This Artifact has HIDDEN POTENTIAL | Start Saving it For Future Builds! | Genshin impact -

This Artifact has HIDDEN POTENTIAL | Start Saving it For Future Builds! | Genshin impact

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  1. this is actually my concern with my c0 ayaka with r1 mistsplitter with my 980em kazuha. but cryo goblet is still does more dmg than my atk% goblet

  2. The only place i see using atk% goblet is to qiqi fir bigger healing

  3. Laughs in Jean / Qiqi ATK% artifacts I was right all along lewl

  4. Heck i've switched to ATK% circlet recently and it remedied my damage issues. (there was no use of the highly-advised "mandatory" CRIT headsets with bad substats so i swapped them for ATK% with good substats instead)

  5. Diminishing returns my friend. I already realized this way way back then that's why I'm saving my atk% goblets. It's still shady as of now but this video will make more sense in the late game.

  6. Now try to get 3200 Att, 1000 elemental mastery, 80% critrate, +200% crit dmg, +80% elemental dmg, 200% energy recharge and C6 Char and C5 Weapon. 8 Times for Abyss.

    I am happy with an elemental dmg % artifact and 2 crit substats and 2 def/hp substats.

  7. My Ganyu is using an ATK % circlet because it have really good substats. She ended with 2600 ATK, 41% Crit Rate and 200% Crit Damage, and do more damage now than when she was using a Crit Damage Circlet, where she use to have 2220 ATK and 242% Crit Damage

  8. LMAO i have 2 atk mainstat golblets with double crt

  9. If it does not work on Baal it won't work on any character xd. She is going to have a massive electro damage bonus.

  10. The stats I never save are healing bonus, hp and def unless they have some mad sub stats.

  11. My keqing is half and half when it comes to electro/physical, and I find out that in the goblet for such build is better to have atk% rather than physical% or electro % but that's on this specific case

  12. It's just diminishing returns. Have too much attack? dmg bonus goblet better. Have too much dmg bonus? att goblet better.

    Keep in mind Bennet exists, the whole reason why Elemental dmg > Att% in most cases is because Bennet gives so much attack that more attack % encounters greater diminishing returns.

    Some whales are already running Att% circlet over Crit Dmg circlet on Ayaka (With Crit substats ofcourse), because they have enough Crit Dmg with Mist-splitter (over 250%). And because you don't run Bennet in a perma freeze team, Ayaka benefits more from an Att% Circlet than more Crit Dmg.

  13. I usually keep bad rolled artifacts just in case they be good on a certain character in the future

  14. Why bother with atk% goblet when you can just Bennett ult?

  15. So wait, you're looking for an ATK Main Cryo Series Goblet? Funny, I have one in my stock with great Crit Ratio substats. Mihoyo, Artifact Trade when?

  16. It works like this
    you want to go with whatever you have less of… this is especially relevant with auto attack oriented characters with %damage as main stat…
    for example on razor this has been true for ages…
    he gets 50% ascention physicaal damage, if you give him pale + bloodstained he gets 50%, and ppl run serpent spinne on him +30% – thats 130% physical damage bonus
    so running physical goblet is (1+1.3 + .5)*(1+.5) = 4.2, but if you go atk you get (1+1.3)*(1+1) = 4.6, thats 10% damage easily… especially for me where ive been saving the good ones, so i have much better subs on them
    btw, also yoimia E seems like a %damage increase aswell, so basically if you are using any weapon with % damage increases you should run atk%
    but on yoimia specifically it might actually be better to prioritize crit stat weapon because otherwise you run into diminishing returns on atk and dmg%

  17. i always save artifacts with good substats no matter what the primary stat is. the game will continue releasing characters that rely on niche primary stats (i.e., hu tao)

    because i saved my HP% witch artifacts, my hu tao is now a monster

  18. this video is making me decide to stop farming for ayakas artifacts. i have spend 3 weeks of resin in the blizzard set and today i got my FIRST atack sands. its shit, is soo bad… And i dont have a blizzard cryo goblet, soo i needed the sands to be in set. i have an atack goblet in set and im loosing my mind farming this set, soo maybe is time for attack goblet ayaka. shit, this shouldnt be very worth with the ameno kageuchi right?

  19. Anyone got the sauce for the thumbnail?

  20. Would atk% cup be better than a pyro cup for yoimiya C2

  21. So… Kazuha and Mist splitter… Goodbye see you in 2023 when I have both

  22. I haven't seen the entire video but I think I know where this is going. I've realized it some weeks ago that maybe, just MAYBE, we are using so much dmg% and we are letting attk% behind when it really is an important stat.
    I've seen videos of people showcasing 200% physical or elemental or critical dmg, but they have like 1300 atk and I don't think that such disbalance is good at all.
    I was just waiting until someone did the calculations and tests since I'm bad at math, but I'm sure I got a point here.

  23. I just accidently maxed one of These cause i thought it was sands … felt pretty nice cause got over 30% cdmg and 7 crit…. Then felt bad when i found out it wasnt a sands

  24. When a skill is based of atk and not base atk, does this mean the added atk from artifact counts?

  25. I've actually been running an ATK% Goblet on my Main-DPS Fischl for months now, with 8% Crit Rate and 27% Crit DMG substats. It was originally an objective improvement for her overall DMG once I got Mitternacht's Waltz, but now I'm just using it because both Fischl's Physical and Electro DMG options are extremely valuable, and as a Main-DPS, she can't afford to sacrifice either of them.

    As an aside, through practicing with Fischl's DPS and comparing Rust, Viridescent Hunt, and Mitternacht's Waltz, I found out something important to note: Over-investment into any stat is a bad idea, even if it's into Crit stats. Viridescent Hunt underperformed despite having more than 20% more Crit Rate and 70% Crit DMG in its favor. Rust's innate ATK% bonus pushed it far because Fischl's Ascension stat is also ATK%, which allowed her to benefit from her Basic Attack modifiers and still maintain Oz's damage along the way, while Mitternacht Waltz outperformed Rust solely through the nature of DMG buffs being applied later in damage calculation than ATK%, which allowed the passive ability to maintain Oz damage even though its substat was Physical DMG. Unfortunately for me, all of these calculations ended up being a complete waste of my time once I managed to get Thundering Pulse, leaving Viridescent Hunt and Mitternacht's Waltz without a user to wield them.

    I actually understood this principle from playing Pokemon, of all things, when I learned that simply stacking Defense stats alone, or HP alone, resulted in a net loss of defensive capabilities compared to an even investment of both. In Genshin, the same applies to offensive stats because of the various modifiers and multipliers throughout damage calculation.

    TL;DR, balanced stats make characters happy.

  26. Me, a hoarder who have at least 1 of each kind of stats on every artifacts set: Interesting

  27. hmm should I use an ATK% goblat on my Ayaka? I have mistspliter R3 on her

  28. ey i have an attack goblet with 6.2% crit rate and 27.2% crit dmg

  29. XD I have the goblet in thumbnail and it’s also attack with crit rate and dmg for stats and I use it for rosaria, the thumbnail is spot on!!! Well done👏

  30. Whether it's HP%, Def,%, Atk % as long as they have great substats, it's always a great idea to keep 'em. You'll never know when a character comes out that scales on that stat. Take Hu Tao for example, back then, people would be throwing HP% Crimson Witch artifacts only to end up having shot themselves in the foot when they realized she scales on HP. Same with how most people treated Def% Noblesse and Petra pieces before Albedo came out. If substats are great, always keep.

  31. Me who had been saving several ATK% main Giblets with high Crit rolls because of copium: 😀

  32. And I am just here using ATK% on 3 charcters because I cant get a damn second pyro dmg artifact…

  33. Oh wow I have so many of these with perfect sub stats.

  34. I have had this atk% goblet with god tier rolls since ar40 and I'm very happy with it

  35. u didin't say how much elem dmg starts to be diminishing

  36. EHE i've been doing atk% goblet on kazuha since i've decided to main dps kazuha c0 when inazuma release.. since my bennett is c6, and how hard it is to get 4set vv, plus mistsplitter, he has no probs in abyss with benny. i got Fun, plus good result in combat with him as my core. we just need to know what we're doing.

  37. Take a shot every time Seka says “Genshin Impact”

  38. Eula also is one that can utilize all atk% as well if you use a physical dmg sword (like sword of broke-ass pines)

    But the dmg is almost the same.

    So if you have a crap sub stat physical vs a good sub stat atk% cup. Its actually better due to getting more crit dmg/chance% and ER%.

    Or be like me and took forever to get a good atk% sands……… 🙄

    Results may very.

  39. i have to say you have a point. i tested this on chongyun since i main him as a dps, and apparently he would do as high as 15k per slash on his elemental burst and 14k on his elemental skill on the 2.0 spiral abyss. i also use atk% goblets on xiangling, xingqiu, and yanfei for months now and yet the same thing, so i don't see why people complain about atk% goblets nowadays 😏

  40. But the percentage of players that could make their ratio better by running atk% goblet is so small and the extra overall DMG you get is also extremely small so it's not gonna be worth it at all if I have to farm for it again when I already have good substats on my elemental DMG goblet. said, 6×6 = 36 and 7×5 = 35.
    The increase in DMG would only be 1. That for me is way too small.

  41. Weren't people already talking about this when Eula came out? That Eula can hit the point where she has too much Physical Damage bonus and needs to stack Atk instead?

  42. I was actually laughing at my Rosaria since she had 50 percent crit base,100 cdmg,109 physical bonus,46.6 cryo, 140 ER and 1.7k attk. I'm on the verge of saying "Balanced, as all things should be "

  43. me who only gets atk% goblets instead of elemental bonus goblets : My time to shine has arrived

  44. If it has godly crit rolls or massive em, any artifacts is a keeper

  45. You can say the same thing for crit DMG, you can technically gain damage from switching from crit DMG circlet to ATK% circlet. Ayaka as crit dmg ascencion, if you use misplitter you gain even more crit dmg, and with very good rolls you can have a load of crit dmg without the circlet. if you have 180% CD without the circlet, you don't need the 60 that it give, ATK% will give you more damage.

  46. Me who are using attack percentage goblet in mona because I use energy recharge sands.. mona gains hydro damage bonus base on her energy recharge.

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