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It’s pretty insane how much damage boost this Gorou build can provide! Well, I mean not for everyone but you know which teams I am talking about 😛
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DISCLAIMER: I was invited to miHoYo’s special media server where I was able to test Gorou for almost a week before his launch, so I am confident in my build and final thoughts about our fluffy eared Gorou A.K.A. Ms. Hina

Contents of the video:

Intro 0:00
Playstyle and advanced tips [IMPORTANT] 0:06
Best Weapons, Artifacts and Support/DPS Substats 1:51
Team Building (Critical to watch for best DPS) 5:51
Constellations C4 & C6 Gorou 7:53
Verdict 9:20

In this video, I review Gorou Build in Genshin Impact. This video quickly showcases all the relevant information you need to know about Gorou guide and goes through every single artifact, weapon and other things like stats for Gorou guide so his build ends up at its top form!

This Gorou Build Genshin Impact focuses on most important two things he is best at: DEF Boost Role and energy generation with Favonius Bow. Gorou Build or Gorou Guide is presented here as your one-stop solution and entertainment to see this new 4-star Geo Bow character.

Gorou was released during 2.3 Genshin Impact update.

Genshin Impact is an open-world gacha game that’s available on PC, PS5, PS5 and mobile devices (iOS & Android). Genshin Impact features fast gameplay with best RPG elements in an action packed setting.

Contents of the video:

Genshin Impact

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  1. Almost feels like we're back to early Genshin days because Gorou is so DAMN CHEAP to build and SO GOOD!

  2. Wow! I'm still rewatching the Itto's Video! You on fire, mate!

  3. Can't wait to use him and itto tonight!!!!

  4. If only we had the option to pet his ears and tail….

  5. The thing with Gorou is the limitation of team composition that only benefits Geo characters. But, I'm interested to experiment since I have Zhongli, Ningguang, and Albedo all built up.

  6. He boosts my mood too with his floofy ears and tail 🐶

  7. I got Gorou now I need to know how to play him thanks

  8. YES! FINALLY i was waiting for this! Tnx

  9. I have forgotten where I learned the importance of crits when using Favonius weapons, I'm now guessing I first heard it here a long time ago.

  10. I pair him with Diano on the same team. Now i cant login anymore.

  11. Unless you have c6, I feel like Gorou benefits Ningguang and Zhongli less than having 2 of a different element or double pyro.

    I'M SCREAMING without 's'

  13. Gorou? On miss hina's level?
    Bit of a stretch but ok

  14. Was going to take a pass on the character banner, but thinking maybe I'll do a couple pulls just to get Gorou (and hopefully a couple of Xiangling constellations).

  15. It's really nice to see that Itto and Gorou is gonna make Geo see the light of day more in abyss usage other than Zhongli. Well done mihoyo.

  16. I wish he at least had constellations which gave him 100% uptime on burst….

  17. I Wanted to know how much he heals… I mean, it is like a diona? bennett?

  18. I gave him an insane archaic set. He will pull them crystals and buff who ever is your other element units are like Raiden, Xingqiu, Fish, etc. I like it.

  19. I’m not gonna lie I’m tempted to replace Bennet with him… I know I shouldn’t but fluffy…

  20. Build 4-piece archaic petra on Gorou, give your geo team that sweet 35% damage boost!

  21. Lots of people are trash talking poor Gorou, but he makes me happy, softens my chilly dark heart and boosts my Geo team so… S+ tier to me 💜💜💜 🐾🐾🐾

  22. I just got c2 gorou yesterday while trying to pull for itto and I got him too 😋💛 time to face my worst fear which is to play without elemental reactions lol . 😥 :0+ thanks for the guide.

  23. I have some extra team ideas with Gorou but I do not know if this might work out, you might want to try it out first and then let us know how it does lol. I will just call it GouBenSar since that is the core. You initiate with Gorou and burst then burst with Bennett and finally Sarah and her burst if c2 or elemental skill if no cons, so you can bring Xinyan and start to rock n roll !

    Ideally you want to use c4 Gorou with Elegy of the end but as a side option if no Elegy one could swap Sarah with a catalyst user for thrilling tales buff alternatively. You could also just swap Xinyan with just itto or Noelle but the main idea is to use all the buffs available to power creep a single unit.

  24. I got Goro c5. How about two pieces of Opulent dreams and two of Ocean hued? 0-0


  26. I skipped albedo so I could get itto and gorou so my team will be the two of them and zhongli, but I'm unsure who to put in the last spot. Any suggestions?

  27. Jus wanted to hop on and say something. Your videos are AWESOME, I think your channel is the best out of all I watch about Genshin. The script, the delivery, hidden humor, quality of tutorials, the editing. I thought it needed to be addressed ✨

  28. I have c4 Gorou, and the healing is negligible 🙁

  29. Awesome damage, cant wait to built my Itto! But for some reason my Itto seems to have a grumpy serious personality, hates wines and deals pyro damage.

  30. I got a c5 gorou just now, unfortunately I have only 2 geo characters that aren’t really built well

  31. Me with Zl, Albedo, Ning, Noelle, and Geo Traveler all built:
    Absolute win .

    Also me:

    A̴̤͙̿̀̀͑͠r̶̦̞͎̬͎̞̻̖͕̓t̶̻̦͈̹̹̃̈́͆̒͆́̚i̴̛̦̘̹͎̇͆f̴̡̼̤̭̋̀̕̚å̶̩̫̪̾͝c̸̘̀̏͐̾̓͛́͗̍ẗ̷̨̙̭̰̫̜͕̥̥̌̌͊̂̓̇̉̾͝s̷͔̩͕͖̉̃̽ ̴̱͖͉̗̿̊̈́̚p̵̢̘̪̋̆̐̿̌͝͝ą̴̢̣̤̞̜̈́̏̒́̓i̴̧̧̜̜̞͓̬̍̍͊̀̉́͋̎͘̚n̵̰̼̓͐͌͛

  32. I believe Archaic Petra is good on him too.

  33. Gorou is so hard to obtain rather than Itto >.<

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