This Has Been a Problem for a YEAR in Genshin Impact: -

This Has Been a Problem for a YEAR in Genshin Impact:

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Mihoyo keeps making super hard event levels, but refuses to put any rewards behind it. It needs to change to get players excited about that type of content in game!


  1. i guess there will be no primos for hard content (other than the abyss )simply bc most players wont be able to get it , and i support them on that , but they at least give some EXP books or talent books i agree on that but no primos on hard levels plz

  2. My main has Bennett and I'll be adding to his constellations through the shop this time. But my alt doesn't have him… and I kinda don't want it to.

  3. I got Hu Tao today!!!! I went to try spiral abyss again and i cleared 12-3 <333

  4. Pls don't suggest rewarding primogems for these hard contents
    It's like begging for powercreep to happen

  5. "Man this game is so hard, i've spent half day just to clear this level"

    Mihoyo: "cool, here's 5000 mora"

  6. Ngl i gave up on the last part of the event bc my cursed seals stacked up and i got a ban on healing mons from them so when she got one shot my the pyro cube i couldnt do anything and repeating the whole long long dungeon for nothing made no sense to me. I feel like the whole dungeon is too long, i kept getting lost in it so it got boring since the mobs were so repetitive.
    I feel like there is an issue in genshin with how the “hard” content is created bc it’s not really becoming harder with mechanics but more withthem increasing the hp to crazy amounts and making the run very long. I would much prefer it to be shorter but way more challenging mechanics wise(so like that vagabond event). Maybe thats just me though idk

  7. Yes I agree with you. But I got a question… is it just me or is one eyebrow longer than the other. Like it’s in the middle of his nose bridge or whatever that part of the head that is . I’m not trying to be rude… just asking.

  8. I spent 1 hour to clear the last stage on dire difficulty with my shity gears and all I got just burnt inside my head

  9. honestly I think they've got it the right way. give the good rewards up front, and then there's extra challenge if you want it

  10. Timers in general should be removed, some bosses have impossible to avoid kill attacks if it takes you some time to progress… obviously making us to pay to win.

  11. Didn't people complain about 'not having hard content' mentioning they would want hard content even without rewards? We got it now, so what's the problem? If hard content would give rewards, we would end in this endless loop where content get harder and to finish it you need to progress your account fast enough but you cannot do that because content gets harder and you cannot finish it to get rewards necessary to progress. This is already kinda happening with abyss, it gets harder and harder with each patch, if you cannot 36 star it you will lose on primogems, which you need to get 5* weapons, which you need to continue 36 starring it.

  12. My suggestion is a top time/points server ranking. So maybe ppl can get compete against friends, clearing difficult content without rewarding them

  13. Shikifuda goes brrrrr…. Shikifuda replenish goes brr and repeat this

  14. All the f2p will be mad, if they cant get these cool rewards tho.
    Im pretty sure, thats the reason why they dont put rewards on the super hard fights…

  15. They are wise. Most people cannot beat the hardest level, if they put best reward on that level instead , most people cannot enjoy the events.

  16. Why are you bitching about this? YOU wanted this. YOU wanted harder difficulty even at the cost of not receiving big rewards. Something for you to do and test your artifacts and weapons on. Now you want big rewards with it too? maybe you should have been more specific. Wanting constellations as rewards? free dupes lol, no gatcha game does this dude. You need to find a new game to play, because for every one video of you enjoying something, there is 10 of you being not content.

  17. This take is spot on mtashed we need more if mihoyo wants the game to survive after Christmas. A lot of games are coming and mihoyo has had the luxury of having the pandemic to help them rise and stay at the top. But without enough rewards and end game coop content I can see a lot of players moving on. The stars 1.1 coop event was great more abyss floors would be good and of course more rewards.

  18. I dont know man, you have to remember most of the players dont have crack artefacts and others play on mobile so you will lock good rewards for this players. I see for my self i stop to play for some time and returned when ayaka was out it took a lot of time to get ok artefacts to able to do 36/36 in abyss, and this 2 last abyss i berly finished. I think if is hard but without time limits can work, so you just couldn't die so players with bad luck artefacts can make it

  19. The problem with this "difficult content" is, that it is not difficult because it it hard to do. It is difficult because you need luck to get it in time (especially spiral abyss) – artifacts stats and rolls, attack patterns, critical hits, ect.
    The highest fllor in the abyss is always the same, i-frame enemy attacks and spam elemental burst and use the strongest character combinations in damage.
    I can clear every content, that was available until now, but i cant keet 9 stars on floor 12 because of the time.
    A simple dps check is no fun and/or hard content, it is just – we dont know what to do so we set the enemy level higher then yours.
    I wish, they would make content where you set up your party right and leave your comfort zone.

  20. I think the problem with putting rewards after harder content makes most of the playerbase rage. We have seen this before as well. So the best thing they could give us are stuff that is not primogem for clearing those, like a namecard or a exclusive furnishing or something. Coz if they give primo gem for harder stuff, almost the entire playerbase is going to freak out.

  21. "And here's Lisa, she good at climbing, she moans a lots"

    Mike… straight man, i like it

  22. yeah, I did the second to last one at ar 48, with my lvl 79/69 team, it was fun… but I could have just redone the previous ones to buy out the shop

  23. It's a forever welcoming casual game. I am also too bored but I don't have obligation to play it either.

  24. How dare you want rewards after a challenge!! What do you think this is? Every other game in existence. Nope this is Genshin impact! Now suffer!!!!

  25. Nah I'm fine with harder content not having rewards, gives me an option to not be a sweaty tryhard. If there was a reward I'd feel left out
    Sorry man this is a bad take

  26. I have friends and family members who are extremely casual with this game (mobile players / players who play other games / working full time). And almost 90% of them DO NOT LIKE THE ABYSS. None of them do it.

    The vagabons event? They actually COMPLAINED to me about the difficulty. You would be surprised how many casuals out there HATE difficult / grindy content because they simply do not have time to play it. They also HATE not being able to get all the rewards, even though i tried to explain to them that basic primogem reward doesnt require you to beat everything on the hardest difficulty. And you would be surprised how many of these people do the surveys to complain about this…. They have all told me they were gonna complain in the surveys.

    This is why Mihoyo does the things they do. Their survey data points towards the fact that there are a lot of casuals out there who dont want to do hard content. We, the hardcore, are a minority in Mihoyo's metrics.

  27. Mihoyo should just stop catering to the casual players give them the normal rewards but there should be more rewards for the people that grinded to make their characters strong.

  28. The reason why I quit this game. The stinginess of their rewards is too much for me.
    They even have travelers diary that shows most of our primos came from mail. That just shows how little they give primos in-game no matter how much you grind. THe story is cool tho.

  29. I didn't even bother on the last challenge the first time I failed and looked at the reward.

  30. Got hutao so I Summoned on weapon banner and lost to the stupid elegy for the end

  31. My friend told me bout it being hard(I haven't played it yet at that time).After got my c5 hu tao with her staff, I decided to try it,personally does not cause me a problem but I can see why its hard

  32. Nah that would lead to Twitter bitching and moaning about it. "oH nOt EvErYoNe CaN dO iT"

  33. meh as an F2P it was still super easy, as mtashed said please do make more endgame content and rewarding stuffs as well but oh well, casual stuffs it is. So much wasted potential really

  34. I finally cleared the brutal divergence and vengeful thingy with full f2p teams! Happy

  35. I think Mihoyo is playing rock to D tashman and the interpretation of the song is this video.

  36. I'm a f2p player, ar 45 but already finished all the quest and those event domain. A little bit struggling yes, but it'll be easier if you had some strategies up on your sleeves.

    Some tips, you'll get the talisman thingy and that shikigami copies even if you end the challenge, so you could upgrade the shiki tashou ability to your advantage or even buy something in the shop. Disclaimer: You can't continue the challenge if you leave this way, so you need to start all over again

  37. No, people will complaint. They will complaint the event is so hard, and cannot get all the rewards.

  38. i'm at the point where i have listened to Michael's rants for months and months now and it's made me so sad that i just wanna tell him to fuckin quit already, this clearly isn't going to be fixed.

  39. "Hey guys, just real quick before we get into the video…"

  40. One of the reasons I play the game less & less cuz rewards are lacking despite the difficulty. Not listening to the PLAYERBASE was also a thing. Also not to mention the Anniversary Rewards & Rigged Gacha Rates.

    – Omega Whale BTW.

  41. Not the best take. I think that if they put large rewards behind difficult content, only whales would be able to get it, which would upset people. I think that the best that they could ever do would be something like a cosmetic. For example, if you do reasonably well in the event you get a normal name card, but if you do the ridiculous stuff you get a gold one. I think that they believe that whales will want to do the difficult content even if there is no reward.

  42. Yeah, I got stomped and was like, "well I'm not getting anything, so F it" lol

  43. I don't mind this system. In fact, it's better for casual players like me. I'd rather not have to sweat, getting frustrated every time I lose, to get a small reward.

  44. Coming soon to Genshin Impact, titles. I miss the destiny content but respect your hustle brotha. Make your money hahah, just miss the rumble king.

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