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“this game is copying Genshin Impact”

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The Neverland, Neverland? What is it called
Anyway it looks like Genshin Impact lol

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  1. kind of funny to see this video recommended again when i just saw several 2019 genshin videos with a bunch of angry botw fans claiming that genshin majorly copies botw. those 2019 comments are so stupid in retrospect

  2. Plot twist: genshin is actually copying the so called “fake”

  3. I can't believe they actually spent time on making this game.

  4. This is the embodiment of can I copy your homework meme

  5. Ok, so the shooting the arrow thing as a burst I don't find too bad. I mean, a lot of games have that mechanic or idea. I know this game Exos Heroes has this character named Iden who does a similar arrow burst animation. But the rest of it is literally copying Genshin.

  6. pov: klee find dodo king
    klee: finally a worthy opponent our battel will be ligendry

  7. The voiceline is from Barbara's special vid, it's on genshin's yt

  8. Why hasn't MiHoyo sued them yet…its a literal copy of genshin…

  9. I enjoyed the game for a 1week worth with my other guildmates and until we reach being a top 9 in our server, almost of players(our guildmates) quit afterwards cuz we got bored after doin almost every same thing everyday and yeah some of my guildmates back to genshin and me to HI3 😂

  10. That ain’t Genshin Impact thats Impact Genshin

  11. The voice over literally sounded like a mesh of klee and barbra

  12. The fact that people is talking about it makes the game earns more fame even if it's copying lol.

  13. Um but Genshin copied whole bunch of other games.

  14. Cough cough its not like genshin did it to BOTW right?

  15. they literally took the designs off the character asencion

  16. The similar domains, scattered chests, and floating companions following you. This are fine, they could say it was inspired, but stealing voice lines and basically making the game a wonky carbon copy of Genshin is a bit too much. The Game could’ve been good if they added there own originality.

  17. It looks like someone is gonna get a HUGE lawsuit!

  18. i just the word mihoyo sue them in chat

  19. when you realize genshin was actually copying Zelda botw

  20. I mean genshin impact kind of copied breath or the wild and considering the popularity of genshin its no surprise that there will be copy cats

  21. They copied the homework but somehow still screwed up

  22. What are you talking about, it's just inspired by Genshin Impact.

  23. Is no one else concerned about the fact that he has 22,180 NOTIFICATIONS OR IS IT JUST ME?!

  24. Well, they did the housing system better than mihoyo. Also, it's hilarious asking why a company from the plagiarism capital of the world isn't suing XD There's nothing more chinese than ripping off a successful video game.

  25. barbaras voice got changed lol, the one they stole is the old one so it doesn't belong to mihoyo anymore


  27. in this game zhongli is gonna be a 20 year old guy in his basement going "PLEASE GIVE ME ORDER"

  28. Im sad that my acc got deleted bcs i had my diluc and my qiqi😭

  29. Mondstadt reference? What do you mean Mondstadt reference, this is Mondstadt
    "Well yes, but actually no"

  30. Remember when genshin was copying breath of the wild

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