The World of Opera: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Creation of Yun Jin | Genshin Impact -

The World of Opera: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Creation of Yun Jin | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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“How gently do the clouds and flowers sway, as dancing winds meander through the vales.” As the current Director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe, Yun Jin has not only inherited the mantle from her ancestors, but also added her own insight on hopes and dreams of ordinary people through her thousands of performances. Let’s take a look at how the Genshin Impact team brought Yun Jin to life!

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  2. Mihoyo can we please have these type of videos permanent?

    Like after a character or region dropped we would get this type of video?

  3. One of my dad's friend is a Peking Opera performer, I have to say, their stage presence even exists in daily life.
    He was a Jing character, one of the 4 main character types in Peking opera, they are the ones with long beards and fully painted face.
    They portray male characters often generals or warlords, so he had a booming voice and the way he sits and walks demands your attention.

  4. a 4 star unit with a 5 star production value.. DAMN.

  5. 7:13 👀 who’s the character being?? It kinda looks like Kokomi without the bottom half of her outfit. Anywho, I love love these kind of video! Mihoyo, you should make them more often! It’s so interesting to see what were the inspiration for a specific character and the process of creating it!

  6. Yunjin's story, background, and singing were all so unbelievably beautiful. as a foreigner, I have never seen or heard Chinese opera before. I will admit, it did take me a bit by surprise the first time I heard a snippet of it. But I never once thought it was weird, or off, odd, or bad. I wanted to hear more of Yunjin's singing not only out of curiosity, but something so new to me like this completely sparked my interest nearly instantly. I personally am hispanic and grew up in a very traditional Puerto Rican household surrounded by so many aspects of our culture like our music. I'm also a musician. I have so much respect and appreciation for other cultures and such beautiful aspects of them like this too. Things like this help to broaden our knowledge and views and it is so wonderful being able to learn about different cultures especially when the opportunity may not always present itself. I have a huge huge huge amount of appreciation for the musical aspects of each culture and those who pursue it as a profession as well. Even putting aside culture differences, as a musician in general I have only the upmost respect for others within my same craft. Music is not in any shape or form an easy thing to do, especially if you're pursuing it as a full time job. Ms.Yang is an incredibly talented woman and I applaud her for all of her hard work, not just in genshin impact.

    There are so many sad parts of the lore in the game, along with cutscenes too, but the jade chamber archon quest completely hit different. It genuinely made me cry because of just how unbelievably beautiful it was. Liyue was created with such a passion and dedication and just the knowledge of that alone just makes me love the game even more. Liyue is hands down my favorite region thus far in Teyvat. Even tho Lantern Rite hasn't even started, I find myself already getting emotional and giddy just thinking about it and going back to watch others play through the lantern rite celebration from last year. I know that sometimes we give MiHoYo a hard time, but we all have to admit that they put so much work and love into this beautiful game and their story. When it comes to in game content like archon quests and things like it, mihoyo never fails to surprise me. This quest completely reminded me of why I fell in love with Genshin Impact in the first place.

    I've said this once when Yunjin's story video and demo came out, and I'll say it again, I applaud you Mihoyo for all of your beautiful hard work and effort that you put into this game to not only represent and try to introduce and teach people to/about your own culture, but so many others as well. Mondstadt and Inazuma were done beautifully, and the amount of respect, effort, and passion that you put into those regions and their cultures and history are very clearly shown through the work that you've put out. Please continue to produce beautiful work like this.

    I know many others are getting really tired of waiting for sumeru or getting very antsy about it, I will admit I'm also wanting sumeru to come quicker. BUT, I think that it's completely okay for mihoyo to take their time to produce the first part of sumeru so they can put their heart and effort into sumeru as well just like they've done with the other three regions. If waiting this long means that we can continue to receive a product of this caliber, then I am 10000000% completely okay with continuing to wait. I rather mihoyo take their time working on a new region then quickly releasing one that feels so incredibly rushed.

    After watching the Teyvat story map video, I can already tell that they've been working on amazing things for these regions. I am so excited to see more and learn more about not only the story and Teyvat itself, but the various cultures represented in these regions. Each one already looks so beautiful and I am so grateful that they've released that map. 

    Please take your time to produce an amazing product that not only we the players will love, but most of all, take the time to produce a product in which you fell in love with and one that you can say without a doubt or any second thoughts that you are proud of your work.

    Again, thank you for everything Mihoyo. Your work and effort will not go unnoticed and unacknowledged. Much love to you all <3

    And to everyone else, I really really hope that you all feel the same way and fell in love with Liyue's beautiful story and history.


  7. This is legitimately the most wonderful behind-the-scenes video on game development I've ever seen. Thank you to the staff of MiHoYo for representing our culture so flawlessly!

  8. this video shows that no matter it's a 4 star or 5 star character, MiHoYo always put the most effort into designing it so that us player can have the best experiences, good job MiHoYo, keep up the good work please ! We players will reward you very handsomely, I promise.

  9. Thanks to Mihoyo for creating Yun Jin, I love this character ❤️❤️❤️.

  10. 2:58 they use SAI? that's cool I haven't seen anyone use it in a while

  11. Guys, it's Yun Jin. Separate names. Yun is her clan name/surname. "Yunjin" is like writing John Smith as Johnsmith.

  12. The performance was so beautiful, it even made me tear up. I'm so touched by her grace, elegance and genuinely fell in love with Yunjin. I really appreciate the fact that Mihoyo wanted to share their culture to the world.

  13. I highly recommend MiHoYo making a video about how you guys can create such a great monster like Specters! There must be a lot of stories in this, you must share it with us.
    I can't bear to hurt such a monster, and now I can only go to the store to redeem its drop material.

  14. Since the first time they announce yunjin's potrait, i immediately fall for her and simp her so much. Now i have C6 Yunjin and i'm very happy for that. Thank you Mihoyo for your hardwork developing Yunjin, we hope there's more yunjin's opera content in the future <3

  15. ros mana “string gummy cookie my beloved” says:

    Opera queen!

  16. Im so not exposed to Chinese opera. but man having several listen to Yunjin's piece, i appreciate it and had goosebumps for sure.

  17. it's good to work at mihoyo get free figures

  18. Tectone isnt problematic, its the out spoken small majority that is problematic, stay mad

  19. Damn, that's a 4 star by the way. Do they care about money, of course yes, 80 pulls to guarantee a 5 star. Do they care about money, nope, just look at Yun Jin.

  20. yun jin without hat is so cute

  21. I am yet to pull her, but she will be my free choice if not. I loved her performance, and think this is one of the most elegant characters thus far.

  22. the only downside with the opera voice is the maturity of the voice. its weird to see a very young girl with a singing voice of a very obvious adult. i wish they also hired young opera singer

  23. Yun Jin should have been the 5 star, they really put so much love into her and the culture she represents <3

  24. I've not seen them put this much effort into s non-Liyue character. I get that Liyue= China but I'd like to see the same behind the scenes for a character designed based on another country!

  25. Thank you so much for bringing us such an amazing character. Happy Chinese New Year

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