The Worst Decision a Genshin Player Can Make | Genshin Impact -

The Worst Decision a Genshin Player Can Make | Genshin Impact

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  1. This reminded me of the painful time I was grinding my ass off for Homa rerun. Took forever but got two of them, gave them to the archons

  2. Out of the 2 occasions I pulled for the weapons, I won the 37% twice! I'm so happy to have my redhorn

  3. I only got skyward harp :'). I'll have around 40 more rolls so I hope I can get Redhorn for my Itto by the end of his banner.

  4. U r quite noob and I see ur build not so pro at all

  5. I did 130 pulls on it and didn't get it.. Not even itto

  6. I just spent $50 on it last night, this game isnt getting anymore money until ayato drops lol

  7. Congrats. I decided to pull for Itto yesterday and not only did I beat 50/50 but I got him and gorou in 3 multi pulls total. Hands down the luckiest I've ever gotten in the game.

  8. Haha I knew you would. it slaps though.

  9. the worst choice in genshin impact i generally consider to still be (outside of wasting money) rolling for characters you dont enjoy playing nor enjoy in any other way. Rolling just for their dps and those 50 extra primogems per month (assuming you only 33* clear and you imagine that one character will give you the 36* clears)

  10. I took a huge risk this time pulling on the weapon banner, but I got redhorn on 60 pulls so it turned out great this time

  11. 🌸😹It could be uttered that many exist, but let us see what your choice shall be!😹🌸

  12. I got Redhorn at 28 pity without spending a dime, but I still agree that this banner is a trap and I usually avoid it like the plague.
    However, I can’t deny that having 62/250 CR/CD (yes I know I don’t need that much CD) on my triple crowned Itto feels awesome af. XD

  13. Itto has been my second best banner. Got him and Gorou in 30 pulls, then got the skyward atlas (fml) in 30 pulls and then red horn 20 pulls after that. So yeah awesome banner this time round. And red horn is only level 50 and I'm doing more damage than my serpent spine and r5 white blind

  14. I got my Redhorn very quickly in and won 50/50, like 30 pulls only. Yesterday I impulse put in like 50-60 whishes through to see if I can get R2 Redhorn or Skyward Harp. I got Skyward Atlas instead lol. Well.. I had mixed feeling about it at first. Now I think it was just a part of preparation for Yae Miko 😀

  15. The only weapon banners I've pulled on we're for re run characters. I think thats how ima do them when I pull on them.

  16. You are the reason Mihoyo does what they do. Mihoyo knows whales will always give them money no matter how bad the system is.

  17. This is not the worst mistake a F2P can make. If they hyperinvest in a character, eventually, the last major upgrade they can get is a bis weapon. This weapon banner is pretty damn solid as this is a rare time when both limited weapons are good weapons. Itto’s weapon also absolutely broken on him, like 20-30%+ dmg increase.

  18. As someone whose pulled multiple skyward spines i feel your pain

  19. I've always pull on 5stars character that I wanted. But it also means I don't have Xingqiu's Cons for a year now despite maining him since ar20.
    I also have pulled for weapon and kinda lucky in a sense that I don't win the weapon I wanted but I did get 2 5stars weapon on early pity twice.

  20. As just a welkin buyer I went to three pities on this weapon banner to get skyward harp and used all my saved wishes after getting itto. Literally I never though I’d make use of epitomized path, but here we are

  21. after getting homa after losing pity twice… never again. sure i got aquilla for kaeya but it was absolutely painful. knowing my luck i wont get redhorn early and ive been repulsed by weapon banner forever

  22. im f2p and have 6 five star weapons. i only wanted 2 of them. i get the worst possible luck every time on that stupid banner

    havent gotten a character since eula (first banner)

  23. I get feelings about weapon banner. And then I do one ten pull or twoand EZ weapon.

  24. Yesterday I decided for the first time to summon on the weapon banner as a joke

    5 wishes in I got Ningguang who I was missing from the beginning
    2 more wishes and I got stonethresher from lord knows where but I'm unbelievably happy

    So both itto and thresher came in the first 10 pulls

  25. Got Redhorn after 3 pities. (Technically 2 since Skyward harp and pride came in the same 10 pull) but going to 3rd pity on the wep banner AGAIN after homa banner was really rough oof. Also can’t wait for your Shenhe video. I don’t think she’s bad like people are making her out to be

  26. I got red horned in 31 pulls and itto in 20 pulls with 0 pity. This is the luckiest I've been in the past year I've played.

  27. i knew i was getting itto, so i tryed my hand at redhorn…. i got a skyward spear… it was a regret could of got more goro's… but i already have itto so.. i mean if i did get it, it would of been insane. but im never that lucky.

  28. I haven’t wished on the weapon banner since I started during launch, red horn finally made me change my mind. Thankfully I got it first try but I will never touch that banner again

  29. Spending 300$ for a 10% dmg increase over a r5 SS

  30. It's always hilarious to see Genshin youtubers try to justify their gambling addictions with shit like "this is to warn you!"

  31. I grabbed Itto/redhorn
    Took me 2 skyward harps :/
    So now I have 3. But I also have Xiao and homa & a ton of other stuff I haven’t even leveled. I will not be summoning for a loooooong time. I could possibly try for Ganyu since I have her bow already

  32. valk: im done with spending
    also valk: spending again

  33. Here I thought valk didn’t like itto lol

  34. I got Redhorn in 1 ten pull so honestly the weapon banner has been a blessing for me lol

  35. Got a Skyward Spine while wishing for a Stonethresher on both my accounts, I was totally expecting it

  36. As low spender i had to save up 170 wishes for staff of homeless for my beloved xiao and it went better than expected , one of the possibilities i had in mind that i would lose both of the 50/50 at hard pity and all those wishes wont be enough lol but I actually got two homa’s and C1 Tao 😀
    Wishing on weapon banner is scary since spending whole 70 wishes to get energy recharge weapon instead of new character or being expensive if you want to %100 guaranteed the weapon at worst cost ot takes 210 wishes.

  37. my worst choice was to make 2×10 pulls on the weapon banner cause i was drunk and misclicked^^

  38. I was happy with my pulls here tho.
    I got Skyward Spine 40 wishes, Skyward Harp 69 wishes, and Redhorn 64.
    I had 27k primogems. Didn't wish since yoimiya banner

  39. yay at least lewasaffdsfff got close and got funny stick

  40. I was extremely lucky back on hu tao rerun,i got homa first try so that was awesome.But since i wont be able to save up enough primos rn i cant sadly try my luck on redhorn so gl to everyone else going for it

  41. I'm a light spender and learnt the reson to why not to pull on Weapon banners today, i spent more wishes on Redhorn than Itto(162 wishes).

  42. i have the weapon, i just lack the character-

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