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Kokomi is finally out so here’s all you need to know about her!
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In this video, GG reviews newly released character Kokomi in Genshin Impact. This video quickly showcases all the relevant information you need to know about Kokomi showcase and quick guide.

This Kokomi video focuses on most important two things: how strong she is as damage dealer and how relevant she feels right now.

Kokomi is a new 5-star Hydro Catalyst that’s been released in 2.1 Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

All footage produced by Gacha Gamer.

We are in no way affiliated to the developers or publishers of the mentioned games. We use the audiovisual footage to create unique content that falls under the fair use rights.


  1. "Jack of all trades, master of none."

    The character.

  2. raiden kokomi combo is very strong
    kokomi can heal and continously apply hydro
    raiden triggers electrocharge and charge both ele burst
    they both rely on elemental burst mode so you can alternate between those two

  3. the electro characters: good base stats good kits, downside they use electro
    komomi : average base stats and kit , upside she uses hydro

    maybe myhoyo should start balancing the actual elements instead of beating around the bush using the character design to balance the element.

  4. I’m just going to do a taser build and watch her go buurrrr

  5. Props to his wallet cuz he pulled kokomi's weapon too . BTW Love you videos 🙂

  6. I love how tha Gacha Gamer analyzes a character without being toxic. Kudos to you my man.

  7. i adore her design but i already have qiqi, jean, and c6 noelle/diona. if she could apply good hyrdo aoe, that would have caught my interest :/

  8. Goodluck for all of you guys who pull for kokomi,

    I am just gonna skip this …

  9. Not in my main account (got C3 Jean for that), AND on the http://FTP…..burned the primos trying to get Raiden……didn't even get to see if I got the 50/50, oh well…

  10. Thanks..of all those comments that I saw from other content creators,yours is always most fair and reasonable one especially when it comes down to negative reviewed characters.yes,your channel is my fav and my most trusty one when I need any sort of genshin guidance.keep it up sir.

  11. Man, I love Kokomi but i gonna admit her kit is so bad and doesn’t synergize with others, Mihoyo did her really bad from the archon quest and now her kit. Hoping she gets a buff asap 🙁

  12. All I want to know is does she heal better than any all other healers (buff support not considered)

  13. Kokomi wins over Barbara because of that wet status and Barbara can actually do some good damage with that fast AA and CA but kokomi while having dps she can be even a tank where as dps Barbara can't

  14. good design, but i will stick with barbara and qiqi if I need healer.

  15. In short, she is a 5 star version of Barbra . Damn even aloy is much better than her

  16. Trust me if you use Kokomi in Electro team better use Barbara and save all your primogem for Ganyu, Hutao and Xiao. Kokomi is the stupid product if you already try Barbara Dps

  17. that barbara/kokomi sneaky reveal was funny

  18. I have luck with character-pulls, if I'm not really invested in them but the exact opposite if I really want them. First I pulled 2 Yoimias in 20 pulls, now I pulled Kokomi + her weapon in 15+10 pulls.
    So I wouldn't be that disappointed, if she turns out to be Qiqi 2.0 after this patch. But overall I will use her in my Raiden/Ayaka freezeteam and now Its basically invincible.

  19. I want a Noelle but also I don't want to build Noelle. (I am tired of the fact that Geo has no synergy as an element except Geo, this is coming from someone who uses Zhongli/Nigguang on almost every team)

  20. So she's not an insane healer? Why would they introduce corrosion effect and not also have her be an insane overhealer? That's so dumb

  21. Pfff, even whale don't want to go C6.
    That current state of Kokomi

  22. Could the mix of Koko, and Ganyu enable XL to forward Melt every swing of her Pyronado though? Because that could be a while next level of dps. If enemies is Frozen Pyro can easily melt. Not sure if we need more hydro or more Cryo to make more freeze, but both options are easy to get since we already gave a healer.

  23. I…saved all my gems for a 10 wish run…got Jean….used my first regular wish…….got Jean….I hate her face so much now….2 5 stars…and I get Jean. I coulda got my Kokomi…or even my Qiqi…and I get Jean….kill her off.

  24. I was actually trying to lose the 50/50 on this banner bc i always do and i have mona. But I really wanted the 4 stars. Long story short I got Kokomi but i was not happy.
    Update: i used her in a team comp that synergy is amazing. She grew on me now.

  25. I kinda got kokomi on my first draw tho 🥶🥶🥶

  26. If she was a 4* it would’ve been okay, but just doing a little more dmg that Barbara ain't cutting it, having her in the field is a dps loss, the other healers have either entirely passive heal or burst heal, and Kokomi's Q healing is a freaking passive in Barbara and Qiqi (btw Qiqi dps heals like crazy and can crit xd)

  27. So I've won 50/50 3 times in a row and this time I actually didn't care If I lose it, that being said I am happy I got her though.

  28. yooooo just in time! when this vid got uploaded (3 hours ago) I just got kokomi and xingqiu from a single ten pull ✋😭✨

  29. Aye doesn’t this mean hydro resonance has a use now?

  30. I'm almost immortal because of Kokomi… I'm using Xingqiu + Rosaria + Kokomi + Ayaka 😀

  31. ''but if ur a whale, well, you know this doesnt apply to you.''
    -gacha gamer 2021

  32. She basically a glorified barbara. She a skip for me

  33. i got her and im disappointed. my noelle is better at healing the entire team and deals damage. the only thing that kokomi is good at is wet status application.

  34. So I have 54 starglitter exchange and the characters are ningguang and xingqiu which one should I get I don't have either

  35. like raiden, her true damage potential is locked within electro bad reaction .. she'll gain some good buff if electro reaction is ever getting reworked

  36. Can you test with martial arts sets or the other one that increases normal and charged attack please?

  37. they took 100% crit rate over 25% healing boost? bruh

  38. Her jellyfish kit was designed so stupidly. Nuff said.

  39. Girl are you earth because you have zero potential

  40. Quick note on Favonius Codex – it's just purely a dumb stat stick if you badly need ER (Sacrificial works too if Sucrose doesn't use it OR just craft Hakushin Ring)
    Also, the pain of rolling on the banner for her weapon is real 🙁

    Thankfully, we have a sponsor today, so make sure to check out Code Atma here:

    Use gift code to redeem in-game rewards: CodeAtmaXGachaGamer

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