The strongest Childe team no one is talking about - Genshin Impact -

The strongest Childe team no one is talking about – Genshin Impact

F2P Diluc (He’s not Free 2 Play don’t believe him)
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💬 In this Genshin Impact video/guide I talk about a Childe/Tartaglia team that I found and have never seen anyone talking about it before.

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🔰 Builds I used in the video:
Childe –
Xiangling –
Bennett –
Raiden –
Kazuha –



  1. It feels so strange hearing F2P Diluc only saying "Hello Friends"…

  2. Anemo characters are still better if you're fighting multiple enimies because of aoe, and since you get more energy when you kill ER is not a problem.
    Putting raiden in may deal more damage to one big enemy but then national raiden exists 🤣

  3. Thats literally my team and i did It randomly lmfao

  4. Great for boss fights or single enemies

  5. Thanks for the vids dude, the team is kinda interesting in that it has alternate rotations, because Childe + Xiangling and then Raiden take turns to use full Bennett's ult duration

  6. This team is great with boss fight. But when fighting small mob, not being able to gather will interrupt the duration. Moreover, if raiden kills mob too quickly and stand far away from mob spawn spot, both raiden and xiangling wont get that much elemental energy

  7. How much ER% do you have on your Bennett? This is the team I want to use but Im worried that I won’t get his out back I time to use on Raiden’s ult.

  8. Hmm most showcases of Childe International team don’t have as much downtime as you have have. Maybe it’s because your fighting a single target boss here and not getting enough energy?

  9. 1:20 – My Xiangling has 225% energy recharge when i use this team, when using her with Raiden, i switch the prototype starglitter to Dragon's Bane, having now 180% energy recharge. So your energy recharge is pretty low, at least 200% to be optimal for Kazuha/Sucrose team.

  10. As a Childe main (and diluc main) this is really surprising for me especially when i have a raiden as well thx f2p diluc you da best.

  11. I think this team work when your raiden dmg so high that don't need xiangling dmg in her ult because you want to use xianling ult with childe for vape but if you use xingqiu instead of childe your sub dps will help raiden do dmg in her ult. I don't like 2 main dps in 1 team.

  12. I usually use Childe’s skill around 6-8 sec because my xiangling has 190 ER & 200+ EM, then I repeat the combo again without waiting too long while I recharge Xiangling’s burst…for enemies which need multiple attack rotation, I only use Childe burst on range mode because it will recharge his energy faster

  13. I dont have this issue with Xiangling ultimate, take 6 or 8 sec to refil particles with Bennet for me its not a big deal, and Kazuha doing a good damage for a support.

  14. Lol i just used the exact team for todays abyss 12

  15. 1) You r testing with a huge enemy and thats Raiden best scenario, International have the cealing against small enemies but it can be good on single target.
    2) The big problem with international is the player who play the team, if u have a good rotation, Childe CD & Xiangling ER requeriment is not a problem.

    Play better, and dont compare composition again just one type of enemies

  16. I like how u assume i have raiden😅😅

  17. A very nice boss/miniboss team, letting basic enemies death's fund my energy regain when i don't use Raiden

  18. I was thinking about this team since i got Raiden to play with 2 characters with long cooldowns, so i'm happy that this team is performing good

  19. raiden E can boost xiangling's Q dmg and can restore energy for xiangling,she can also help tartaglia's downtime&single target dmg,the Pyro resonance in this team and bennett also help raiden's lacking ATK a lot (assuming you run ER% sand,Electro% goblet and ER% polearm),not bad i would say

  20. Man, the team is Wallet gone, 10k dmg, 10k Genesis crystal, and +30% hp

  21. i have already been using this team, it is op

  22. i like Venti variation more cause he refunds energy as well, providing insane grouping & VV shred xD

    if i were to use Raiden variation, i'd prefer to swap Childe into Xingqiu, cause i think he utilize the burst dmg buff better than Childe

  23. Fact: my personal experience says doing elemental reactions like overlord and superconduct produce more energy

  24. Single target Raiden it's obviously better because of her energy refund and higher personal damage than Kazuha.

    But what makes Kazuha really strong is his capability of double-buffing elements while VVing, and assuming you don't have energy issues fighting +2 enemies (and his cc isn't useles like in this video), he's going to be better than Raiden.

    And while you could argue: " – At least I doing damage in the time gap where I supposed to refill Xiangling's elemental burst.".
    This also proves that Raiden makes the rotation of the team comp longer, since she wants Bennett's buff as much as Childe, and both of them take field-time.

    Not to mention that Raiden's E long duration has a chance of ruining Childe's vape on his ranged Q, which is VERY punishing, since it's where most of his damage comes from.

    The point is that in a multiple target situation, you don't need Raiden in the team. And if you want to slot her for more single target damage, Xingqiu's output is actually higher than Childe, and he doesn't care about her electro.

  25. Eu espero que eu consiga a Hutao, eu consegui minha Raiden no garantido,
    fui atirar no banner do childe só de zoas, consegui ele e ganhei no 50/50 ;(
    (Eu queria perder o 50/50 e garantir a Hutao no próximo Banner, eu sou bem burro na real) juntei 120 desejos, gastei 80 no childe ;(

  26. ive been using this team for this spiral abyss rotation 36 stars easy

  27. i don't have childe but i run my mona like childe maybe? XXD

    Ei, Mona, Xianling, Bennett
    ー1st use Ei E before the benny ult + mona burst = nuke vape dmg
    ー2nd, after popping the bubble.. use Mona E + xianling ult (while having benny ult)
    ー3rd, Mona takes the field for vape dmgs(dps brrt brrt)
    ー4th, Ei..

    With mona + xianling, it's enough for any mobs cuz of the nuke of mona (normally 360k-421k nuke so mobs literally will destroyed.. and the reactions/dmg text goes brrrrrrrr) Ei is needed for fast rotation cuz of the value we can get from her(dmg & er gain)

  28. This is the team I planned to build when I first pulled Childe. I also don't have Kazuha.

    Of course, an even better option for the Shogun is to just have her be the main DPS star of her own team and not even run her with Childe, but that's a whole other debate.

  29. I dont have Kazuha and I've already use Shogun with this three too, I think its a great team

  30. For my purposes, find Raiden better for single-target and Kazuha better for fighting groups!

  31. Idk what your Xianling build is but she gets her ult pretty fast with the Catch and 2 piece emblem set and I don’t have Bennet.

  32. Dude, just… No. Your rotation on childe vape needs a lot of work lol. You can't just scuff your rotation then say 'oh it' s weaker'. If your using raiden you need to use xq. Raiden + childe is silly and delays your rotation by almost 10 sec… This is just really poor advice you're giving here

  33. Kazuha can buff hydro and pyro dmg at the same time. He also groups enemies, which allows childe to abuse the quadratic scaling of riptide

  34. Hey dude, childe /c5 barbara /diluc /bennet is any good on team??

  35. I was gonna throw my phone if he would've said anyone besides Raiden

  36. i would just like to note that you are not double swirling with your kazuha; if you apply childe aura first, it applies strong guage so that when you bennett ult next, there remains hydro aura. If you then kazuha e, it swirls hydro first then pyro second, getting elemental buff and res shred for both. You never swirled hydro in your demo, which I think could've changed the timing of the kazuha variant

  37. yes! National raiden getting recognition. Well not really national team but a variation. I remember first trying this team against the hated 12-3 mechanical array, and being utterly shocked by the insane damage and the fast 1 minute clear.

  38. Man, Raiden is one of my favorite characters. She helps a lot with off field dmg and energy regeneration and can do good on field dmg too. Sadly I don't have her in my main account.

  39. i enjoy this team alot more. I don't have bennett or kazuya either so this teams gotten me pretty far

  40. Raiden National and Raiden International are already well known teams though.. This is not a "new" comp.

  41. Technically kazuha is still a bit better if youre dealing with multiple enemies so he can group them in so u can kill more target in 10 secs than kill one target in 10 sec raiden is good for getting those energy but like she mostly used for bosses grouping the enemies from far ranged is risky as hell

  42. I use venti instead because if his black hole thing absorbs pyro, then it will give all pyro characters in the party 15 energy so that helps too (and he's able to use vv too)

  43. I'm going to have a hard time not Having Kazuha on my team. That guy is an essential need to me at this point 😂

  44. Exactly same team i use for Childe! The rotation flows naturally. Melhor time! Hehe

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