The Yoimiya Hate Is Really Sad... (Genshin Impact) -

The Yoimiya Hate Is Really Sad… (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re talking about Yoimiya’s anti-fan base.


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0:00 Yoimiya haters lol
2:35 Yoimiya vs Hu Tao – Intro and Stats
5:27 Hu Tao Battles
6:45 Yoimiya Battles
8:13 Closing Thoughts


  1. There are no bad characters, only bad players.

  2. she got the best armpit from entire game, that's why I love her😂

  3. I don’t really get why people hate on her personally I like her

  4. Yoimiya haters: You're stupid for playing her and stupid for pulling her.

    Me: If it makes me stupid, I don't want to be 'smart.'

  5. Am I stupid if I pulled for her because we share the same birthday? I think it was destiny.

  6. i dont like yoimiya but i dont care if people like her , if you like her build her and etc , i personally pulled for her but as a f2p i regret it since i dont have alot of resin to make her really good , just does 10k dmg at most , but either way definetly the worst 5 star i got yet ( except qiqi ofc)

  7. Me: hits 10k per individual auto attack hit ATLEAST
    Haters: "lmao bad"

  8. Yoimiya isn’t “bad” she is just normal / average

  9. I wished for her hoping I would win my 50/50 but I didn’t so I had c1 qiqi and my friend got her and I was happy for her but she didn’t want her

  10. It's cool to say a character isn't strong enough. It's bad to tell people who like said character that they shouldn't have pulled. Let people enjoy their games (and don't be toxic when an Amber main carries you through the weekly bosses but "it's Amber so she sucks" :p)

  11. yes .. i love yoimiya she is my best 5 star i have , really.. why the hate ? (not you moga)

  12. its quite sad how people will clown on you for playing someone you like, mainly cause 'they're not doing enough damage'. Meanwhile they get hella depressed when they cant 1-shot azhdaha smh

  13. I don't hate her nor dislke her, i really want her but after i saw Raiden's Leak, i made up my mind to skip Yoimiya, i really hope i can get her on her rerun.

  14. I wasn’t able to get hu Tao ? So when I got yoimya I was so happy I didn’t get sayu tho 😅
    I really love amber and instead I grinned for yoimya’s own artifacts

  15. I didn't mean to get her but got her liked her and don't like raiden to much

  16. She's actually not hero for 1 hit 1 million damage, I have hu tao and Yoimiya. Sorry yoimiya haters but I'm starting to love her.. and she's my Main dps for my second team.

  17. Yoimiya was just unfortunate to have her banner b4 the booba sword godess. I put 64 frag resin into building my yoimiya and I dont regret it at all. Shes an amazing character and seeing ppl salty about it should just prooves our point.

  18. Well isn’t my situation just ironic. I wanted Yoimiya, but apparently I didn’t have enough for her. I got 10 pulls right after Yoimiya’s banner and now I have Ei.

  19. i got yoimiya by accident, i didn’t rly want her… but now that i’ve played with her i’ve grown so attached to her, she became my favorite dps in the entire game 🥺 my klee is much more stronger but i keep using yoimiya more bc i find her sooo fun to play. i rly don’t understand how people can hate yoimiya, she is super cool pretty and strong!

  20. i got yoimiya while pulling for sayu without realizing I was at pity, and I was really upset at first, but im really glad I did. she’s really fun to play and a really fun character in general. she’s at lvl 60 rn and already does more damage than diluc, my only other 5 star. so idc what people say, i like her.

  21. I didn't know I wanted Yoimiya until I played her with the test run, I was always tempted to play her test run over and over again and then I was like "Y'know what? I like her, IT'S PULL TIME"

  22. I didn't thought much of Yoimiya too until recently… when I got Baal.

  23. im f2p with yoimiya and my stats are sitting at 2.2k atk with ~ 50/150. i love yoimiya and yeah maybe if i put her artifacts on xianling and min max everything id do more dmg but in an easy game why do all that when you can just hit ur machine gun 10ks

  24. There are no bad characters. Truly skilled players can play with their favorites.

  25. I actually got yoimiya when I was pulling for sayu before pity at first I was annoyed because my pity went bye bye and I wanted the shogun but after playing with her I actually liked her a lot

  26. Some people if you don't pull for a character u hate her like man I'm just a welkin man I can't purchase that 6k primo 🤣

  27. I got yelled at for playing Mona. They kept telling me to change my char. I told them to leave. What kind of stupid?

  28. Yoimya is good but is sad on abyss, i clear abyss with her but is harder than the others

  29. I pulled from her banner just to get Sayu. No Sayu however I got Yoimiya.
    Eventho she ruined my guarantee for Almighty Shogun, I can't be mad at her. How can I be mad at someone adorable like Yoimiya.

  30. I pulled for Yoimiya cause she's cute! But I have crap artifacts so haven't had the chance to really use her. Although I wish her arrows were…. tracking… That part is really irritating to miss.

  31. I skippdd her, but… the hate is just really really sad 😔

  32. Let me ask you this bro how many days it's been since yoimiya banner was out and u got her and how many days it took for you to get that artifact for yoimiya I been farming from AR40 now am 56 and trust me every day I have used 5 condensed resin for crimson witch many days 10 if I got resin somehow bruh AR56 and I got same stats for my Diluc as your yoimiya there are no bad characters also getting god like defense and hp artifacts that my zhongli absolutely rocks with 45/180 on my 54k hp buffed zhongli then my Noelle 56/210 guess Task failed successfully * insert JoJo theme* insert zhongli and Noelle with sunglasses

  33. Well travelers who have Yoimiya just enjoy and play with her

  34. Picking on this test a little bit:
    1) The main variable here was how long you spent on support abilities and whether you landed your attacks. (For example, Hu Tao 1 is a 16s run if you precast Zhongli E like you did in other runs.)
    2) The main difficulty with Yoimiya is not that her single-target DPS is terrible, it's that her single-target DPS doesn't stand out from the pyro DPS pack while her AOE is much worse. Testing against a single foe doesn't address this difficulty, so of course the result is that Yoimiya doesn't show any problems.

    The second point is something you bring up in the description of a later video, so this isn't to say you never addressed it, it's just something that bugged me about this particular video. Cheers.

  35. I got Yoimiya on accident and was super pissed cause I don't like her burst and just did not like her overall. Now she's level 85 and most skills raised to level 8. I love her a lot, I misjudged her in the beginning. She's so strong and so much fun to play. Even with a 4* bow and without Bennett buff, crit hits are up to 20k. She's better than all my other characters XD

  36. I don’t think it’s hate…. I just think most people don’t like her character design or kit enough to pull for her… like I like Yoimia as a character in the archon story. But no, I don’t like her enough to pull for her.

  37. Dayum, dude basically cut out everytime the attack is going on Yoi and proceed to go "Yea it was 16" " Yea, it was 18" XXDD. The hate is on the AA mechanism and how much Yoi relies on her AA. You completely avoids or ignores this (on purpose). got me laughing real good XD

  38. As a Yoimiya main, I stan you Moga. Yoimiya best girl!

  39. You could replace bennet with Kujo sara now to avoid healing hu tao

  40. Ngl I am a Hu Tao simp but I kinda really say that Yoimiya’s cuteness is just a Hu Tao but is a bow user

  41. •Fluffe• My pfp is my face when I do homework says:

    It really is sad plus people should stop comparing hu tao to yomiya its really sad lol

  42. When I first heard about Yoimiya I knew that I NEEDED her. Her design is my favorite of all the currently released characters, her kit is super fun and she's pretty much perfect for my current team (Zhongli, Kazuha, Water dude). If you did roll her I highly recommend using her if you don't currently have a pyro DPS built or if you enjoy her playstyle. I have only gotten great results and I'm currently using her as the main DPS of my team. All the Yoimiya hate makes me sad because I think she is an amazing character with lots of potential. Coming from a Yoimiya main I have absolutely zero regrets about pulling her and think she is one of the funnest units they've ever released.

  43. A lot of people like yoimiya its unfortunate for her that she came before baal

  44. Just to clarify, I don’t have any one person in mind when talking about “Yoimiya haters” or the over emotional people. It’s just like… a big clump lol.

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