These sussy bakas are NOT bussin... (Genshin Impact) -

These sussy bakas are NOT bussin… (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact Bones and I are taking on the new event called The Legend of the Vagabond Sword.
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0:00 Intro
0:28 1st Primo
3:13 2nd Try on 1st Primo
4:31 1st Try Oceanid
6:00 2nd Try Oceanid
7:21 3rd Try Oceanid
8:25 Dual Maguu Kenki
10:41 2nd Primo

Music from Epidemic Sound ()
Outro Music: “City Breath Control – Halcyon Lounge”


  1. Please don’t use Baka as a joke, it mocks japanese people and it’s very uncomfortable for them! And please don’t use “bussin” it’s aave and u can’t use it if ur not black

  2. The misuse of AAVE and the sussy baka yikes, mogawty always finds himself in trouble with these titles. 😕

  3. oh gosh im so glad i saw this video! i didnt know you could do this multiplayer!!!

  4. After watching ur hu tao play , I kinda wanna save for her rerun :>

  5. Tbh, my tip for the most of the challenges… just don't choose a time limit, it lets you be patient with the whole thing, you can go slow but consistent… ngl, I did the first boss with mostly just Noelle and Zhongli using Zhongli's Q… cause Xiao died too early and I didn't want to use any food… It took a long time but I was able to do it.

  6. "these sussy bakas are not bussin"…yes cause we love misusing aave!!!!!

  7. making fun of aave and the japanese language 🥰❤️🤪 /s

  8. Can u explain me cause i didnt get a thing?

  9. Out of all the things I thought you were mogawty I never thought you were racist

  10. Moga: makes settings difficult
    Moga: Why is it so hard??

  11. Wrong use of aave, and mocking japanese in one title, Wow, dk what i was expecting from a white person

  12. You should try to clear all of those on the hardest mode. I will like to hear the "pro tip" about the samurais after xD

  13. does bones ever talk with you on your videos? just curious

  14. rule #1 never trust an male adult who uses a vr avatar

  15. a white man using aave and a phrase said multiple times that it makes japanese people uncomfortable and mocked very disappointed but not surprised you seem like a nice guy but very ignorant

  16. Moga, I'm glad you have the integrity to keep this title the same and have made my day more better by doing so.

  17. pls either delete the title or the video my soul hurts

  18. the title gives me another reason why i unsubscribed

  19. As an asian person myself,please stop using this "meme",it makes us really uncomfortable :/

  20. 3:54… No Shields though… they say with ZHONGLI on screen.
    confused moglet noises

  21. I feel like coop harder this event than simply alone

  22. it’s the misuse of aave and mocking the japanese language for me 😒

  23. This video is going to be the first image when you search "Boomer" in 2080

  24. I for one welcomed the sussyness of your last video title

  25. Only got 2 DPS characters built, and my supports are meh and just barely managed to get ~4300 WITH food buffs AND Potion buff…

  26. Anyone else looking for a comment not related to the title?

  27. holy shit, the amount of people complaining about the title
    sussy baka's a fucking shitpost meme, its not fucking mocking japanese culture or their language
    as for "bussin", so he used it incorrectly. get over it. he isnt racist or trying to mock black culture, just slightly ignorant. and besides, he's prob using it in a satirical manner. you dont need to actively search for things to get mad over.
    just wow

  28. why are you a yt male using AAVE and in the incorrect way sick!!!

  29. I already regret the title, but I can’t change it now or all the comments won’t make sense. Let’s get through this one together fellow kids.

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