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WHO has the most VALUE? Eula Rerun, Albedo Rerun, or Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact version update 2.3? Eula has massive damage builds, Albedo has amazing support DPS, and Arataki Itto is a wild DPS at certain times in the right team composition! Character pros and cons and constellations worth pulling for! So who is worth pulling in Genshin Impact Patch 2.3?

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  1. 🌸😼It is certainly Albedo should one be seeking the most value yielded! Oof more viable on a higher variety of comps and certainly more useful as an off-field support😼🌸

  2. 🌸😼I would say the best aspect of off-field supports such as Albedo, one has to spend little time upon them, which means more time upon one’s chosen, favorite, primary dps😼🌸

  3. Would love to get eula but no more primogems because I pulled hard for hu tao. At least I got hu tao.

  4. Nobody:
    Elknola's Shrine of Raja : Imma about to make a poetic comment with flowers and cat emote 🤣
    (No hate it's just entertaining)

  5. It think Eula will get the most love because it Eula come on everyone wants that's huge booty

  6. Best part of 2.3 for me is being able to hoard more primos for Yae 😂

  7. 2:17 just here to support bud 🙂 im already planning on going for Kazuha and Mistsplitter because i need a better weapon for my Traveler

  8. 7:52 Eula can use Bennet. Even Bennet c6 is okay if you're going for big burst numbers.

  9. Is 62/172 crit and 2768Atk enough for eula or should I keep farming?

  10. Yes howllzz. I am here just to support. <3

  11. I’m pulling for My Beloved Itto, no one else!!

  12. I vote Albedo for the sake of his new sword

  13. As a Eula and Albedo and pretty much every character owner. I say if you don't have any then go for Eula mainly because she's arguable the best dps in the game.

  14. Ayo what the hell is with that CRIT DMG stat on that 5 star claymore…

  15. I’m going for the Geo Fat Boys of course. I hope you’ll have your sweet charts to show Best in Slot Weapons for Gorou and Itto!

  16. Geo enthusiast and Noelle main here so for me 2.3 is gonna rock! (sorry I had to) I'm going to unlock the complete the Geo gang finally. I started GI too late to be an Albedo haver now he's the only currently playable Geo character I'm missing and I'm ready for his rerun. Hyped for the 2 new Geo units as well. Can't wait for 2.3 I bet Howllzz is going to drop that 36* SA vid with double Geo comps led by Noelle and Itto. Let's go Geo! Good luck to everyone wishing may you win your 50/50s!

  17. bruh you giving me whiplash with the after effects.

  18. We cant decide just yet, as soon as 2.3 releases Mihoyo is going to show the new character(s) from 2.4 and depending on which ones it is im skipping this time, because i want ayato and yae miko

  19. still can't fully decide, replace razor with eula or albedo to go with noelle… then ganyu will stick her head out when i am broke XD

  20. None, I got Hu Tao and Homa, tired of the constant buildi9ng and upgrading and scrounging for resources. this game is non stop frustration.

  21. It's a matter of do I want Eula constellations or not. She's C0. I'm on 50/50 with at least 80 pulls right now. I definitely want constellations for Raiden but she could be 9 months from now. Future characters or anyone else don't hold my interest

  22. As much as I want Eula, I’m thinking of possibly going for Itto’s 5-star weapon if it’s good for Geo Archon Noelle. If I choose not to, I’m skipping all 2.3 banners

  23. Not to mention, Albedo is so flexible and one of f2p friendly characters in the game :>

  24. I'm skipping both for that new shiny 5 star Noelle Claymore. Need 47 more fates to have it guaranteed if the worst case scenario occurs.

  25. I am only pulling to finally C6 Noelle, I hope I can get 2 in 50 pulls or less.

  26. The ABSolute shall preveil GEO SUPREMACY!!!

  27. Don't care about claymore user's I'm just here for my smol boi Albedo and his new cinnamon sword-

  28. Mihoyo my guy you’re soo doing arataki itto character all wrong.

    After seeing this video I must say if Howllzz had done arataki itto voicing I would’ve soo totally flip for his character.

    I mean ..,look!! 🙌🏼
    I’m picking up the definition of geek & awesome all put together to spell epic!!

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