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There’s always a catch with new characters and here’s what you want to consider.
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We already know that Geo isn’t the most popular element when it comes to team building despite the fact Zhongli dominating in usage data. But can one character really carry the whole element and if Arataki Itto with Gorou shows up, will they need to rely on him as the rest of the Geo characters?

This video focuses on exploring the topic of Geo and its presence in Genshin, as well as the influence it will have in the coming Genshin Impact update. Will it be enough to just run Arataki Itto with one of the Geo characters or will he rely on Gorou and Zhongli? Or something that has been often forgotten Albedo himself and the fact he actually works really well in Geo teams but hasn’t had the time to shine outside of the popular Xiao Geo team – so does that mean Albedo will be high value team mate in future update? Well, a lot of these questions get looked at in this video.

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Genshin Impact

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  1. 7:44 "Now if only we knew when he was rerunning…" HA you sly dog you Gacha Gamer 😉

  2. Imo the thing that really ruined geo's element synergy is its role in just crystallize, honestly could have made more geo reactions that fit with elements rather than just be a defensive element
    though a solo geo reaction would do crystallize, its reaction with other elements should at least have other effects

  3. 1 thing that i regret is not pulling for zhongli. GEO resonance passive is hard to maintain. without a shielder.

  4. The reason I’m not getting itto is because of Cloud retainer. But dude Try Geo its pretty good

  5. I’ll be pulling for itto. I’ll also be patiently waiting for anemo dps other than xiao

  6. gorou feels like a support. but iito is more likely a carry: his leaked weapon scales with Crit damage and its refinements gives Def+ a damage buff that scales with def. (like the jade cutter that gives bonus damage based on HP but instead of HP is Def) that would make him a like 5 star Noelle

  7. I want Albedo, but all my primos went to Childe😭. Good luck to people who are going to pull on the upcoming Geo banners

  8. I swear albedo is great im hitting like with zhongli 21 k per E the problem is his ult that scales with atk they need to let it scale with def since its fair enough

  9. So this video just about how geo cant dps or something? I'm too lazy to watch

  10. I wish they'd buff Noelle's shield a little bit. I really don't want to have to pull for Zhongli just to have a shield that lasts a while. My Ning likes to be shielded for that little bit of extra damage and It's kinda hard to do that with one of the longest cooldowns on shield.

  11. I mean albedo will be good cuz i saw a leak there will be a new 4 star weapon scaling with def and its effect gives 40 per cent more dmg for his E and u can refine it to max so 80% also thee is a new artifatc for him and itto scaling with def / geo bonus dmg

  12. In the 2.3 update we will probably get a new 5 star DEF set and a free DEF weapon for Albedo. So he will become even stronger.

  13. 'There are limit of 3 construck in game'

    I'm speecless

  14. I still can't believe he isn't anemo….. Should been

  15. Do you guys think that albedo would be the next rerun? Leaked content-wise, it suggests that albedo would be the rerun.

  16. Gacha Gamer as usual pretending they don't know about any leaks, keep up the great work tho

  17. As a husbando collector, I Will have Itto ❤️

  18. Anyone interested to buy my genshin account have venti xaio diluc ayaka kequi more 4 star char and 12k primos too

  19. Albedo needs hp scaling with his e skill geo construct

  20. I cannot wait to have my Geo Husband team with Zhongli, Albedo, Gorou and Itto.

  21. Itto could be insane if he could gain more power or something based on destroying his own shields or crystallized shards

  22. At the ends of the day ninuangg deals a shitload of dmg

  23. I will only buy the archons. No weapons, no other chars. Thanks for the video.

  24. ive never been this reluctant to play genshin, been playing since launch and now I'm almost AR 58, its been 2 weeks since I've stop using resin, I only log in to do commission and that's it, I feel like there's nothing to do in the game anymore even though I didn't explore the new foggy island yet, I hope yae miko will come soon cus I really want her, if so maybe ill be able to start playing properly again

  25. Zhongli and albedo/geo mc pairing carried my abyss runs before they start presenting tanky enemies lol.

    Try building zhongli as a sub-dps and not just an hp stacked shield bot.

  26. i main Geo since day 1. And i will honestly and sadly say Crystallize is the most useless reaction. Crystallize provides you shield. But there are so many non-Geo shielders already. Plus, if you have Zhongli, he invalidates the purpose of Crystallize. You hear people talk about Melt teams, Freeze teams, Swirl teams, Overloaded comps, Taser (electro-charged) comps, Vaporize comps. Heck people even talk about Physical teams. But when was the last time you heard someone wanted to talk about a Crystallize team? Never. It’s because it’s useless.

    Archaic Petra is to Geo; Viridescent Venerer is to Anemo. In a way, they’re the artifact sets that highlight Crystallize and Swirl, respectively.

    Here’s the thing: Archaic Petra 4pc is a hassle. You have to pick up the elemental shard to fully utilize its effect. Whereas with Viridescent Venerer, you don’t need to pick up anything. Just swirl an element right then and there and you get the full effect of its 4pc. Conveniently, it also spreads the Swirl damage to several enemies. And then you get a whopping 60% Swirl DMG on top of that and 40% elemental shred on the swirled element. Archaic Petra’s 4pc is nowhere near the value, power and ease of use of the Viridescent Venerer 4pc. It would be awesome if a Crystallize shard is automatically absorbed by your character with a 4pc Archaic Petra. At least make the 4pc Petra be on par with the convenience of the 4pc Viridescent Venerer.

    I also notice you get the effect of all elemental reactions on the spot once you trigger it—except Crystallize. With Geo’s elemental reaction Crystallize, MHY makes you work for it. Trigger it, use your stamina and dash to the location of the shard, and pick it up. All that for an underwhelming shield. And if you have Zhongli or other shielders, there is zero point to pick up a Crystallize shard. Again, useless.

    To improve Geo’s underperforming one and only reaction, I think it would be nice that whenever you trigger Crystallize, every elemental shard created should release a seismic shockwave dealing elemental damage in a small AoE. At least this way, Crystallize will have some sort of offensive useful capability. And no, I don’t want to pick it up first to trigger the seismic shockwave. Let the shockwave trigger as soon as a Crystallize shard is formed. This way, it’s less hassle. I don’t have to sprint towards the shard to pick it up. I have many shielders at my disposal. I will use their shields. I don’t really need the Crystallize shield.

    Also, Genshin is based on elemental reactions. It’s about time Geo and Anemo get a reaction. It’s warranted. It doesn’t need to be an offensive reaction:
    Geo + Anemo = Dust (effects: units affected by Dust will have their next attack miss by 100%. also, Dust decreases DEF by 10% for 10 seconds). I’m sure this will make battles even more fun and interesting.

  27. I run Noelle with Raiden and Zhongli, and it works really well because of Raiden's energy recharge!

  28. Geo has high knockback which you didn't mention.

  29. When it comes to team building i think gameplay and how satisfying it is to use is better and more important then damage you can do, because of this i find myself often using spear weilders, and for a long time iained beidou for a counter and she is still on my B team, so far with what i have (which i think is my dream team anyways so far so i got lucky with my pulls and primo saving as a light spender) baal, zhongli, klee, and kokomilk, since electro charge keeps hydro and eletros applied i use klee (and no dont do animation canceling because the third hit does so much cc and interruption) and with bombs and overload, the bombs feel like even bigger bombs and klees cc qnd interruption added with overload make even the biggest of guys fly into the sky (i think the only ones able to resist this is ruin enemy's, bosses and the a abysall big bads) with baals e that cause dongli and kokomilks e to help cause more enemys to be appiled with electro (and some decent dmg and extra cc/interruption thnks to electro charge), with that extra caveats is great sheild, great healing, and zhonglis burst with its petrified effect. Only downside which isnt that bad to me is baal, kleee, and kokmilk all have selfish bursts so is a matter of what i want at the time, casual klee cc fun (plus hard to reach enemy's)(if only i had a c4 klee then this wouldnt be an issue), some kokomilk to heal while still causing good dmg (also great for hard to reach enemy's), or baals for BIG PP dmgs which is great for slaying bosses real quick (also baal is good battery)

    For anyone curious about dmg and numbers
    Klee,(CW Artifact, dodoco weapon) , (56%CR, 90%CD) hits about 5k-13k per hit, charged hits 13k-36k, Burst does 4k per tik.(Cant remember ckill dmg)
    Zhongli,(TotM, Deathmatch), (90%CR, 94%CD) Skill hits 2.5k per tik, burst hit 28k-40k
    Kokomilk, (HoD (dont have main stats i want, my luck sucks), Thrilling Tales of Dragon), 1K-1.5K(Chrg 4.5k), Skill about 2.8k per tik 4k healing, Burst upgrades dmg to 5k (Chrged to like 14k) 700 healling per hit,
    Baal, (EoSF, The Catch)(28%CR (Catch brings this up to 40%) 92%CD)Skill hit 800-4k per tik (i dont stand what causes this difference) burst 50k-94k with 5-10k per hit. (Need to upgrade the er clock to a 5 star version (hopefully with better critrate as well is sub stats)

  30. I am that noell battery player and i'm proud.

  31. Geo teams are great, one of my fav but i don't have any of them other than a C0 Noelle and a C2 Ningguang lol
    I don't use them tho

  32. Who compares anemo to geo? Anemo is literally the best element in the game. Its literally so versatile it and the set makes it a must in almost every team.

  33. me who uses characters i like: the hell yall talking about?

  34. Zhongli is god-tier, but not because he is a geo character. Sure, geo resonance is excellent. But do we play him for his elemental reactions ? Full archaic Petra set is inconsistent so we can't even rely on this one. Do we play Albedo for elemental reactions ? Will we play Itto for elemental reactions ? That's the main issue to me. Cristallize need some tweaks. Right now geo characters are playable thanks to their kit and the resonance, but the element itself has no purpose.

  35. …understanding the reality of geo
    nice camera angle you have there 😳

  36. yeah skip itto and pull albedo.. that's my plan.. 👌

  37. I want the geo archer to have those wooden slingshots and just shoot rocks out of it.

  38. I need a damn Albedo rerun soon. I have ideas, but fucking Tartag got the rerun spot

  39. I started building Noelle pretty late but when i did, she quickly became the ultimate weapon. Like it's rediculous how good she is with a dps built. She heals, shields (and her shield explodes at the end dealing massive aoe , does big numbers on her burst which goas for 15 seconds and does around 20k per hit. Hello?

  40. Still waiting for electro buff. More likely Keqing buff. Electro is a shitty dps element. Shogun does more damage because they gave her insane scaling instead of buffing the element.

  41. My Albedo is soon going to be top tier if Mihoyo releases a dedicated sword and artifact set for him…Hey it's just an assumption okay🙃

  42. GEO reflects the real problem with Genshin endgame. We only really need lots of damage because the Abyss 12 has a tight 3 min timer per floor to get all the primos. That's it.
    If we had a new abyss that was much more difficult but without a timer, that we just need to complete it to get all primos, several units and comps would be meta because you would have the freedom to choose how you want to play, from safe but slow to fast but risky.

  43. Always super hyped for the next Geo character and can't wait to see how Itto & Gorou turn out!

    Also, do me a favor and help support the channel by checking out Ragnarok Origin here:

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