These LEAKS are INSANE in Genshin Impact -

These LEAKS are INSANE in Genshin Impact

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Shenhe, Yun Jin, future events, banners, and regions are all leaked in Genshin Impact. Is it time to start talking about them? Or should I stay away from them?
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  1. If you got 0 strike on your channel then go for it dude ..

  2. I think Mtashed speaks for the few of us who are getting sick of genshin, but just stick around because we've already spent so much time on it. Sunk cost fallacy at its finest. just saying bro, if you fodder all your artifacts and weapons and give up genshin, i'll do the same.

  3. Instead of actually leaking it, why not just give your opinion if the character will be good/who can synergize with it/artifacts,weapon and stats that will be good for it. Since everyone can just google those leaks easily so let them do their own research and just give your own opinion on the characters instead.

  4. Just say that they are psychic predictions and you should be fine.

  5. Mtashed, you should make another account and talk about leak. So that if that channel gets cancelled, you still have the original account.

  6. You can talk about leaks as much as u want no probs… Personally i look at leaks too… But dont leak images in the thumbnails for people who dont want to see the leaks

  7. It's fine if you like leaks or not. Just don't be stupid and ruin it to others who don't want to be involved with them.

  8. Fucking clickbait. He doesn't divulge any information in this vid.
    Dislike Button.

  9. I like the leaks. At least with them I can plan ahead who I want to spend my primos on, but I guess Mihoyo doesn't approve of it.

  10. If Mihoyo really cares about leaks, they would hire professional bug tester, not some randos. Leaks happen because it is Mihoyo's fault. also, Mtashed is right, the nda contract is between the testers and mihoyo. so youtubers and other post can talk about leaks as long as they are not the testers

  11. Mtashed please stop letting your viewers answer questions that may or will destroy your standing on the Genshin impact community you know all too well that leaking is bad one way or another it will get you Mihoyo might make it so that their content creators might have to stay away with you, if you're gonna do something big about your contents like leaking don't wuss out, make up your mind so that you'd be confident enough to say it's what you needed to do. it's so cringing how you keep repeating yourself because of how unsure you are as I said make up your mind if the pros really do outweigh the cons like you quitting Genshin that was good because you made up your mind but camon what's happening to you rn.

  12. U should try it for 1 vid and see whar happens

  13. As a guppy, leaks are super welcome but I hope your channel stays safe!

  14. Mstashed fighting between good and bad. This is villain origin backstory alright

  15. Leaks

    Shenhe is supposed to a physical and skill is like xaio and bust is similar to that of kazuha even her 5* weapon is focused on physical dmg


  17. I’m not a big fan of claymore characters so I’m not going to go for itto so I’m going to save for a character that’s worth it

  18. if we had repayable content now, the most popular content wouldn't be about future content.

  19. what if u just make a new channel to talk about leaks? so even if the ods were to go againts u it will only effect that channel

  20. Mihoyo doing it on purpose in my opinion. To build up hype and keep the player hopeful for the future. They only really come after you if you use NDA footage. Speculation and “dream” are fine. Do whatcha want tashedman I’m here for you not the content hehe.

  21. Just leak it and get the views dude. No point playing good guy now. Do it!

  22. Mtashed ,did you hear about zhonglis another re run ?

  23. if you doubt about it, just play other games. i want to see you cover other games

  24. Someone send me the links to the leaks as well please 🛐
    I am conflicted whether I want to pull for Itto or wait for 2.4 banners

  25. MIHOYO is just like any promotion is a good promotion, even the bad ones.

  26. well yeah most of us see the leaks already, so go for it

  27. Discuss the leaks Mtash, the leaks are awesome, so are you.

  28. if you dont have a risk to get a strike from yt, go for it

  29. sometimes even though information is leaked, we dont know the final set up until we can try the characters ourselves and know for sure that they can do what they can do. But ofc its your choice.

  30. whats unethical is the gacha system itself…. lol

  31. Are you gonna become a whale? 👀👀👀

    Also tbh we can all agree that it’s unethical.. but my selfish viewer brain really wants you to cover it so I can find out about it lowkey as well

  32. Can someone point me in the direction of the yae miko leak…? I can’t find it anywhere…

  33. Bruhh the simple answer is Mihoyo itself leaks all this 😂🤦🏻

  34. Dude you got a lot more to lose since u establised yourself outside the game keep doing ur hustle the way you want but just look out let the small kiddie channels do the leaks they need the views better for you to just stick to post release info where you aint got to worry about anything

  35. Should I just start covering all the news and leaks as it drops?

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