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These 5 characters just became better in 1.6 Genshin Impact!
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In this video, we review all the latest changes to Genshin Impact elemental mastery and showcase as well as explain the major 3 characters that got afffected by the changes, which includes Sucrose EM build, Venti EM build and Lisa EM build. Also, miHoYo seems to have buffed Pyro characters indirectly as well, not to mention the upcoming Kazuha is looking more exciting than ever, thanks to the elemental mastery changes.

This video basically explains best Genshin Impact characters currently in 1.6 update, or at least in terms of best changes we’ve seen for the top characters. (and not so-top)

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS4, Switch and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Genshin Impact

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  1. Just saying though, I always use Lisa…

    in expeditions…

    because I like to abuse her…

    because she’s lazy.

  2. sucrose and venti carried me through abyss even before the buff. they're just great.

  3. My Lisa is a Monster 140k and more Damage before 1.6

  4. Me having c1 sucrose then have sacrificial fragments on her and the enemies just in the middle cuz they cant move at all 😂

  5. I literally defeated eletro abbys herald with venti sucrose diluc jean (diluc was dead in 2nd chambee) now venti is dps

  6. Sucrose is one of my first character pulls and I always used her wince the beginning she is even at friendship 10 in my account and knowing that the buffs affected her is awesome

  7. Sucrose got buffed, time to build that C4 Fischl 🚶🏽‍♀️

  8. I said this before and I’ll said it again, GIVE ME C6 SUCROSE

  9. Waiting for hydro buffs in damage and in resonance… Seems likes mihoyo's favourite is pyro and cryo

  10. What happened to shatter how did it get buffed? Like what are the stats can you make a vid on that

  11. Me with Lisa and Venti on the same team😍

  12. My Venti with Amos bow and atk% build deals so much dmg (2.9k every tick, without any buffs) and i think it's better than EM build.

  13. I see this as a foreshadowing of Keqing buff😤😤

  14. I was wondering who should I build next. I think my c6 Sucrose will be very happy

  15. I’m a (simp)le person I see Bennett I clicked!

  16. Me when I started Genshin Impact and getting sucrose first and loving her: This is going to be my DPS
    Everyone else: No.
    After 1.6: wow sucrose is amazing

  17. Wow. So I did the best with building Sucrose last week 😯. I was kinda scared…but I needed someone with good CC. Now

  18. Pls help I m in a dilemma and idk if I should lvl up the skyward harp for my ganyu or keep the prototype pls help me I use her as dps 😅

  19. Everyone: there boosting electro yay!

    Mihoyo: well fine tune that later first wish on the anemo kazuha

  20. We can easily build her with EM on sands and circlet….with 90 *5 Veridescent artifacts….zero with EM main stat 🙁

  21. I wanted Sucrose and constellation for Fischl but Mihoyo said NO. Welp, guess i'll still use Traveler.

  22. Jean's ult, Xiangling's ult, Xinqiu/Bennett's ult, top it with Xiao's ult= random bullshit, GO!

  23. I’m feeling like my hu tao is doing higher melt and vaporise damage even though I’ve 0 elemental mastery on her after the update

  24. Me: Amber needs more buff, her skills really bad, and she's the most hated character since the game started!
    Mihoyo: We understand you, and almost 1 year waiting after the launch, we finally can give you a Sucrose, Lisa, Venti, Overload, and Kazuha buff!

  25. Still melt and vaporize are better for hydro cryp and Pyro. Sadly

  26. “Go all in on em” I have literally never gotten a 5* em cup.

  27. pls the only anemo character i have is the traveler ;-;

  28. My DPS almost 700 EM Sucrose is even stronger than before now. Perfect

  29. Honestly the buff was a bit…too much. It made EM suddenly way too good and they WILL nerf it when they realize 4* weapons with EM are beating out 5* without by large margins.

  30. List:

  31. 1. Sucrose
    2. Lisa
    3. Venti
    4. Pyro characters
    5. Kazuha

  32. When I did get all the 4 stars except for Sucrose.

    Oh Sucrose y do u hate me so much?

  33. conclusion :

    before buffed, the reaction damage is shit

  34. Hey, what about the elegy for the end for venti?
    It's a 5 star bow, with EM

  35. Would having elemental mastery substats on Xiao be worthwhile?

  36. 9:38 ah yes that moment when zhongli shield is destroyed by only 2-3 hit by abyss enemy.

  37. Albedo will be good too. Because his passive will give you 125 EM on using his Q-skill for 10 secs.

  38. ar56 and still no sucrose i wished for her on every banner i even ended up getting c1 venti bc of her

  39. Its now
    Sucrose 900 EM:
    50 mitachurls:
    *MHA bgm
    Barbatos: irenai….

  40. C6 sucrose since klee first banner, i always bring her for my one and only enemy gatherer, who needs trap god when you have "harmless" sweetie
    And after a long journey finally achieved first 36 stars abyss in 1.4, so glad can make her shine :')

  41. Me:- Mihoyo say B
    Mihoyo:- B
    Me:- say U
    Mihoyo:- U
    Me:- say F
    Mihoyo:- F
    Me:- say F
    Mihoyo:- F
    Me:- Say E
    Mihoyo:- E
    Me:- Say L
    Mihoyo:- L
    Me:- Say E
    Mihoyo:- E
    Me:- Say C
    Mihoyo:- C
    Me:- Say T
    Mihoyo:- T
    Me:- Say R
    Mihoyo:- R
    Me:- Say O
    Mihoyo:- O
    Me:- Buff Electro
    Mihoyo:- Buff aNeMo
    Me:-ugh* 🤦🏻‍♂️

  42. Me with Hu Tao and Ganyu that has a high EM stat along with Crit Dmg after the update: You've made me stronger than you realize

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