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This is How YOU Should Spend 2.2 | Genshin Impact

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  1. My school is starting frm tomorrow so I won't genshin much now

  2. I'm trying to do the same thing I just wish it didn't take as long as it does

  3. What do you think about the new event?
    Im loving it. They can give me all the mazes to explore and I’ll be content

  4. Btw this takes resinnnnnnm. Which we don't have

  5. I actually play this game with subpar builds on purpose for all my units cause well the games easy even with shit characters so why not lol

  6. My 2.2 is building my teapot, I just unlocked the new realm yesterday 🥳

  7. I’m take n a break, oh wait if you take a break then you get no primos so when you come back you can’t summon. if you can’t summon then there is no point n playing cuz mihoyo thinks characters is content. So basically quit genshin go play back 4 blood with your friends and forget this resin based shit lmao

  8. I'm playing marvel avengers instead. Lol

  9. I’ll mats are ready for maxed out triple crown Hu Tao. After that, gonna build for her team (i.e Xinqui and Sucrose)

  10. I'm spending 2.2 prefarming for itto like exp books and whatnot

    I started to finalise my beidou build and was left stupid when she hit 87k on her E 👁👄👁
    I'm just gonna invest into my supports since I don't have any new units to build from scratch.

    I actually am spending more hours on Honkai now since I got mobius on my first pull 💀 I'm actually enjoying it a lot. It'll be nice if i can catch up by the time star rail is released.

  11. I never liked diona because she heals so little compared to qiqi and barbara, and i usually dont play with shields to make the game more challenging (my zhongli is still 40 even though i really love the character). But i have constellations with her and she is great in coop so i want to raise her to change my gameplay and that so at least venti doesnt die when i switch to him 😂 xiao and tartalia are some of the units i never regret to have raised even though i got tartalia by accident while pulling for rosaria (c0 xiao is amazing when he ults during qiqi ult) i also have been leveling up weapons i never used to experiment, im really exited to get the dragonspine claymore to 90 to use it on chongyun or xinyan, but if i use it on chongyun i will have to play diferent which means using the skill for extra damage and leaving the ice field to still do physical damage (the ice field is still useful to destroy shields that are not made of ice) also venti with sacrificial bow is the most fun i have ever had with him even if stringless is better. The game has lots of options to keep combat interesting i you dont think most weapons and characters are garbage because they are not tier 0 5 star units and weapons. (Well i only use bennet because he is the only pyro healer, but i dont use him on every team because sometimes i want to make teams with no pyro characters)

  12. I'm prepping for Eula rerun, her team is just about done, still got some work to do for her arts though

  13. I plan on grabbing a staff of homa for Hu Tao then moving the death match over to rosaria. I’m gonna start working on her.

  14. Aside from this I logged back into my secondary F2P account as I waited on resin refresh and the event on my main one.

    I set a challenges for myself, little novel things like:
    – Fully clear Abyss up to the spire.
    – Hoard Fragile Resin for later on.
    – Cap at WL3/AR35. You can Sling shot to AR 45 once you've cleared all of the story up to present and completed 8-3.
    – Experiment.

    Felt good to start anew and try those 3 star weapons I don't have anymore as well as re learning the fundamentals i.e aiming, rotation, cooldown management, enemy animation vulnerabilities.

  15. Great advice, that's literally what I've been doing… Ninnuang & Noelle first and then Diona

  16. I'll just continue farming artifacts. Already got my c1 diluc to lvl60 and that's about as far as I would go for him.

  17. I farm emblem for 2 month and i still don't have 4p bonus with f2p amount of resin.

  18. I took a couple days off genshin waiting for every to finish unlocking heard its a daily cap again . . . I'm chilling on the beach ⛱

  19. I'm working on main 4 characters, Layline running for blue books, and trial and error the blend of purple and blue in 80 to 90 on Main Character. Finally, since working 80/90 mats on weapon ascension mats..And getting ready for artifacts and talent to come. Since I'm not playing for damage, but for the meta continue to level up my roster.

  20. While some of my units are near perfect (Razor, Eula and Ganyu), some still frustratingly elude me. I have been hunting for a decent ATK sands for my Yanfei since I got her. For some us, our end game is exceedingly cruel.

  21. Lmao.. im building Lisa rn.. hunting Electro artifact is such a pain. 3 day of hunting, i still dont have any good artifact.

  22. How do you farm for your units? Yours are insane and I just want to have one insane unit XD

  23. For the past 4 or 3 months I being leveling up all my units, after I finish (Im missin like 5 or 6) I will rank up the Weapons, after that the talents and finally probably the most painful part, the god damm artifact (I probably give them the first set that I can give them and then focus on the main dps).

  24. Isn't your Raiden crit rate low? Being at 47%?

  25. As I was farming the Nobless artifact domain for Aloy (still farming for the 2 missing artifacts… rip) I ended up getting some real good Artifacts on Zhongli

    So it's 50% good and 50% bad for me.

    How's your day been?

  26. I'm doing the same, but what I've noticed is that even after building them, I'm still not using them much.

  27. Im farming stuff for Hu Tao so i can instantly lvl her up when the banner comes

  28. I am at the point that I see no reason to even build units anymore since I can clear anything the game has to throw at me with my already hyper invested units(8).
    And certain bosses having annoying mechanics does not help either, like the hydro boss that takes for ever to kill because of her spawning mobs and going up and down.
    So I just farm mora and exp books with my resin for now until they release an interesting character that brings some new mechanics to the table and not a 5 star Noelle…

    PS: I saw Ittos in game model and holly sh*t it sucks, nowhere near as buff as in the splash art. Just another anorexic character…

  29. After taking some time off, I just got back into it. I realized that part of my frustration (not all bc I still believe this game has issues) was coming up empty handed day after day with artifacts. My artifacts aren't God tier but they are good enough. So now I've been farming stuff to level characters up to 90 just because that's something I can kind of control and it's definitely better. Next up is Mona then Childe. This way I don't feel like I'm wasting my time all the time

  30. Yeah, besides the events which I've enjoyed so far, I'm also working on characters that aren't my mains. My supports and sub-DPS tend to be terribly built with the bare minimum to function so I'm on that rn. I ascended my Benny and Xingqiu to 80/80 and raised their E and Q to lv 11 (they're c5), and I'm maxing up their swords too. I'm planning to go beyond with Benny and crown his ult one day since I use him so much in abyss. I also worked on my other pyros; Diluc and Xiangling have their talents at a sweet spot so Yanfei is next. Once I've given everyone some love, I'll level up Xiangling and I might crown Kazuha's E or Q. Then… idk, either farm for mora and exp books for the geodude patch or use my resin to improve my artifacts? I'll definitely need to do ore routes like crazy for a while since I ran out of crystal/amethyst chunks

  31. At the moment I'm playing co-op. Helping lower AR players farming domains. Recently one of my friends reached AR45 and now he just keep running artifacts domains with me to prepare for Hu Tao rerun.

  32. Ayaka is very fun to me. Her burst just obliterates.

  33. Lol wow this is exactly what i have been doing.

    What i highly recommend is to put together all those weak units on a team and do your daily missions with them. Make that your friendship building team. It's kind of fun to have those missions not be trivial when you're trying to beat them with level 20 characters

  34. Honestly Im just taking it easy farming primos and building my Raiden national team. Triple crowned my Raiden 10mins ago 😀

  35. 2.2: Building Sucrose, my 1st anemo banner character – got during Inazuma. Had little reason to farm any VV prior. Also, talent building Raiden/Kokomi/Sara weekly due to Signora drops. Strangely, I just finished Ganyu & Noelle with 4PC Wand/Glad sets due to weirdly good piece drops/rolls.

  36. Basicly is like theres no patch coz ive got childe since his 1st banner and wont pull for c1 or pull for the bow coz isnt as big of a increase in dmg to justify it, i just log farm for artifacts and try to do tsurumi island quests every other day (super tedious and long stories with random chars) events (interesting but ultimatly easy as usual).

  37. I'm enjoying the down time. Same as you, I also have units I wanted to work on, my first priority was to get all my 5 star units (except Aloy) to at least 80/90 so they have their last ascension. Next my goal is to get all my characters to friendship 10 (out of 31 I have 3 to go). Then I plan to finally work on artifacts for a chosen few units so I don't struggle with spiral abyss so much.

    I know my priorities may not be in line with some people's opinion as to what is more important but I just don't enjoy timed challenges, which is why I have never 36 stared abyss (I have all the units to do so and even a few really good artifacts). This is a low pressure casual game that we can take our time with and progress at our own pace, so that is what I am doing.

    Really enjoying the new event, it has challenges without timers! So I can take my time and use teams I would not normally use to try different things. It's great!

  38. for the last 2 or 3 versions i have been playing on a test account where i play with only the original 7 characters and maybe aloy to make 2 even teams, basically what i am doing is not pulling for any characters but only 5 star weapons on original 7+1 (or free) to see what makes a bigger difference 5 star weapons or 5 star characters results so far is inconclusive because getting good artifact rolls is always an issue.

  39. as far as my main account i have been saving up for the last 3 characters that hold my interest (Ganyu, Kazuha, and Eulla ) beyond that i have been fine tweaking the characters i have and trying to finish builds with the unforgiving artifact system we have now

  40. The problem is the absolute randomness of the artifact system i think Mihoyo should at least dedicate every day to one set .. like talent materials.. This is a real problem now..especially with itto..we don't have his artifact yet 🙃🙂

  41. Waaaaaay ahead of you. That's what I'll be doing the rest of 2.2 and all of 2.3 since I'll skip two whole patches for shenhe and yae miko since I'm a waifu simp.

    Oh and BENNY BOY finally gonna be in the shop that's the only new unit I'll focus on and build right away like ASAP. I waited a long time for him I already prefarmed and everything!

  42. I'm now farming boss material for Albedo, since I'm done with talents material for Itto and Gorou.

  43. This advice can go for any other patch! After I get Hu Tao I’ll definitely do this

  44. I'm now raising Razor that I got to C6 from naught trying to pull Kazuha, so I can stop the hassle of having to reload Keqing's artifacts to reconfigure her to physical build

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