This FREE Game is AMAZING - The Cycle (Beginners Guide) -

This FREE Game is AMAZING – The Cycle (Beginners Guide)

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Welcome to the Cycle, the FREE FPS that I’m trying again! Big thanks to Yager for sponsoring this video! 🏆 Click Here to download The Cycle for FREE 👉 🏆
Check out my first The Cycle video 🔥

The Cycle is a free to play first person shooter (FPS), that incorporates elements of battle royale with player vs environment.

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  1. Hey UCD ,this game is DEAD, No player base,,btw 💓 you

  2. I'd love to play this but I can only see it on epic games store

  3. I played it a long time ago and thanks u gonna try it again

  4. Hey UCD!
    Long time sub, but I think this is the first time I'm commenting.
    I have been playing since The Cycle went into Alpha. I also help run the Prospector Community League, for competitive play.

    Great to see you covering the game, if you want to know anything about it, reach out to me 🙂

  5. I know of this game because 2MuchBryson played it. It's a great game and I LOVE what they did. It's kinda like Gambit from Destiny 2, which I still play.

  6. Hey Ryan (UCD), If I only have a two hour limit for gaming, is that long enough to complete a full game of the cycle?

  7. Hey ucd how do you disable ad blocker in brave..
    for my krunker. (p.s thank you)

  8. You should try robocraft. It's a f2p steam game where you build your own vehicle/mech and go against other people online with a tech tree that let's you get better weapons and parts as you keep playing. I feel like it would fit your channel style.

  9. You should have at least 4 million subscribers

  10. Go and get go and get go and get. K fine I went and got the game. 😛

  11. great video, I installed the game just after I finished watching 😀

  12. I have this game and it’s amazing!!!! Better than fortnite!!!

  13. I just wish they would re-enable chat. It's a great game but the lack of chat makes it feel so dead.

  14. watching this while downloading the game and the quality drops to 480 as soon as you pick up the zeal crystal. Took me a while to realize it wasnt the game

  15. This game looks super fun! I'm gonna check it out when I get home from church today!

  16. Tried it, but it's just more Battle Royale shite. So sad, would be a great borderlands like game.

  17. do you respawn in this game or is this like a battle royale esque game where when you die thats it youre done

  18. ngl the creatures you have to fight ruined it for me

  19. My game is getting stuck in tutorial when getting into the ship

  20. you team up and then betray the players. trust issues at its finest

  21. Can I run it on 4GB ram, Intel HD graphics 32MB, Intel pentium 3ghz dual core, hdd, on lowest settings???

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