The WORST account in Genshin Impact... and how I FIXED it for 0$ -

The WORST account in Genshin Impact… and how I FIXED it for 0$

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  1. Whenever I see someone with a Venti I get a little salty. I saved up primos for like 3-4 banners and rolled on venti, only to hit 90 pity and miss the 50/50. Still rolled 50 times and still didn't get him. Pain.

  2. "Im not here to make fun of you"
    Post video saying its the worst account and adding insult to injury

  3. Thank you comments , you said all what I want , I don’t follow this YouTuber but I kinda got curious when YouTube recommended me this , yet agh
    I feel sad and furious , agh

  4. This is nothing I haven't even got a epic or rare character yet I am playing for 1 year and I still have the Frist 4 characters

  5. Tectone: has zhongli on party

    Also tectone: doesn't use shield and let's the characters die before using the shield

  6. I feel like if he looked at my genshin account he would be like " BRO WTF IS THIS " and quit genshin 😗✌️

  7. yo my acc is worse than that- I only have 1 5 star so-

  8. Man's would start crying so hard when he finds my account

  9. you think this acount is bad? mine is worse because idk how the artifacts work and every time i look it up on youtube my brain just cancels out the info and i get to undarstand nothing

  10. This guy would have a veritable shitfit with my account

  11. lol i feel the pain but they have much better charters than i ;(

  12. I mean this is just painful to watch, from the hate comments to how overexaggerated his reactions are. Of course there are plenty of players out there with shit artifact/weapons/characters or who just don't know how to play the game. And that's fine, just no need to scream about it…. These videos and these types of people are why some are afraid to ever do co-op. (If he was genuinely trying to explain artifacts/show her good ones instead of crying about bad damage, then it would be different)

  13. Wait- there are people who don’t lock their leveled artifacts? O-O

  14. Hmmmm if u think this is the worst account u clearly havent seen an ar 46 woth no 5 stars (me)

  15. My account might also be this scuffed but I'm pro gamer and I can do it (jk pls Tectone I need help)

  16. lol that diluc deals less damage than my lvl. 66 diluc with my trash artifacts lmao

  17. I feel like you'll be stress if you check my Acc lmao

  18. He’s just singlehandedly ruined this entire game for her. No one should have to go through this kind of humiliation.

  19. I feel like you'll cry looking at my diluc that is level 40 with no artifacts or weapons that was used only once and my level 1 jean…and my level 1 razor and bennet hahaha i am so glad i dont let anyone review my account since i dont want to be meta and play for fun…i hope she never looked at the chat…they were making fun of her 🙁

  20. I just saw this video and… My damage is worse than her's 😭

  21. I, uhhh, don't think you wanna see my account. At the very least, you can't shit on my artis, cuz I don't have any. Aside from Glad and Wanderer's, that is

  22. nope, i genuinely tried to give this dude a chance and watch him again but i just can’t. why is he so damn mean😭

  23. Am I the only one who plays for fun and just put random artifacts and weapons and have a little bit of characters?

  24. I don’t really think he meant to be mean, I just think he meant to say the account needed some improvement, but he came off too strong, also I’m not a genshin pro but she literally was doing pennies, seeing her have like 6 five stars and not building them just makes me a little sad as a f2p

  25. Hi my genshin account is sooooo bad and i dont have any idea to fix it🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  26. If thats the worst account…. Mine is trash..

  27. THE worst account
    meanwhile me in the corner with no 5 stars characters nor weapons nor artifacts-

  28. I am new to Genshin and when he asked if some of us play like this I felt personally attacked. Lmfao

  29. i truly see nothing wrong with this
    such is the mind of a f2p

  30. Dumba** let the girl play how she wants to dude tuonto mains Jean so why cant she? WHO CARES IF SOMEONE DOES NOT HAVE A 5 STAR CLAYMORE

  31. That's the worst? How about me? dumbass with all those 4 stars chars

  32. How the hell do you guys call this a bad account????
    I would be happy to get all the characters and artifacts she has. I'm still AR 22

  33. Thank god this game is in co-op because my account is a literal dumpster. I like to joke that I am the Bennett of Artifacts but it ain´t a joke no more. I farmed for several days in a row for a pyro crimson witch goblet and GOT EVERYTHING EXCEPT WHAT I WANTED

  34. Such a bad video, just because we can’t all spend our rent money on a gatcha game we must suck right, this is why I don’t watch Genshin streamers.

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