This Is The Cycle - Gameplay Trailer -

This Is The Cycle – Gameplay Trailer

The Cycle Game
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FIGHT for your life.
EXPLORE the landscapes of Fortuna III.
COMPETE against other players.
SURVIVE against all odds and dangers.
ESCAPE with your life.
UPGRADE your gear and weapons.
DEPLOY on another mission.

This, Prospectors, is what The Cycle is about.

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  1. Awesome video, I got chills, so glad things are finally coming together!

  2. This game would massively benefit from a Steam release, just sayin.

  3. The cycle carries on 。◕‿◕。

  4. When the cycles vehicle used to make a brrrrrr sound that was the good old days

  5. after the tutorial i got stuck on loading screen

  6. I downloaded cycle when it came out! Awesome game!

  7. btw the song is: Run for Your Life by The Seige

  8. I got the game and after the tutorial there's a cycle logo screen that never ends

  9. Wonderful !!!!!😍 Nice trailer!!!! Good job

  10. I really liked the game but the respawn teleporter is a really bad addition

  11. Will there ever be new enemies in the future?

  12. I don’t get it is this a battle royale???

  13. the game is sooo fun please do a lot of updates and dont let the game die

  14. Cool concept, I played the game for a total of 20 hours with my friend, but it hasn’t hooked us, movement animations are very rough, shooting and killing isn’t as satisfying as other games, and getting new players up to speed with the UI, objectives and storytelling need a lot more refinement. I will definitely give it another go after it gets polished up.

  15. This game looks really sick!! A mix of a lot of amazing games, at quick glance reminds me of apex meets destiny meets mass effect. Pretty cool! Looking forward to playing it

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