I’ve never like him mainly cuz like you said he’s a liar but also cuz he’s a Fatui

  34. Every time i see childe i get ptsd from the teucer babysitting quest 🤬

  35. Like how you talk about dmg and stuff
    And then Childe in video, falling over and over:
    this is fine…

  36. Maybe the reason why Mihoyo wants to sell him is because he was built as the most complicated character in terms of designing him programmatically and animation. It was stated from v2.0 livestream.

  37. I don't know why when I start genshin impact my phone battery starts depletion and phone become horribly hot 😭

  38. He was definitely talking about Kamisato Ayato in the end

  39. Wide Childe can’t hurt you, he doesn’t exist
    Wide Childe: 5:12

  40. Can’t concentrate on the data, too busy watching childe die

  41. Childe is my least favorite character too so I greatly appreciate all your Childe abuse. I'll never pull for him so I wouldn't have otherwise watched this whole video, but getting to see Childe die in such humorous ways made it worth it. 😁

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