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Have you noticed what’s happening with the latest 5-stars in Genshin Impact?
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In this video, it’s all about reviewing Kazuha and Eula in Genshin Impact. This video quickly showcases all the relevant information you need to consider about the upcoming Inazuma characters Yoimiya, Ayaka, Sayu which are expected to land together with 1.7 or 2.0 update that’s been announced to be livestreamed on Twitch on Friday, July 9th 2021.

This video basically explores the current character design miHoYo has used to introduce new 5-stars into the game that aren’t game breaking like Ganyu, Venti or Zhonli but at the same time, achieve a very important goal for gacha games. So what’s waiting for Yoimiya, Ayaka and Sayu then?

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, Switch and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. " IF IT'S NOT FUN, WHY BOTHER? " – Reggie Fils-Aimé, President of Nintendo America

  2. U lost kazuha 50/50.. now i was thinking saving for ganyu. Not because she is meta. I like her character and design so much!! I got zhongli becase everybody was telling me i should get him.. i wish i didn't tbh :/ he made game easier. Now idk is it nice to have 2 meta characters on my acc.

  3. Opening ceremony of signing the universe keep lighting.

  4. Honestly (please don’t bash me for this it’s my opinion) but I don’t really see the problem. I was a F2P until I recently bought the BP and I don’t have any constellations for my 5 stars but I’ve never had trouble in game or had any complaints. It’s fine if whales gets a super OP version of the char because they spend A LOT of money in the game. If you wanna get a million damage in game or smth then go ahead and spend ig but I don’t feel like it’s necessary.
    I have childe C0 and I think he’s really cool and fun to play even if his constellations make him a lot better.

  5. Help me get ayaka 😢😢☹️. My account which was connected to facebook got deleted by fb himself. Hence i restarted again. From Ar 56 now Ar 23 😭😭😭😭

  6. I think a huge reason why banner spending is down is because people are now way better and had more time saving money. I started playing during Ganyu banner, didn't have a good understanding of the game, (like doing dailies), was f2p until Hutao banner, and got Hutao out of luck, then started playing proerply.

    Then when Venti came out, I had no primo gems, so I topped up for Venti, and since then, all I did was daily mission + welkin moon, and now has Eula, Kazuha and Zhongli.

  7. (sips tea)
    I'm not dying if no further Fontaine/Snezhnaya/Khaenri'ah gang character sighted.

  8. Oooh wasn't there data going around though that Childe did poorly on day 1 sales but actually did well when it comes to total sales?

  9. Funny how he named the Xinyan, Diona, Rosaria and Yanfei Party, a "4-Star Hotel"

    Good one 😆

  10. at least give the f2p player always win first 50:50 rate off banner or give them 5* at 30-40 pity…

  11. This is a PVE game where u don’t need to compete….you can beat spiral abyss without op characters….it may not be as fast but who cares your not competing with anyone…just make a team u find fun and don’t be toxic when a character doesn’t do 100k dmg every 3 seconds

  12. I agree this new characters feel balanced of the get go and that makes the game more fun. I actually don't use Venti and Zhong Li outside of Abyss bc the game feels much more rewarding without them

  13. I don't want nor need ground-breaking characters, I want characters that are pretty, fun and interesting. I didn't start playing this game to beat the abyss and finish domains in under 10 seconds, in fact I didn't give a single crap about my damage numbers until I joined the online community outside of the art side of the fandom, which was the main reason I got interested in Genshin, not counting Kaeya, the open world, fantasy setting and the lore.
    But big pp numbers is what a lot of players want and they boycott every new character that is not broken enough for them, so…

  14. 0:16 thats exactly what iam thinking since Xiao release…. "When will be the next Venti, Xiao, Ganyu, Diluc" will be released… as f2p i cant effort to pull on every banner anyways thats why i set myself to only pull on gambreaking chars like venti,xiao,zhong, ganyu – those chars are either busted in in their whole kit, providing tons of dmg – or allow you to ignore mechanics at all just pressing keys 😀 – p.s. Albedo deservs wayyyyyyyy more attention…. why is everyone neglecting additional 10k+ dmg every 2 secs by also beeing so incredible cheap to build? 3star sword + def stacking!!!!!

  15. Oh no! I just pressed the Like button fast, before he said "gently".

    Im so sorry! 😮

  16. This still doesn't answer my question…

    Do I pull for Kazuha or Ayaka?

  17. Gatcha just got put on the same level as alcohol, "Please enjoy responsibly"

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