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We need to talk about Yoimiya..
Pre-save Castle Craft:

There’s a lot of topics surrounding Yoimiya and some of them involve potential character re-runs and whether you should save up for the upcoming 2.1 characters or pull for Yoimiya and how different is Yoimiya vs Ganyu or Yoimiya vs Hu Tao. There’s also important things like Yoimiya best budget build and Yoimiya team building as well as the real truth of Yoimiya in terms of damage and what it actually means to specialize in single target damage.

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  1. This channel always produces good content. This was a nice video about the current situation with Yoimiya, kudos.
    My lil bro and I have her, we have had a good time going around with her and it's nice to have a five star pyro character, you need less resources to make big numbers with them c:

  2. i used to use klee in every abyss until the 1.5 abyss. she and ganyu took turns melting each other's attacks.
    then for some reason i stopped using her. i guess because i wanted to use new characters instead.

    tbh i'm way more fond of 4 star characters. my favorite teams do not include any 5 stars. although for abyss my second team usually has two of them. not team 1 tho. none of that there.

  3. For me personally I don't give a damn about the upcoming characters. Also Ayaka is a pretty cool character but theirs still our free character Aloy, that kinda stayed my hand. Also Albedo's sales not only because of the geo opinion but also majority of people just saved to gat the Kardashian Cocogoat, not to mention a lot of people skipped Ayaka for also the Cocogoat. Just goes to show Mihoyo created a broken character with Ganyu.

    Besides, I value the fun value for the character, and my favorite. Not to mention me and my friend follow our policy: Unless they're husbando or waifu that interest me, they're worthless regardless of their viability in the meta.

    I'm here with 17k primogems waiting for Thoma and Gorou. Also the hype for the Archon is there, but…for the wrong reasons.

  4. I have yoimiya and what a lot of people don’t get about her I feel is she’s not made to be burst damage she’s made to be a dps. She hits like a truck and at the speed of the flash yes she’s gonna be single target because her kill time is sub 10 seconds. Her ult needs a buff though that shit is terrible

  5. Ok honestly, she does decent amount of damage, but theat damage comes with a cost of being very hard to use. She has almost no AoE and is very squishy, so her range should have been a bit more. I wanted her bcoz of her design, but I got Diluc and I guess I am at a better spot now

  6. I don't get where the hate about yoimiyas burst being weak is. Yoimiyas burst has a scaling of over 1000%, that's more than childe (contrary to what gacha gamer said).

  7. I do like her play style. The only problem is, I don't have an archon and next banner is the electro archon so I'm saving up

  8. I would get her, but I don't want to break my thumbs.

  9. I think common sense dictates that whales wouldn't spend a lot of money on characters that can't perform well in Spiral Abyss or domains. Yoimiya would need to be better DPS than Hu Tao or comparable pyro damage dealer, and she's nowhere close.

  10. Honestly, I love Yoimiya. I rolled for her, but lost 50/50. And although I have enough to still get her by the end of her banner. With her being right before Baal I don't think I'm willing to miss Baal for her.

    I do however, plan on rolling on her rerun. Same with Albedo he has been my fav characters for a LONG time. I joined on his banner, but prioritized Ganyu simply cause with being new at the time I needed a good DPS, not support.

    I make it a point to play how I want. I always pull for personality, design, and lore. Not meta. I don't care about 36 starring the abyss.

  11. there’s something about Yoimiya that made me love her so much, but I’m not quite sure what it is. she’s not the strongest but I really like using her. I have other DPS that deals much bigger damage but I just prefer Yoimiya. I didn’t regret pulling for her, and now I’m still aiming for her bow. I’ll just get Baal on her rerun if I didn’t get her this time.

  12. I rolled on her banner cause I wanted to get her but I also wouldn’t have minded losing the 50/50 and saving the guarantee for Kokomi or Baal, whoever comes first, as I was more interested in them. I won the 50/50 and am glad I have her now but I haven’t bothered to build her cause I have Diluc and Hutao as Pyro main DPS and I just don’t really need another.

  13. I’m still on the side saving for an albedo rerun…no I mean he’s guaranteed so I just need his banner to come already :’)

  14. Since yoimiya is a firework girl. Shouldnt yoimiya e also shot fireworks instead of fire arrows and deal aoe dmg. I think fixing this will solve a lot of her problems, her dmg is ok and i dont really mind it but her lack of aoe is the big problem for a 5 star charecter such as her.

  15. yoimiya main here, only pulled for her because i can clear abyss. if you're a new player looking for a dps i cant suggest you to get her as she performs the same as my keqing, instead build your xiangling in a vape comp and pull for baal instead as supports have the best longevity in this game. but if you have already cleared abyss and want something cute to look at, pull her.

  16. Yoimiya is an answer to a question—not an answer to all questions like Zhongli.

  17. It’s not hard to get #1 male character in a game where you’re one of the few grown men and don’t look like a baby.

  18. 4:46
    I've been killing a lot of Dendro slimes, and if you imbued Electro, Cryo, or Hydro to the Dendro slimes, then hit with Pyro element, they will proc BOTH any Pyro Reaction + Burning. WHICH IS HONESTLY CRAZY,

  19. Her first shot on the normal attack is only 56% if I'm not forgetting which usually does the reactions makes me soo mad. It's like mihoyo really don't want yoimiya to do reactions.

  20. I like her design and voice actor but I have Hu Tao and she does the same thing but way better

  21. I like her style but her charged shot is kinda meh. Looks great but is like pointless. Her burst have to trigger more often to be awesome

  22. i love her sm, but i shouldn’t be talking since i just started and never had hands on any other five stars.
    i would love something like albedos banner situation, where the character gets shitted on but once their gone
    the same people frawn over him, i want to feel special😁

  23. Still waiting for Attack Speed Artifact Set to boost her attack

  24. i saved up for her since klee and now im a yoimiya main, i have no complain and i love & appreciate her character as she is <3

  25. I am pulling for her cuz i know she is going to get a buff lol and people will regret pulling for baal, it's going to be like Albedo's banner

  26. Yoimiya's burst makes her support dps. So she is my favorite support dps

  27. I got 2 accounts only to get different charters. I know is dumb but, I got my chance to get yoimiya so..

  28. Yomiya. I went after her even with c6 Diluc, Klee and Hutao. Why? Klee's bomb is slow, Diluc lack reach and Hutao has to mess around with the HP mechanic.

  29. You know she's not one of the best 5 star units when many YTs start saying the same thing about her.. Test run said it all.

  30. honestly im really enjoying playing with her together with fish and benny they combo so well together and she does great damage with her skill

  31. The hype for the Kazuha rerun builds and builds lol

    I'm a Welkin and BP player. Biggest reason to skip Yoimiya was simply that Baal's banner is coming next. It's that simple really.

  32. I don't really know if I'm lucky but I got her at 69 pull yes 69 pull I tried to get c1 Sayu but Rip now my xinyan is now c6 and I don't think she be seeing the light of days anytime soon because my missing pyro character is just yanfei and diluc

  33. She's not weak but she's annoying and frustrating to play, she has too little HP and her crit scaling is lower than dilucs, she hardly fits on any teams and her burst is way too weak, but all of that could be forgiven if she wasn't soooo boooooooring to play, she literally just stands there and trows arrows, she just feels like she's unfinished

  34. Bruh imagine fighting against each other for a 3D animated character in a game that's free and that in years everyone will forget.

    Here be like me, create two accounts, and the characters you don't want in one account you get in the other and vice versa, if you're not feeling confident you can create 3 accounts, but you'll need to play more. I created 2 accounts and got almost every character, only Tartaglia and Kazuha left, without spending a single dollar, done it, problem solved, depression cured, world hunger is no more

  35. Idk about you guys but when I test run 5 stars and just us 5star you smack through enemies.. I almost died just using her. Keep in mind that characters are built already on test run.

  36. I mean she's pretty cute but like Im waiting for Kokomi and if Xiao ever reruns. Plus I really want the bow for childe bc of the crit dmg substat.

  37. Her kit is reliable but split into support/dps which is kinda eh she's good enough to main anyway but I agree her banner was just unfortunate
    This shows a weird spot in the fanbase there's a lot of players who want a character for aesthetics but the majority clearly also wants some meta-gaming

  38. I was almost about to pull her coz her design and personality is just cute af

    But I already built HuTao and Ayaka and Xiangling and I have Diluc….but that was not enough to stop me.

    What prevented me from pulling her is my emptied Primogems and more important….Baal

  39. Well, she has a unique charged attack with a skill that encourages normal attacks.
    And dps potential with a burst that forces you to switch characters.
    She is indeed weird, dont really blame people for skipping.

  40. Yoimiya ass alot of ppl just didnt like her ayaka was way better till 2 months l8r ayaka still will be best inazuma dps

  41. I would like for her charge attack to add a target debuff and and when the E skill is active her normal attack can go through enemies (dealing less dmg) untill it hits the debuffed enemy, or at least do a lil explosion so she can hit multiple enemies.
    I love Yoimiya but… Yanfei…
    PD: i got Yoimiya but not gonna build her, at least not yet.

  42. I honestly like her aesthetic, va, personality, bandage 😅


    Had she been support pyro applyer, i would have pulled.. and yeah no room for not so good pyro dps…

  43. for those ppl who keep thinking why yoimiya dispite being a range character, wish icd reaciong cd, and dps (not bad) but on par slightly lower thanhutao, ult is only single target mark and slow reaction time…. GANYU yes, hard fact, ganyu becos she have 0 melt icd, and its broken multiplier, its hard for mhy to design new pyro dps or support, they cannot make a FIRE OZ which enable ganyu melt comp. so lets just wait and see it will need some time for mhy to try and balance the game, mhy will need to release flying ice slimes for yoimiya to feel powerful. caugh caugh snezniya. XD

  44. I WANT HER SO BAD SHE SO FINE 🤦‍♂️ have to save for Hu Tao rerun though

  45. 6:38 interesting point. Personally I like exodia complicated characters like hutao. Simple is boring imo

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