The Unfortunate Fate of Paimon | Genshin Impact Theory -

The Unfortunate Fate of Paimon | Genshin Impact Theory

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This Genshin Impact Theory video will detail the unfortunate fate of Paimon. Paimon is without a doubt an essential piece of the puzzle to the story of Genshin Impact. But what could happen to our loveable mascot at the end of the game? I will attempt to uncover the end of Paimon using references from Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd and Honkai: StarRail.

There are many foreshadowing already hinted within the game of Genshin Impact about the Paimon being separated from the trailer. From Dialogues, Events, World Quests and even within the Archon Quests ever since the beginning of the game. But if Paimon were to separate from the Traveler… Why? What is the reason? And what are some of the connections we can make within the game?
All this answered in this Genshin Impact Theory.

Genshin Impact Patch, new update, new Story Quests and world quests. Paimon, new archon quests, new events. Is Shenhe good what about Yunjin? When will we get more, awesome super, story quest that gives us more information about the lore of Genshin Impact? This is not a high damage, one shotting bosses video, although they are cool. Memes are also super funny. But the story and lore is the one of the best aspect in this game. Looking forward to Sumeru when it finally releases.

0:00 End of Paimon
0:20 Paimon’s Dialogues
1:43 Paimon and Seelie
4:00 Paimon and Kiana
5:42 Honkai: StarRail
6:29 Star of Khaenri’ah

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  1. This top tier flying pet is so mysterious

  2. Genshin is a Evangelion reference?! Always has been

  3. You shall have no paimon other than this paimon! Do I no longer satisfy your paimonial needs?

  4. Yet another mindblowing theory from you. I will be thinking about this for ages now

  5. It actually makes sense. Paimon is one of the only people in teyvet that means a lot to the traveler. If paimon sacrificed herself to save the traveler, the story would flip upside down. that's yet another parallel to honkai, after himeko sacrificed herself and that paved the way for the next 14 chapters. I can't imagine any other character's death in genshin having that effect on the traveler other than (besides the twin) paimon

  6. You may check Real Kiana which is Durandal in Newer Chapter

  7. if paimon dies, i'll go fishing to get another paimon

  8. Amazing theory although I don't think paimon is unknown god but she maybe the time god. From Enkanomiya we learn that celestia is not from this world they are aliens from another world/dimension and that's is why enjou wanted to learn more about enkanomiya past before they came underground. Obarashi was sentenced to death by celestia because he read a book which had truth about this world. There's also another theory that enkanomiya was original sky island that we see in bp trailer until celestia came and sunk into the deep and taking control of teyvat.

  9. Idk. It feels like an Indivisible kind of thing; involving the Sustainer trying to force Paimon to join or "return" to her / turn against MC.

  10. I like how Paimon annoys the hell out of me 90% of the time but the thought of her dying or not being there anymore makes me sad…weird feeling.

  11. I believe paimon is nothing more than something similar to an ELF from honkai. kind of like raiden's doll or albedo's doppelganger. A lost creation/relic of khaneriah. I also believe they will implement something like the ELF system to genshin in the future. people would pull for some of those cute chibis.

  12. It was literally foreshadowed in the Enkonomia questline… She's probably going to betray us, and we will have to fight her at some point. My guess since the beginning is either, she is the forgotten God of the Abyss, or she is the Heavenly principles chick at the very beginning

  13. I think you just overloaded my brain with this insanely plausible theory, regardless great job putting these pieces together…Imma go rest my head after that. 😵‍💫

  14. me concentrating
    island: it's just a theory
    me: umm ………….

  15. copium theory:
    honkai 2nd eruption before Sirin died Cubes devours the entire area. wipe out the map for undercover. Sirin become k423 no memory.

    Genshin: unknow god probably died. trailer khaenriah got destroy. cubes devour the area. probably wipe khaenriah for undercover. unknown got revive as paimon no memory.

    just a copium theory. because of the patterns

  16. If Paimon die.. i will cry hard
    But care about other people opinion about why they dont like paimon like she is annoying or something
    I like paimon as traveling companion
    I like her when she talks
    And i believe in paimon that she will help/save traveler in the most important part of the story but i dont want her to die
    Yeah sacrifice always have huge impact in any story and i like that but i like happy ending more deep down

  17. Your lore videos are so cool, thanks for making em

  18. i have had Paimon for over a year now and if anything happens to her I will kill everyone in Teyvat and then myself

  19. island read so much stuff, couldnt be me T^T keep up the good work, i could sense how much time u have put into it

  20. Or all of this is just a Random Light Talks. As u should know she's the Mascot & Titular of the Game. The day she goes away The Game Ends

  21. Watch how those people who call her annoying have a sudden change of heart if this is true

  22. island:"after all it's just a threory"

    my brain automatically says "a game theory"

  23. Honestly this makes a lot of sense because I’ve always thought of it as sus when the star on Paimon’s head is “black”. Why not something brighter like her outfit? I think the fact that the star on her head symbolizes death itself like how some wears a black veil over their heads in a funeral.

    I always thought that Paimon would be the one to die too when people were speculating the “major character death”. Some thought it’d be Venti but Paimon immediately came to mind for me.

  24. Imagine Paimon becomes a sword when the Traveler reaches certain groth.

  25. I have a theory. Aren't Paimon always called an "Emergency Food"? What if at the end of Genshin Impact Paimon will sacrifice herself and we will eat her just like what the 3 sisters did to Ymir in Attack on Titan…

  26. I think the emergency food meme is sussy and might have smth to do with the plot

  27. When you said K423
    Honestly i wasn't expecting that😂

  28. whoever the paimon is, we'll be a real dead if she doesnt provide her bargain in the shop to buy fates. that's the most important. lol

  29. Please let this be true, Paimon's so annoying omg. She completely ruined Shenhe's quest that moment she was having with Yunjin.

  30. Paimon and Kiana are connected confirmed?! I mean the unknown god does look a lot like Paimon and Kiana

  31. Don't worry i will conjure a new paimon WITH ALCHEMY

  32. Joke aside, having Paimon is rlly happy. She’s the best friend ❤️

  33. I feel paimon more then what meets the eye

  34. Finally. This is the theory I've been waiting. I've been telling this theory to my friends for almost an year now but they all believe that Paimon is Unknown god and will be the final enemy.

    CatWithBlueHat made a video about as to why the ghosts of Tsurumi island looks the way they are instead of what we've seen in the Liyue and that solidifies this theory even more. I would recommend everyone to check out that video as well.

    Also, on a side note, you can find that star throughout every Mihoyo game, i.e. HoE symbol in Honkai Gakuen, the crossed shaped light the Kiana see when she touches the Honkai bomb in Befall animated cutscene, Otto walking to crossed shaped light etc.

  35. Out of context As someone who's so desperate into changing the chosen traveller into aether for the harem vibe i had a theory on why mihoyo would allow us to change our chosen traveller whenever we want to(if not one time), It should be around the end of the journey when all things have been revealed and a scene happens and The abyss prince/princess saves our traveller, and in the end they both decided to fused so they can be together and also restore their original power confronting the final-secret-end boss leading into the final battle…since they fused they're now one entity and we can change into either lumine or aether (one last time or whenever we want to)
    As to how, Lets leave that up to the devs
    A man can dream right?
    Desperate times calls for desperate solutions

  36. Holy fucking shit I got a Honkai Impact ad right as he said "K423" i'm fucking dying

  37. Oi! That's MY Emergency Food! Don't take her from me!

    (No joke, it'd be hilarious if we could get a chance to say that in game)

  38. Yea we were told that Kiana died a long time ago, guess what? Mihoyo trows flags like this but the rules not apply

  39. Pimon wuld sacrafise her self fore MC chicken not for the traveler

  40. I do not love and I never have loved paimon. She's annoying, constantly distracted, and never knows when to be quiet. When she's the final boss I will put her to rest with no mercy

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